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Today I'm proud to announce the launch of my third major website. Gnubesoft! In addition to being a catch-all for my various coding projects, Gnubesoft is where I'll be teaching programming.

Some of you may think that you don't want to program. You may even be annoyed that I'm now posting programming tutorials to my YouTube channel. For this reason I start the new series with a video explaining all of the reasons you want to strongly consider it! The first being that programming is fun!

I'm going to be focusing on that aspect in the same way I share my love of synthesis and music production. Solving challenges and making computers do things is a great hobby, and it might just save your life. I shit you not.

We are past Peak Jobs. Between corporate consolidation and career obsolescence we are shedding jobs left and right. Some industries are no longer necessary. Retail stores are closing by the thousands, and Malls are quickly being abandoned. To add to this crisis, automation is already upon us and is threatening many more careers. You might be thinking of truckers and taxi drivers, but they're not the only ones. Solid, high-paying, careers are threatened too. It is estimated that by the 2030's there will be 38%-50% fewer jobs.

If you're unemployed you can't buy apps, and if you can't buy apps I can't sell ads. This is an existential crisis, and I'm taking a very long view towards remedying it. You can be annoyed that my YouTube channel is now featuring stuff you don't care about, but you have to respect the Long Con.

The series starts the same way I launched discchord, with a proclamation that, "Anyone Can Program!" I go on to explain in detail, with charts, all of the reasons you should get interested. If you're already interested you can skip ahead to the second video, Introduction to Python. The third video, Automate the Criminal Stuff, is essentially Episode 1 and is more representative of how other videos in the series will be.

Don't Eat The Brown Acid or Update iOS

When I first started this site the only time people would call me a journalist was when they were being angry at me. Usually in the context of, "You asshole! How can you report on my shady business and still call yourself a journalist?" Over the years I've grown into the role, and welcome the responsibilities it implies.

Warning off against iOS updates is the only time this duty burdens my shoulders. I feel like a broken record. I also feel it is important to stand up as a voice of caution against the reckless allure of the novel. I get it. I like new shiny things too. But please, do not update your iOS willy-nilly. This warning includes point releases; as fans of Audiobus discovered over the weekend.

iOS 12.4 broke IAA. There was a change that impacts the way an app signifies its availability for Recording into. Fortunately Michael Tyson was able to patch the Audiobus database with a workaround, requiring users to manually "Tap to Launch" the recording app. A complete fix will require every recording app to submit a new update with the relevant changes.

This serves as a good example of why I'm always repeating myself on this issue. No one expects a point release to suddenly break anything. But they can, and they have.

Thanks to reader Simon for being the first to point out this issue to me.

Let's Play with Aphelian

This week I was enamored with the fun composition style of Aphelian. On the surface this may look like just a goofy set of swirls, but this is a great way to compose new melodies in an enjoyably unique way.

Video Description:

Aphelian is a new and totally unique way of composing musical sequences. It includes a built-in synthesis engine, but this video focuses primarily on the extraordinary sequencer. Along the way we learn Demonology, and a little bit about ourselves.

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Let's Play with Factory

Factory is the latest in a series of amazing apps by Sugar Bytes. This is incredibly complex, and a bit tricky to use. This video became kind of a train wreck by the end, but I had a lot of fun so I hope you'll enjoy it too!

Video Description:

Sugar Bytes brings us another massive app with the port of Factory to iOS! This is the full deal here! Nothing has been stripped from this powerhouse synth.

If you've enjoyed this series please consider supporting it by becoming a Patreon: If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a monthly Patreon campaign: Or you can support me on Timmeon if you don't like Patreon: (Patrons of these campaigns get the same benefits, including Ad Free viewing on the site!)

WWDC 2019 Round-Up

Apple's annual developer conference kicked off with a keynote that was particularly confused and confusing.

iOS 13 Dark Mode (Artist Rendering)

Darkest Mode

This year Apple was excited to announce a list of innovations they're bringing to iOS, by copying them from features that have been in Android for many years. At the top of this list is Dark Mode, so you'll no longer be blinded by the white backgrounds of apps. This is a feature that was available on Samsung phones before even Android, and now iOS will finally get it too.

Apple Maps is going to see a major upgrade to look more like Google Maps, with Street View.

And that is basically all they had to say because the rest of the iOS presentation was filler.

So much filler.

They spent way too much time droning on about stuff that has nothing to do with iOS. They spent about 5 minutes just on minor changes to the Photos app. No shit, the presenter was literally just showing us pictures of his baby for several minutes.

My favorite Android feature coming to iOS this Fall is the ability to automatically send all unknown callers to voicemail! This is such a vital feature that has been sorely missed on iOS with the rise of robocalls. I got so many last week that I made this my ringtone.


For the first time ever we heard of a new OS specific to the iPad, called iPadOS... but this was not well explained. I'm not kidding, this whole keynote was such a confusing clusterfuck. It looks like iOS, and it smells like iOS. They showed off some small, but meaningful, improvements to multi-tasking. It looks like they're trying to blur the line between desktop and iPad, but they didn't mention mouse support.

They briefly showed a USB-C thumb drive plugged into the iPad, and said you can now use external storage with the Files app. It was not clear if this function will come to iPads with Lightning connectors.

6k Display for $6k

For those of you that want to spend way too much money on a computer, Apple has you covered with the new 2019 Mac Pro. It's so expensive they won't even say how much it is in the Keynote. We can reasonably assume that it is going to cost many times more than what those parts would cost you if you just built it yourself and ran a Hackintosh on it.

If you've got to have an Apple branded PC then you'll be pleased to know that they've returned to the cheese grater form factor. They specifically mentioned that the new Mac Pro will be rack mountable, which is welcomed news to Real Pros who couldn't rack mount the stupid trashcan from 2013.

While you're spending too much on a PC, you can also spend $6,000 on a 32" 6K monitor. The base monitor itself is $5,000, but the stand for it is another $1,000! Seriously. The stand. Just the stand, is an extra $1,000. Fuck you, Apple.

The biggest news on the Mac front was that they're pushing for iPad developers to port their apps to macOS. They promise this will be easy with something called Project Catalyst. I expect we'll hear more about that as WWDC continues this week.

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