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As someone who likes to consider himself a writer, I've resisted using emojis. I try not to use them even informally on social media. I feel that, like the emoticons that came before emojis, they become a crutch.

Conveying nuance is hard, especially in written text. If you start to take shortcuts you'll have to rely on them. You cannot take shortcuts if you want to master any art form.

My thinking on this has changed recently after reading the 1985 sci-fi novel Eon, by Greg Bear. In it he describes a system of communication that includes both language and pictures. The "picts" he describes in the book sound exactly like emoji. They don't entirely replace verbal communication, but instead enhance it.

In order to maintain relevance, and reach younger generations as the site ages, it is important for me to communicate in the style of the times. To wit: 🍴💩🥑🍞

New iPad Air & iPad mini for 2019

Apple just pulled a very un-Apple move by casually releasing new iPads today without a lot of fanfare. This is just one week before their big March press event, which makes me wonder what (if anything) will be happening on the 25th. The current rumors are that the event will be about a new TV streaming service.

Guess I can skip it now!

Rumors leading up to this month had been indicating that we would see a new "non-Pro" iPad and a new iPad mini. Both of those were correct! The new iPad Air is being compared to the old iPad Pro of 2017, with a similar 10.5" footprint. Meanwhile the mini is coming in at 7.9", which has been the standard iPad mini size.

Both devices arrive with support for Apple Pencil and $160 Smart keyboard covers.

You can buy both of these models today, and they'll be shipping next week. Currently the site estimates deliveries between March 29th and April 2nd. The new iPad Air is $500 for 64GB, or $650 for 256GB. The iPad mini starts at $400 for 64GB, and $550 for 256GB.

There are two key distinctions between these new entries and the Pros that came out last Autumn. Today's models include headphone jacks and Lightning connections; while the Pro models have a USB-C connector.

The current iPad range includes last year's 9.7" $330 "New iPad", the actually new 7.9" $400 iPad mini, the also new 10.5" $500 iPad Air, the recent 11" $800 iPad Pro, and 12.9" $1,000 iPad Pro. There are no technical specs available for the new devices, other than they sport the A12 Bionic chip found in the current range of iPhones. This is not the A12X found in the latest iPad Pro models.

Let's Play with NanoStudio 2 Obsidian

New Let's Play yadda yadda... Holy shit I have so many Patrons to thank! As of this morning there are 98 patrons spread across the Per Video Patreon, Per Month Patreon, and now Timmeon. I've had to write a little program just to keep track and make sure I thank everyone in the video credits! Seriously, thank you all!

Video Description:

Now that I've finished http://AppKaiju.com I'm getting back into the swing of things here! To start off this new year of Let's Plays I'm looking at one of the biggest new apps, NanoStudio 2. Specifically I'm focusing on Obsidian, the built-in synth you get with NanoStudio 2.

If you've enjoyed this series please consider supporting it by becoming a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/discchord If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a monthly Patreon campaign: https://www.patreon.com/discchord_com Or you can support me on Timmeon if you don't like Patreon: https://discchord.com/supporters#timmeon (Patrons of these campaigns get the same benefits, including Ad Free viewing on the site!)

Be sure to visit http://discchord.com for the latest music app news!

AppKaiju.com is Now Live!

I made another site! When I finished coding the new CMS for discchord in 2016 I tried telling myself I'd never write another big site like it again. And so far this is true, because the new one is much much bigger.

AppKaiju is my AppShopper killer. It does all of things AppShopper does, but better and with style!

Video Description:

After working on this for nearly a year I'm proud to announce AppKaiju is finally live! AppKaiju.com will help you find new apps (that you'll actually want) on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. It will even help you get the best deals on those apps! In this video I show off the features that will help you do that, and explain why you'd want to use AppKaiju instead of other sites like AppShopper.

discchord v3.4: The Reckoning

This week I rolled out another major site update, but you may not have even noticed it. This was primarily a lot of behind the scenes improvements and optimizations. Frankly the site is already so heavily optimized that I doubt anyone besides me notices this stuff anymore. I'm just shaving milliseconds off load times at this point. However this update should be noticeable on mobile networks, because I focused on bandwidth optimization.

The update also added a few "duh, I should have been doing that all along" features. If you're a registered user, the Contact page it will now populate the name and email address with your name and email address.


A few weeks ago Patreon kicked off a couple of Nazis. These are the kinds of guys that wear "deplorable" as a badge of honor, but they are some truly vile dudes. This is a decision I can understand, because I've had to ban a couple of white nationalists here as well. Having Nazis on your site is embarrassing.

Unfortunately this was another instance of Patreon acting without thinking through the obvious repercussions. First the Nazi sympathizers left Patreon in protest. Then people sympathetic to the Nazi sympathizers also left. By the time Nazi sympathizer-sympathizer-sympathizers left, the protest began to take on a much wider demographic to include many Free Speech advocates.


This is the second time Patreon have shot themselves in the foot. In both instances I've lost patrons. I'm not going to wait around for a third time, so I've developed an alternative. If you've ended your Patreon patronage for any reason, please consider becoming a Timmeon Patron! Timmeon Patrons get all of the same benefits as Patreon patrons, without any political baggage.

You'll find Timmeon at the bottom of the Support Discchord page, where you can subscribe via Credit Card or PayPal. I'm using payment processor Braintree by PayPal, so everything is very secure and no Credit Card information is ever stored here. Thanks to Pants of Death and Frozen Lonesome for helping me beta test!

The only benefit to using Timmeon instead of Patreon is that the site will immediately recognize you as a Patron. Patreon Patrons have to wait about an hour before the site picks up a new Patreon subscription. That's it. There's no reason to switch from Patreon to Timmeon unless you have a problem with Patreon.

With the loss of commissions from iTunes, my efforts are now entirely funded by the community. If you can help, please do! If you just feel like, "Hey that Tim guy sure works pretty hard. He should get some money for his time!" then please take this opportunity to join the list of site supporters!

One More Thing...

HotRock SupaJoint brought up a point I forgot to mention! If you want to do a one-time donation to the site without worrying about subscriptions, you can! As soon as you sign up as a Timmeon Patron it takes you to your profile page. This is to show you the controls for changing the amount, or canceling the subscription. So if you just want to do a one-time thing you can instantly and easily cancel the subscription! You will continue to enjoy Patron benefits for the next month, even with the subscription cancelled.

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