discchord - Know Shame

Having addressed binary morality, Know that Shame is also a primitive concept with no place in modern cultures. This song, the third on my upcoming album, is a lighthearted look at the time in every boy's life when he realizes that he is certainly going to Hell.

Video Description:

Download the MP3 Here: http://snd.sc/11S4h6W

Synth-nerd details:
  • Acid Lead: Cyclone Analogic's TT-303 Bass Bot
  • Lead Distortion: Sunsine Audio's Vanishing Point
  • Melody (Left): Cassini Synth (iPad)
  • Melody (Right): Elektron Analog Four A4
  • Bass: Elektron Analog Four A4
  • Sub-Bass: Moog Minitaur
  • Drums: Maschine (Custom hybrid-acoustic kit with TR-909 hats)

Buy CASSINI Synth for iPad on iTunes: $4.99


Buy CASSINI Synth on iTunes: $4.99

Tutorial: How to Polysonic Synthesize in Thor

After yesterday's surprise release of Thor, Propellerhead Product Manager Kalle Paulsson reminded me that it is my fault. With the weight of responsibility, and a really cool trick, I set out to record my first tutorial in a very long time. It occurred to me after recording this that there are already many excellent Thor tutorials for the Reason rack, but I think this does a good job of addressing the specific uses and needs of iPad users.

In this video I'll show you how to make use of the "Polysonic" synth to sequence drums, bass and lead in one instance of Thor!

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discchord - Market Correction

I was pretty blown away by the feedback I got on my last song, so I've decided to do a whole album in my own HardPsy style. Here is the second track, which builds on the themes explored in Colony Collapse Disorder. I promise the next one will be fun and funny! MP3 download is available on Soundcloud.

In addition to my hardware I'm using Arctic Keys on the dirge, with a patch I developed while in a doctor's waiting room. The weird video effects at the end are from a second iPad running Sonograph, by the developer of Purple Goo.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by Charlton Heston do not necessarily reflect those of discchord or my sponsors.
Please don't get pissy, it's art. The same brutal, uncensored, sincerity you enjoy in this site is reflected here.

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Touch Music Podcast - Episode 3

Chip Boaz from iOS Music and You, Sean Walker from iOS Musician, and myself recorded the third episode of the Touch Music Podcast! It's just the three of us talking about apps and the highlights of what's been going on in the last month.

This new format is much more manageable, so we're keeping to a monthly schedule... instead of a biannual one.

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discchord - Colony Collapse Disorder

I've been listening to a lot of Dark Psy lately and have been feeling quite inspired. Here is some seriously Hard/Dark Psy, with my analog gear and Sunsine Audio's new Vanishing Point distortion box. Don't think I'm neglecting my iPad though, all the really weird sounds come from Animoog!

This video is of the live mix, which is just me twiddling knobs, but I've tried to keep the video interesting!

Video Description:

I've been listening to a lot of Dark Psy lately, so I jumped at the Monthy Acid Pattern for April, which is PsyTrance.
Here is my first attempt at a harder/darker form of Psy.

Synth-nerd details:
  • Acid Lead: Cyclone Analogic's TT-303 Bass Bot
  • Lead Distortion: Sunsine Audio's Vanishing Point
  • Bass: Moog Minitaur
  • Scary Noises: Moog Animoog (iPad)
  • Sub-bass, Drones, and everything else: Elektron Analog Four A4

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

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