Apple Spring Event 2021

I stopped paying attention to Apple rumors so that the announcement events would come as a surprise. The rumor sites have just gotten so good, that watching the live event was becoming a disappointment. This plan worked! I'm genuinely stunned to learn that Apple is bringing their new M1 processors to iPads!

People who thought Apple would stop fucking around and just stick with USB-C were also surprised today!

iPad Pro 2021

Apple's new M1 Silicon chip that brought iOS apps to macOS is now coming to iPad! The Pro model iPads also get a major screen technology fresh with XDR, the technology behind Apple's desktop Pro Display XDR. While it may seem like a short time since Apple dropped their Lightning cable in favor of USB-C, they have already begun to abandon USB-C in favor of their proprietary nonsense. Two steps forward, one step back.

Priced between $800 for an 11" model with 128GB of storage, to $2,200 for a 12.9" model with 2TG, and can be ordered on the 30th of April. Pre-orders will begin shipping in late May.

iMac 2021

There is also a new iMac with M1 that looks strikingly familiar.

Spire: Music Recording Studio Update

Something strange is going on with iZotope. I'm hesitant to even post this because I have a lot of respect for iZotope as a company, and as a sponsor for some of my favorite sites and podcasts. But I'm beginning to suspect some fuckery is afoot. Their hardware Spire Studio recorder is now conspicuously absent from retailer's sites. A link I posted here in 2017 to Sweetwater's page now redirects to an RME interface instead!

The only people selling these on Amazon are just gouging. $800 for a used one, while a new unit is listed at $1,100. They originally released for $350. Now I can only find new ones on eBay for $500!

iZotope haven't abandoned the Spire: Music Recording Studio though. The companion app has received continuous updates since its launch. This includes new features being added this month! Unfortunately they come at an additional price. While the base hardware itself costs around $500, if you can find them, the new "Spire Pro" exclusive features require an additional subscription fee! It seems odd to me to introduce a $48/year subscription to a companion app for hardware you aren't even actively distributing.

Update: I received a reply via Twitter that they are currently building more Spires, they're just sold out right now!

What's new in Spire: Music Recording Studio v2.46.0:

• SPIRE PRO EXCLUSIVE: Automatically reduce background noise from your recordings and unwanted reverb, pops, and plosives from your vocal tracks* with Spire Pro. Featuring iZotope RX's award-winning audio repair technology—the same tech used on your favorite albums, movies, and TV shows—you can record release-ready tracks with Spire easier than ever.
• SPIRE PRO EXCLUSIVE: Tap Inspire Me on the Mix screen to add unique, randomized effects to your tracks and jump-start your creativity! This mix effect generator randomly combines effects like static EQ, plate reverb, iZotope Trash distortion, echo, chorus, tremolo, phaser, and more with a roll of the dice!
• Tap PRO in the top right of your projects to open a hub where you can access and learn more about all the exclusive features and content available when you join Spire Pro.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

*WiFi connection with internet required for Spire Pro to render audio cleanup

Subscribing to Spire Pro unlocks full access to exclusive features and content as soon as they're released. Tap Upgrade to Spire Pro in the settings to start your free trial or visit for more info.

Let's Play with DrumComputer

I had so much fun with the sound design options in DrumComputer. This drum synth from Sugar Bytes provides several unique oscillators that let you come up with some wild drum sounds.

Video Description:

Sugar Bytes brought their massive drum synth DrumComputer to iOS, and it includes all of the sound design complexity of the desktop version. There is a lot to cover and I had a bunch of fun exploring the unique oscillators' designs.

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Apple Bans Sideloading iOS Apps on M1 Macs

This week Apple disabled iOS app sideloading on M1 devices running macOS 11.1. While Apple try to wrangle iOS apps onto M1 Macs they're running into some trouble. There are some developers who have decided not to allow their iOS apps to run on Apple Silicon. Prior to macOS 11.1, users had the option of sideloading apps that they had purchased for their mobile device. Major companies like Google and Facebook have disallowed this in their apps.

This is exactly the sort of authoritarian behavior from Apple that rubs me the wrong way. Their Walled Garden philosophy feels more like a prison for consumers and their rights. I'm infuriated by the idea that users are limited in how they can use their lawfully purchased apps.

David Harry explores what happens when you attempt to sideload, or even run previously sideloaded, apps.

Video Description:

So with the recent Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 or a beta version of 11.2 updates on your Apple Mac M1 device, I'm using a M1 Mac Mini but this also applies to the MacBook Pro M1 and MacBook Air M1, Apple have now banned the sideloading of certain iOS Apps on M1 Mac computers.

So for those of us who were looking forward to taking advantage of Apple's new Apple Silicon M1 ARM chip and specifically the ability to run iOS Apps natively, as iOS Apps on iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone also use ARM processor chips. This news has come as a bit of blow.

I was really looking forward to playing Fortnite on the Mac Mini M1 or any other Mac with the Apple Silicon M1 chip and was also looking forward to playing PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and a bunch of other iOS games natively on my Mac Mini M1.

So as it stands now, using applications such as iMazing to transfer, copy and run your iOS Apps from your iPad or iPhone to your M1 Mac computer, isn't going to work for a whole load of Apps.

Don't forget, what makes this more disappointing is that unlike jailbreaking an Apple device to play games or run apps that weren't downloaded form the App Store. Simply sideloading an iOS App on your M1 Mac isn't like trying to bypass your iPad or iPhone security as you would with one that is jailbroke. Sideloading in this instance is perfectly safe and legal and doesn't bypass any security what so ever in the way you would if you Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or any iOS device.

Anyway, so there goes my video about how to sideload iOS apps on M1 Mac :) and playing iOS games on Apple Silicon M1.

Let's Play with AudioKit AR-909 & MixBox CS

The TR-909 is by far my favorite of all the classic drum machines. When AudioKit released AR-909 I knew I was going to be in for a treat. The sound design options in here can make it sound like a very unique instrument, and not just an emulation of the original! After tweaking it using just the internal tools, I ran the audio into IK's new MixBox CS to justify them giving me a free copy of their $40 mastering effects behemoth.

Video Description:

AudioKit brings us a lovingly-crafted 909-inspired drum machine app! It some unique sound design which I make great use of in this Let's Play. I then stuff it into IK Multimedia's new MixBox CS for extra compression and grit, before jamming with AR-909 and Troublemaker.

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