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Lee B - Drumface (NanoStudio 2 Drum & Bass)

YouTuber Lee B brings us some DnB in NanoStudio 2 with SpaceCraft and Wider!

Video Description:

A bit of D&B for once!
Made in NanoStudio 2. Spacecraft app was also used, as was the Wider app and STAELLA for visuals

Lee B - Broken

I've never heard Deep DnB before this week, and suddenly 014london70 is bringing us the second one I've featured this week. I really dig this vibe that manages to be both energizing and meditative, similar to the track by Fluidynamic from Wednesday. Is Deep DnB even a thing? It just seems like the best way to describe it.

Video Description:

Having a play with a few breaks after a while of not doing any music.
Spacecraft app was also used.

Visual Synth iOS - Bruce Lee

While writing these articles I frequently struggle with the question: "Is this funny, or is this just funny to me because I'm on anti-anxiety medication?" Reader Andrew Mawson presented me with a similar question. "Is this funny, or is this just funny to me because I took so much acid in the 90's?"

Fortunately my husband is home right now so I made him watch this to help resolve that! I can now definitely assure you this is only funny if you have a lot of experience with hallucinogens. It is super funny if you have though, and even more so if you think it looks like Bruce Lee is fighting John Denver in this clip.

Video Description:

Using the visual synth app on iPad, you can trigger video clips with midi notes, good fun :)
I used the audio and midi sequence from Behringer MS-1 synth, drums came from Axon 2, all hosted in AUM.

Toa Mata Band - LEE WAH (W.T.F.)

YouTuber Opificio Sonico did a fantastic live performance with his LEGO robots!

Video Description:

Toa Mata Band is known as the first LEGO® music robots orchestra made of Bionicle figures.
Each band member is built using Lego Bionicle and Technic pieces.
It's a system of electric motors, rubber bands and pulleys connected to the figures arms that allows them to play an array of different touchable synthesizers, drum machines, smartphones and electronic percussions.

This his video is an extract from the recorded session that went live on streaming on May 1st 2020 during the lockdown in Italy.
The track is a remake of early TMB’s composition LEE WAH mashed-up with W.T.F ( fatboyslim )

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Music: Giuseppe Acito
Video: Mattia P. Acito (

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MIDISynth Control Update

MIDISynth Control, from Lee Huddleston, was updated with support for the Novation Summit and Korg Minilogue XD. The update also address some performance control behaviors.

What's new in MIDISynth Control v1.1.5:

Added support for Novation Summit
Added support for Korg Minilogue xd

Radio controls can now be mapped to perform
Performance controls mapped to bipolar controls will now display as bipolar
Fixed issues with MIDI learn
Fixed issue with morph for bipolar controls
Other fixes & updates

Fixed issue where fetching and storing a patch did not update the patch name

No longer appear as Link targets
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