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Hi, I’m Tim Webb, the guy behind discchord.

As an engaged and prolific member of the iOS music community, there is a lot I can offer besides reviewing and advertising!

Professional Beta Testing & Consulting

$299 per Month

Before anyone gets a chance to give your App a 1 Star Review on iTunes, let me tear it apart! In addition to critical analysis, I offer quality assurance and stress testing. I can help you make sure your App is working the way expert users will expect to use and abuse it.

You can find lots of people willing to beta test for you, but most just want free apps and will only tell you what you want to hear. I have the expertise to find bugs and the experience to communicate them!

"There are few people who are as knowledgeable or experienced with iOS music apps as Tim. On several occasions Tim found bugs that other testers and users missed, and Tim always comes to the table with ideas on how to improve things or new features to add. He's a great addition to any beta testing team."
-David Wallin, White Noise Audio
"Tim's beta testing was thorough and superb. He helped me find and fix issues that a team of testers didn't find. Hiring Tim is like hiring a whole team."
-Alex "Distraub" Matheu, GlitchBreaks

I negatively criticize a lot of apps in reviews, but I'd rather prevent that and help you make sure your app is something that the community will want! For this reason my rates are very affordable, even to small developers. You can hire me for a month, for the same price you'd have to pay a full-time Quality Assurance tester per day! Over-seas companies might be able to offer a better price, but none can offer the specialized knowledge I have of music apps.


$399 for Written Tutorials, $599 for Video Tutorials

I've been producing both video and written tutorials for over two years, including the popular Everyone Can Play Music series. I've developed a natural knack for explaining things in plain English. This draws on my own experience in development and user-interface design. I think about how the user will interact with the software from start to finish, presenting tips and advice in the order they will need it.

I have a great personality for explaining complex applications to a general audience, without 'dumbing it down', or getting too nerdy.

This is an excellent opportunity to not only support your customers, but reach entirely new audiences. In addition to my 2000+ YouTube subscribers and readers of this site, my videos are often picked up by many other sites. My tutorial videos have been featured on Sonic State, DubSpot, Create Digital Music, Synthtopia, and MATRIXSYNTH.


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