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Poison-202 Vintage MIDI Synthesizer

Dmitrij Pavlov has released Poison-202, a new synth app with rich features and even richer sounds! The demo for this one is absolutely killer. Beyond nostalgia-bait, for the truly classic synth sounds, it just plain sounds good! Poison-202 arrives with MIDI and IAA, but no Audiobus.

Poison-202 iTunes Description:

Poison-202 is a professional Vintage Midi Synthesizer. Made by musicians for musicians, it is inspired by famous classic hardware synthesizers of 80's and 90's and has all the main sound creation blocks you can imagine: oscillators, cutoff Filters, ADSR-envelopes, ring, cross modulation, LFOs, sync, super-saw oscillator and more! Unlike many other software synthesizers at the market, which can reproduce only limited family of sounds, Poison-202 is designed to be able to reproduce almost any classic synthesizer timbre! Check out the Presets Demo video:

The library of 150 built-in factory presets includes famous patches that can be heard in the compositions of such electronic and rave scene music performers as The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Azzido Da Bass, Darude, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk and many others!

You can play it with your fingers on iPhone / iPad, or you can plug-in your favorite USB MIDI keyboard into your device using Apple's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and turn Poison-202 into a real synthesizer module!

Main Features:

  • 2 oscillators with selectable wave form and pitch
  • 5 oscillator waveforms: Saw, Pulse (with adjustable Pulse Width), Sine, Triangle and Super-Saw
  • one Super Saw oscillator generates 7 individual saw oscillators at the same time, with adjustable Mix and Detune parameters, reproducing famous classic analog strings and hoover sounds
  • additional (third) sinusoid sub oscillator + noise generator
  • 2x-oversampled internal sound mixing frequency (96,000 Hz on iPhone 6s)
  • 2 TVF (time variant filter) modules with Cutoff, Resonance, Keyboard tracking and ADSR envelope, 12 dB/octave
  • 2 TVA (time variant amplifier) modules with ADSR envelope
  • It is possible to pair two 12 dB TVF to get one 24 dB filter
  • Pitch envelope (Attack/Decay) for each oscillator
  • Ring modulation
  • Sync modulation
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Cross frequency modulation
  • 2 LFO modulation sources with Frequency and Fade-In parameters
  • LFO cross-modulation
  • 6 waveforms of LFO: Triangle, Sine, Saw, Square, Trapezoid and Random (Sample & Hold)
  • 4 LFO modulation destinations: Pitch, Filter, Amplifier and PWM
  • Note Portamento
  • 3-band EQ for each patch
  • Digital realtime effects: Distortion, Bit-Crusher, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Panning Delay and Reverb with adjustable parameters
  • Master brickwall type limiter (can be switched on/off)
  • Two signal flow connection structures: Parallel and Serial
  • Solo playing mode with Legato switch
  • Pitch Wheel with adjustable pitch bend range (2 - 24 semitones)
  • Modulation Wheel with assignable controls
  • Receive MIDI events: Note On, Note Off, Note Velocity, Control Change (Modulation Wheel), Pitch Bend Change, Program Change, Bank Select LSB/MSB
  • Arpeggiator with 6 selectable modes and 12 rhythm patterns with tempo and swing feel control
  • Scale play mode when playing onscreen keyboard with over 40 different scales to select from
  • Voice polyphony up to 24
  • Up to 100 user presets to store
  • Scalable and movable onscreen keyboard with key velocity control
  • CPU usage indicator
  • Volume meter
  • Show Oscillogram feature (can be switched on from Settings Page)
  • Inter-App Audio supported (MIDI-Instrument mode) to use Poison-202 together with other musical apps and sequencers on your iPhone/iPad, such as Garage Band and others!

Buy Poison-202 on iTunes: $9.99

Here's the demo! Definitely check this out. Some of you may remember Pavlov from his 2012 video, recreating Prodigy's Firestarter from the source samples. That is also well worth a watch!

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September 02, 2016  | person_outline 10s1sB3st

Looks nice, I only heard some crackling in one of the earlier examples, the rest seemed clean.

I paused the vid a couple times to see that it has a -12 or -24 selectable sub osc, and noise. Doesn't look like you can mod matrix anything. I don't know if it does MIDI learn on params. Looks intuitive/straightforward for a basic subtractive.

I already have enough synths that do similar. I'll pass on this, but it does look great.

September 02, 2016  | person_outline stub

Second music app released this week (Dhalang MG being the other) that states 'requires iOS 6 or later'. Really? Only 6?

September 02, 2016  | person_outline a1

I may have to support him simply for having such a convincing (and thorough, nice showing all screens at the end) demo vid. Seems we get all of these presets with it :):)

September 02, 2016  | person_outline Yur2die4

Great point. That demo really left no stone unturned... well apart from showing some of the options of a parameter (like a scale list, or similar). I love that! Takes a lot of the mystery out of buying an app like this.

September 02, 2016  | person_outline stub

A couple improvements that come to mind are:
Changing the preset section to be able to use directories and exchange (import export) presets similar to sunriser. Right now I don't entirely get the preset section. It has A and B ..user might be if you name it C??
A more thoughtful iPad view mode. It carries over very nicely, and everything is big and clear on an iPad which can be a nice feeling. But if you go between iPhone and iPad, the iPad suddenly feels like it could have had more layout considerations (at least with the preset browser). I am guessing this might happen in the future if this gets updated.
There is an arpeggiator and synced LFO options. This means Ableton Link might be a nice bonus if it was implemented :D I know that Link feels great on DRC.

The synth sounds superb, has the standard expected options, and leaves a nice tiny footprint (8mb). I like some of the thoughtful considerations it has like pitch env for each osc and a choice between parallel and serial routing for filter choices.

September 02, 2016  | person_outline Yur2die4

Getting some click sounds though.

September 02, 2016  | person_outline Yur2die4

Sounds a lot like Sunrizer.

September 02, 2016  | person_outline Bob

It doesn't recognize virtual MIDI in from any sequencer I've tried (and there's no background audio switch anyway).

Oddly, I had no MIDI hardware connected, yet its input options seemed to know which devices I have.

Seems limited to IAA for audio output (and headphones of course).

September 02, 2016  | person_outline a1

Wow, that video on the making of Firestarter was soooo good.

September 02, 2016  | person_outline Slim

Ohhhhh good point a1. I forgot to look for background audio :/ that's pretty important to me.

September 03, 2016  | person_outline Yur2die4

@ Yur2die4- a solution (thanks to Samu on the Audiobus forum) is to put Poison in the input slot of AUM, then point MIDI from a sequencer (for instance) at AUM. See the third page of the Poison thread on that forum.

Works. I just loaded Poison in AUM and pointed Fugue Machine at it. Whew!!

September 03, 2016  | person_outline a1

Can't edit (yet).

Page 4 not 3.


September 03, 2016  | person_outline a1

It seems quite a few of these apps are released unfinidhed. No audiobus or IAA. No midi learn.

September 03, 2016  | person_outline Raphael

But it does have IAA, just not the transport controls

September 03, 2016  | person_outline jn2002dk

Vintage Synthesizer ???? You must be kidding…

September 03, 2016  | person_outline Ricky Barbos

"But it does have IAA, just not the transport controls" - that's good to know.

September 03, 2016  | person_outline Raphael

I get your point, Ricky Barbos.

This app appears to have the basic signal flow and sound of vintage (analog subtractive) synths. It's a "branding" choice.

To describe it for what it is, i.e.: "A virtual synth that imitates analog subtractive synths from the past"-- you are describing most iOS synths.

It looks like a well-executed synth, but there are so many of these already in existence. I guess the developer was trying the others and saying, "I wonder if I can make a better one."

September 03, 2016  | person_outline stub

"The library of 150 built-in factory presets includes famous patches that can be heard in the compositions of such electronic and rave scene music performers as The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Azzido Da Bass, Darude, Daft Punk and many others!"

Are they "vintage" ? Maybe for a 16 years old, but to me it sounds like a joke... I omitted the Kraftwerk, of course. That was my point and as a matter of fact the factory presets don't sound vintage at all to my ears... but please forgive me, in a few months I'll be 52 and I'm becoming an old nostalgic...

September 04, 2016  | person_outline Ricky Barbos

I'm about to be 53, so I have more life experience.

But yea, I get it now.

September 04, 2016  | person_outline stub

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