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Dorapro MINE - Prototype Customizable Modular MIDI

Dorapro Engineering has posted a prototype of a video for a modular MIDI controller called MINE. It's cool to see elements appear on the companion app as they are inserted into the controller. Unfortunately I can't make any amount of sense out of the website. Google translate is failing hard. One headline literally translates as: "Please be sardine because wearing a technique." There's lots of talk about needing money, but I see no mention of a Kickstarter or whatever.

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Hi, regular reader from Japan (Native Japanese, professional translator). Just wanted to comment on this cuz I thought it was funny.

I was like "Sardine? What?" but I guess it's this one: "マイコンモジュールの入出力を増やす技を身につけたので言わしてください"
I think the translation for this is "I picked up a technique that allows me to increase the number of inputs and outputs for the micro-controller module, so let me talk about it." Unfortunately the "Talk about" was written in a non-standard dialect, which is a homophone of "sardine".

Right now, it seems like their funding is coming from a Japanese government fund geared towards mid-to-small companies like this one. The guy writing the blog keeps saying "I can make stuff, but I have no idea how to promote them" so they obviously could use a pointer or two. For starters, here is their twitter account.


April 27, 2016  | person_outline ryochan999

As a non-fish-person I was initially offered by the suggestion that I become a Sardine. But thanks to ryochan999 (above) for clarifying the translation -- I am not offended.

But seriously, modular MIDI sounds very interesting to me, the video is cool but I want to see more. I wish Dorapro much good luck with this.

April 27, 2016  | person_outline Toz Bourne

There are modules like this already on kickstarter that looked to be of high build quality (and probably a corresponding high price). They're calling it Palette, and they were designed for computer photo editing, but consist of sliders and knobs sending standard MIDI.

Wait... did I see them on discchord? I could be reporting something people here already know.

April 27, 2016  | person_outline ZenLizard

Thank you very much for making sense of both the sardines and the finances, ryochan! This looks cool, so I'm glad to see he's moving forward with it.

@Zen: This morning I was searching the site all over because I knew I'd seen something somewhat similar. I thought I was going crazy. "Did I already report on this?!" Thanks for reminding me of Palette!

Oh ye(click)s th(click)at w(click)orks well(click).

April 29, 2016  | person_outline El Jeffe

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