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Let's Play with Audulus 3 - Part 3

I think this might be a new record for me as I proudly present my third video in as many weeks. This concludes my Audulus 3 series with some bells added to the mix of drones (Part 1) and strings (Part 2) in the ambient patch that will generate a whole album for FAWM. I'm going to continue to work on this over the weekend and I'll post the final project file on Monday or Tuesday of next week. This has been a fun series to do, so I hope you enjoy it too!

Video Description:

In this final episode of Audulus 3 we build a bell sound using FM and Additive synthesis, with a probability-based trigger and tame math to give us note pitches. Find Part 1 here: http://discchord.com/blog/2016/2/12/lets-play-with-audulus-3.html and Part 2 here: http://discchord.com/blog/2016/2/19/lets-play-with-audulus-3-part-2.html . If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/discchord

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Reader Comments 7

Thanks for these Tim - very educational for someone trying to wrap his FormerlyNonModular head around the building blocks. Hopefully not an out of place question: do you have any thoughts / experience with Zmors Modular or Analogkit? I've got the latter and love it but wonder if more than one iOS modular would be a plus or minus in terms of educating m'self.

ps- the 'Part 1' link in your description above links to Part 3 of your great tutorials.

February 27, 2016  | person_outline Pete

I haven't used AnalogKit enough to comment on that one. zMors Modular is really good though! I was hired to do the promo on that and it was easy for me to quickly work up a demo jam and tutorial. You can find that at the bottom of this post: http://discchord.com/blog/2014/11/6/zmors-modular.html

They're all using the same underlying concepts, so it's probably best to just learn with whichever you feel most comfortable with.

I watched the whole damn thing. Thanks again. fun stuff. Looking forward to your "cleaned up" version too.

February 28, 2016  | person_outline anonymouse

@pete - I might be in the minority, but I find that Analogkit and Audulus have different uses. I tend to use Audulus to build complex synth creations that I leave wired, while I use Analog kit as a modulular synth that I'll plug and unplug modules while I play around & I'm less likely to create new modules in Analogkit.

February 29, 2016  | person_outline Tony

@Tony that's really helpful and thanks also @Tim for the thoughts. Right now Analogkit feels like a wild animal I'm trying to tame (and there's been Lots of happy audio accidents so far) and I'm not sure how much of the "untamed" feeling is AK's UI and how much is my essential lack of Modular Synthesis in general (very good chance it's 99% the latter).

As per @Tim Webb's solid input the underlying modular concept is universal and I suppose I'm hoping that between Analogkit, Audulus 3 and zMors Modular one of the interfaces will click more than the others and ease me happily down the virtual modular rabbit hole.

February 29, 2016  | person_outline Pete

@pete - Not so fast young man...

At least look at Modal Pro by Dango and Modular Synthesizer by Pulse Code. I'm not a big fan of Modular Synthesizer, but Modal Pro has some nice learning features.

March 01, 2016  | person_outline Tony

@Tony - Noted, good man! I'll definitely be looking at Modal Pro based on this tip and Thanks.

March 03, 2016  | person_outline Pete

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