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NinjaJamm for Android - Hyperbole for Us

When you set up a website you can be assured of some very weird emails. Usually the weirdest of them are from China, with offers of free 500L drums of Formic Acid samples because the word "acid" appears so often on the website. That's an instance where the emailer has no idea what I do here.

The really funny emails are from the people who have no idea what they're doing either.

NinjaJamm's release on iOS two years ago was somewhat controversial here, since most readers were not interested in remixing other artists. The app was almost immediately forgotten and has never been mentioned on this site since. So it was with a hazy memory that I struggled to recall what the fuck it actually did yesterday upon receiving news that its Android release was an: "industry-shaking mobile move."

Eagerly I read through the press release to find out exactly how this could be the case. Instead of finding anything remotely industry-shaking I discovered them acknowledging the latency problems on Android, and then dismissing them.

iOS success notwithstanding, why wait for Android? “Android latency is an issue,” maintains Matt Black: “Most Ninja Jamm functions are not impacted too much by latency, but for the ‘stabs’ page one needs to develop an advanced ‘Ninja’ technique to anticipate the latency! All Android apps tested so far have this issue; only a few devices — mostly manufactured by Samsung — have decent low-latency hardware. It’s a huge issue, much discussed by a community of Android music-heads. This is one area where iOS is well ahead, and parallels the long-time superiority of Mac over PCs for the financially small but very influential business of music production. There’s not a lot that we can do about latency, but Ninja Jamm on Android is still a lot of fun regardless so we thought we’d dive in and give it to the Massive now, rather than wait for several years until the big boys resolve the issue.”

The "long-time superiority of Mac over PCs" and "give it to the Massive now" not withstanding, I'm amused to see them address the latency issue but decide, "Fuck it, we'll do it anyhow!" So I guess this is a laggy waste of everyone's time. Good luck with that!

Buy NinjaJamm on Google Play: Freemium

Buy NinjaJamm on iTunes: Freemium

There's a teaser video for it, but I feel this video is more appropriate. Here's Bill O'Reilly to play us out...

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Their take on Android is very interesting. A more sober and realistic occurrence was this from Steinberg this week (11Aug15).

"Cubase iC Pro for Android discontinued

As an industry leader, we strive to provide the best customer experience for those who purchase and use our products. After careful evaluation, we now need to inform you about the discontinuation of our remote control app, Cubase iC Pro, for the Android platform since the current available solution does not match the high standards we have set ourselves."

August 13, 2015  | person_outline Toz Bourne

That O'reilly remix is delightful.

August 13, 2015  | person_outline stub

Yeah... I try not to bag too hard on Android, but I'm losing hope as fast as the platform is losing credibility with musicians.

Long time superiority of Macs over PCs! Hahahaha hah hah ha ha.....oh brother....

August 14, 2015  | person_outline Zymos

Pity that Matt from NinjaTune decided not to make the app as groundbreaking as their successful music label has been and continues to be. Coldcut revolutionised what was possible in electronic music and the label continues to nurture and support a plethora of unique and genre defying artists. But the app, on an iPhone or iPod just didn't cut it for me back then and still doesn't inspire very much today. May need a boost from some more able devs ....

August 14, 2015  | person_outline Mr Chip

Update: loaded up NinjaJamm on my iPad mini, and appreciated the extra screen real estate.nthe app is still a bit glitchy in places and feels a bit rough at the edges, but I did have quite a bit of fun. Would love to see more support for this app in the future (e.g. Monthly free content and new features to bring it a bit more up to date with similar "Dj -ing" apps out there. It's either that, or Native Instruments might start threatening to bring their STEMs format to iOS .... Oh Lordy ......

August 14, 2015  | person_outline Mr Chip

Android has never had any credibility with musicians. Open source my latency. Release an album on Android and see where that goes. Everyone wants it. For FREE.

August 14, 2015  | person_outline Medo

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