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New Universal iOS app jgEffects offers unique effects with a great interface. Check out the demo to see it in action. The app is free, but some of the effects are sold individually for $2, and there are ads unless you pay $4 to remove them.

jgEffects iTunes Description:

Unique effector app for guitar named "jgEffects" is now on AppStore ! 6 distinct types of effector help to escape from humdrum guitar sounds. supported audio interfaces are iRig, TASCAM iXZ. The app supports "Inter-App Audio" which works together with GarageBand that kind of apps.

about Effectors

You have a choice between three different effectors and use concurrently with them. Note: some effectors are in-App purchase item. we have plans adding new effectors in the future.

The contents of the effectors are as follows.

  • Crazed Fuzz
    a featured effector. Fuzz which is characterized by overflow oscillation. controls:CRAZE, VOLUME
  • Auto Revolving Wah ($2 IAP)
    a featured effector. it automatically rotates filter that makes wah-wah sounds. controls:DEEP, SPEED, TYPE
  • Harmonic bot ($2 IAP)
    a featured effector. it changes tone color like a robotic sounds. it's also awesome for vocalist. controls:DEPTH, RATE, MIX
  • Dry Dryve
    Over-Drive which is characterized by dryly harmonic tone. controls:LEVEL, GAIN, TONE, BALANCE
  • Noize Gate
    it is a noise-reduction effect. controls:SENS
  • Delay
    we provide standard Delay effector. controls:BLEND, TIME, FEEDBACK
  • Supported device

    The app is recommended for use with iPhone 5/iPad mini 2 or later models.

Buy jgEffects on iTunes: Freemium

Reader Comments 4

Why does this make me want to play Spaceteam??

March 04, 2015  | person_outline Yur2die4

I can put up with IAPs when there's some way of getting to know an app in a freemium way.

But can I just say here that I HATE HATE HATE adware. I unconditionally immediately delete adware and never install it if I know ads are present.

This looks like a good example of an app based on a font.

March 04, 2015  | person_outline stub

This comment isn't specific to this effect app, but after all this time I'm still not entirely convinced that iOS guitar distortion effects don't just sound like a poorly tuned radio. Maybe it's just me...

March 04, 2015  | person_outline ZenLizard

nice font

March 04, 2015  | person_outline anonymouse

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