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Let's Play with SoundScaper

I dived headfirst into SoundScaper to do this Let's Play! Here I try to explore the app as a music effect, rather than a sound effect generator. Embarrassingly I was concentrating so hard on trying to pronounce developer Igor Vasiliev's name that I mispronounced the app! I'm not even sure I pronounced Vasiliev correctly either.

Video Description:

Igor Vasiliev's latest app is extraordinarily unique, bringing the world of circuit bending 80s toys to iOS! Minus the parts where you're burning your fingers and huffing solder fumes. If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon:

Buy SoundScaper on iTunes: $6.99

Reader Comments 7

I enjoyed that and happy to see I'm not the only one who does not fully understand the sequencer thing and I've read through the manual on this quite a few times.I look forward to see what Igor brings to the app in the future especially if he does updates like he does for his other apps.

February 20, 2015  | person_outline Andre

On the clock their are numbers missing quite regularly and I wonder if this is intentional so when it's playing and.you add LFO rate for example the rise effect is more erratic,I'm completely guessing obviously.

February 20, 2015  | person_outline Andre

That's a good guess! Some timings may be mathematically messy in the full scheme of things with the LFO, so it makes sense just to avoid them.

It's funny but at first, I was also reading it as "SoundScraper" in my mind. At some point I just saw my mistake.

Not sure why, maybe just thinking about the kinds of screepy tones I've gotten with Circuit Bending.

February 21, 2015  | person_outline stub

FINALLY an app I can motorboat

February 21, 2015  | person_outline Ted

lol I was reading soundscraper as well for awhile.

apps like this and samplr, aswell as sector make great use of the ipad and make me consider getting a second ipad

I like many of the synths, but they really require a connected controller to be useful
the great ipad effects need an interface to truly be useful
and the midi apps need a midi interface to be useful

but these self contained sound/noise apps are amazing

also I feel like an updated buyers guide is in order, even if tim doesn't have the time a community collective buyers guide would be neat, or possibly a patrion goal?

February 21, 2015  | person_outline synthtrip

Thank you Tim. Really enjoyed this and learned a few things.
I agree with your suggestion to be able to tap the adjustment bars/faders.

Enjoying the app more since watching your video. Thanks again.

February 21, 2015  | person_outline anonymouse

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