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MoRhythm-Africa is a new Universal iOS Djembe "play along app" that just got Audiobus added! The audio portions of the app are included in the base app price, but there are also videos that show off playing styles on specific drums.

MoRhythm-Africa iTunes Description:

Mo’Rhythm Beginning African Drumming Play Along App is the brain-child of world-renowned percussionist Monette Marino. Designed to provide you with a platform to practice individual drum parts on your real drums while listening to the other instruments of the djembe orchestra, all with the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

Here’s how it works:

First, select the rhythm you want to practice. Then select the instruments you would like to play accompany you while you practice. Select the tempo and then press Play. You will hear the djembe signal at the start of each rhythm and then you can begin playing your drum along to the instruments you have selected.

This App contains audio only, however there are 50 videos available (10 rhythms times 5 drums each) as In-App purchases if you would like to see the movement and position of the hands on the drums.

“Play Along” increases your listening & playing skills and will help you to play in sync with other instruments of the djembe orchestra, enhancing your understanding of how all the parts fit together.

African rhythms included are: Balakulandjan, Denedon, Djole, Fe, Kuku, Moribayassa, Soliwulen, Konden, Soli (Fast), and Toro.

Buy MoRhythm-Africa on iTunes: $2.99

The intro video doesn't really show off very much, but it does helpfully pronounce "Djembe" for those curious.

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Looks good. There are already apps from Luis Martinez that handle other genres (afro-cuban, afro-latin, and rock) with similar features. I will say I have a bit of a gripe with Luis Martinez, as his super-metronome app is broken on my new android phone, and there's no way to report it other than writing a bad review. But even after having done that months ago, no updates to fix it. The iOS apps work well though and have a nice (big) selection of grooves, and the samples are good.

This app gets you a core app for $3, and has 10 x $1 IAP's for various other grooves. Not sure what is included in the base app. And how many patterns are included for each $1.

November 25, 2015  | person_outline stub

I think the $3 app gives you all the sounds and styles in audio form - the IAPs are just her video tutorials.

In one of her YouTube videos she says something like "if all you want is the sounds you get it in the base app, you don't have to buy the video IAPs". She is pretty cool about it, unlike Lang Lang!

November 25, 2015  | person_outline Simon

Yea. That is pretty dang reasonable.

November 25, 2015  | person_outline stub

Heheh...just what I needed in my life....in my Darkpsy....hehehehe...west African drums...boom boom boom!

November 25, 2015  | person_outline Psysword


November 25, 2015  | person_outline stub

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