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Ostinator - Looper Sampler

Living Memory has released their first iOS app in fine fashion! Ostinator is a phrase looper designed like a pedal, with support for IAA, AudioShare, Audiobus, and MIDI! It's nice to see new developers nail the important stuff!

Ostinator iTunes Description:

Designed in the style of a familiar pedal box for effortless, uncomplicated, no fuss operation, Ostinator is a single track stereo phrase looper focused on hands free control during live performance. Use it to create anything from long loops to short decaying echoes. Crossfading options enable creation of seamless drones and overdubbing offers undoable "sound on sound" layering. All performance controls are available on a single screen but Ostinator’s main strength is painless remote control while it runs in the background.


  • AudioBus and Inter-App Audio compatible.
  • Supports:
    • AudioCopy
    • AudioShare
    • “Open In…”
  • Audio file import & export via iTunes.
  • Hands free operation using a MIDI controller.
  • MIDI assignable to every performance parameter.
  • Optional, adjustable crossfading for seamless loops.
  • Adjustable fade out time when playback stops.
  • Adjustable loop feedback for infinite looping or echoes.
  • Re-trigger mode, loops can be restarted.
  • Prerecorded loops can be loaded with MIDI program change.
  • Up to 12 minutes of stereo recording time.
  • Get up and running quickly with onscreen help.
  • Built-in PDF Manual.

A Note for Prospective Purchasers

Loops can be loaded, triggered and recorded remotely using MIDI controls (i.e. from footpedals or a sequencer). Tempo based looping is possible by sending the appropriate trigger messages but Ostinator is focused on simple manual control for live performers and as such does not provide any slicing, timestretch or pitch changing functions.

Buy Ostinator for iPad on iTunes: $2.99

Reader Comments 8

i read this with some interest.

if (as shown here) the feature list does not include octave up/down and reverse, this app really has missed the boat in terms of "being like a pedal" . . . line6, the boomerrang , tc ditto x2 and numerous other looping pedals have those functionalities. the ancient electro-harmonix has reverse and time pitch-shifting. other looping pedals have pitch possibilities.

so . . . while it's great to have someone thinking about this (it would be cool to use an iPad for all effects and looping needs), as reported, this is not a good answer for the basic looping needs provided by many pedals.

it'll be interesting to see if they come up with some of what i think are missing functionalities.

November 19, 2015  | person_outline steubig

hey Steubig... Give the dev. A bloody break man!
It's their first iOS app release, there's lots of room for them to thrive with updates & improvements.

November 20, 2015  | person_outline Mick

We all have different "basic needs" from a looper :-) For example, I've been doing hardware-based live solo looping for almost 20 years and have never used reverse or octave up or down. However, I find having a decay control essential for what I do - many loopers that have octave up / down and reverse (e.g. Ditto X2) don't have that. I actually really like that this app is nice and simple and a bit "old school" and until now, I have never been able to bond with any of the other iPad looping apps as they always seem to be a compromise between pre-loading clips and live performance.

And... for £2.29, it's a steal.

November 20, 2015  | person_outline Crème Douche

Lol. $3 bucks with all that functionality straight out of the gate, and 1 minute in complaints about how much of a failure it is to not have auto reverse and Flex time/pitch built in? I am really mad there is no AU support, and so far have not been able to figure out syncing all those stems I make with Lyra in Auria Pro all sample mapped. Come on!

It is an awesome little device, and it allows you to focus on just playing, in tune (no built in tuner, mind you) hopefully, because it is missing that all important Mellodyne Lite plugin...

Sorry, being a bit of a prick, but I made about 3 entire records with an old Lexicon MPX 100 without a tenth of the functionality this has, and still could today because of the limitations, not in spite of them...

November 20, 2015  | person_outline Chris Catalano

Thanks for constantly showing us what's new out there. Looking forward to a review of it at some point... sure looks awesome!

November 20, 2015  | person_outline Dan Rosenstark

hi fellas,

i actually tried to give the dev some props (nice to see someone doing this . . . ) and hoped for add-ons (it'll be interesting to see if they come up . . . ).

if the devs read this, it may help, if not, okay. but i've been doing this for a long time (30 years or so) and know a fair amount of guys/gals who do as well. didn't say they were failures or anything and my history is one of being supportive of devs in general . . . i think it's warranted as constructive criticism.

November 20, 2015  | person_outline steubig

I do the same kind of thing on new apps all the time, and your criticisms were actually pretty low key in retrospect..Pardon moi...Eventually those things would be nice additions, but I sort of sense he wants to keep it simple...

November 20, 2015  | person_outline Chris Catalano

There was a VST app called Elottronix XL that I used regularly for delay type stuff. This looks promising. I will again be breaking my "Do Not Buy Any More Apps Until Record Is Done" rule.

November 22, 2015  | person_outline Mike V

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