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Restoring Alchemy Mobile Pro Upgrade

There is still no word from Camel on why they have suddenly left the stage, but several users are already planning ahead to keep their apps running! Clif from Apptronica has put together a video walkthrough on how you can restore the Pro upgrade. This is the important one that lets you use custom presets. If for some reason you need to reinstall Alchemy, or want to run it on a new device, this is the way to do it!

Note: This will only work if you have purchased the Pro Upgrade in the past. Sorry new users to Alchemy!

Pro Upgrade Restore Instructions:

First off, if you previously purchased the Pro Upgrade, restoring purchases will activate pro functionality. You can confirm this by checking that the option to add custom sounds and the User library folder are available in the presets dropdown menu. This will not install the additional presets that came with the Pro Upgrade IAP, so I'm going to help you with that.

You start out with 55 factory presets. The Pro Upgrade content and Bonus preset pack give you a total of 188 presets. You can skip downloading and installing the Bonus pack, because this library includes those: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5jaq8rsvet9hjm/AlchemyMobilePro-2-01.CamelSounds?dl=0

To install this, use iTunes sharing to drop this file into your Alchemy documents, then click on "Add custom sounds". The file will be listed under "Copied via iTunes" and clicking on it will restore the presets into your factory folder.

Clif even did a video of the whole process! This will not recover the individual IAP libraries, which cannot be shared without violating copyrights, so for that you'll need to make your own backups using iFunbox.

Reader Comments 34

cool! thank you to Clif Johnston and thank you Tim Webb for posting that.

January 09, 2015  | person_outline synthandson

This makes me feel somewhat better, thanks to Tim and Clif

January 09, 2015  | person_outline M0nk3y

Since they pulled the app from the appstore to purchase, they also pulled the version update. It disappeared from my update list. Yikes!

January 09, 2015  | person_outline a1

Happy to help. :)

January 09, 2015  | person_outline Clif @ Apptronica

this is what bothers me about "content" or "feature" IAP. While "feature" IAP could be controlled (I think) by the AppStore say, allowing the feature to be turned on by checking it against a prior purchase, the "content" IAP does not sit in Apple's servers (I think...). So when huge content libraries (upwards of 500MB) go up in smoke because a developer (sadly) goes belly up, then you're left with, let's hope I can back this up. What if I buy a new iPad, how do I transfer this??? And all sorts of problems...

Any developers care to comment?


January 09, 2015  | person_outline hoyas79

I'd be much more worried about loosing a "feature IAP" that depends on some sort of key or hidden protection, than content which is just samples and presets and can be much more easily found and backed up.

January 09, 2015  | person_outline Zymos

Thank you, Clif and Tim. Video and this article have been saved for pre-iOS 9 preparations :)

January 09, 2015  | person_outline Sean

If you are like me and have a number of libraries for the iOS version, the folks at Camel Audio have provided me with the instructions on how to back up your libraries so they won’t be lost in case of a crash or buying a new iDevice:

“We are currently working on a few ways to back up iOS libraries so that you’ll be able to reinstall them in the future. For now, you can use a free desktop app called ‘iFunbox.

Note: Song files will need to be backed up separately via iCloud or Dropbox.

Backing up using iFunbox (http://www.i-funbox.com):

1) Connect your device to your computer

2) In iFunbox, expand ‘User Applications’ using the disclosure arrow (circled below)

3) Go to Alchemy / Library and drag and drop the ‘Private Documents’ folder to the backup location on your computer (in our example above, we’ve created a folder called ‘iFunbox Backup’. This could take a few minutes depending on how many libraries you have saved on your iOS device

4) Next, highlight ‘User Applications’, to see a grid of your installed application icons.

5) Right click Alchemy and select ‘Backup to .ipa package’ -> ‘Without Personal Data’

6) It makes sense to save it to the same place as the Private Documents folder.

Restoring Alchemy Mobile + Libraries From Backup Using iFunbox:

1) Connect your device to your computer

2) In iFunbox, select ‘Install App’ from the menu bar at the top of the window

3) Locate the .ipa file that iFunbox created when backing up the app

4) Double-click the .ipa file to install Alchemy to your device

5) Next, expand User Applications as above, and go to Alchemy/Library

6) Drag and drop the ‘Private Documents’ file across. If given the option to Replace or Merge, select ‘Merge’.

Hope this helps – thanks for your kind words, it’s really appreciated.”

January 09, 2015  | person_outline Graham

ha ha! thanks a lot @graham, I just saw your post on Synthopia and reposted it in the comments section of the the "Camel Audio Shuts Down" post here and also on the Audiobus forums. I hope that's ok for you!? thanks again for sharing that information!

January 09, 2015  | person_outline synthandson

No problem, I've been posting wherever I can: Synthtopia and the Synthtopia Facebook group (where the uninformed bozos are going bonkers), CDM, here and Palmsounds. So anywhere else you can think of would be great. I did the backup today using the most recent version of iFunBox and it seemed to go fine.

January 09, 2015  | person_outline Graham

Hey everybody, if there's no "Add Custom Sounds" option in the menu. Rename the .CamelSounds extension on the file to .zip. Extract the .zip file and place the contents using iFunbox in Alchemy/Library/Private Documents.

January 09, 2015  | person_outline Betlhan

A big thanks to all who contributed to the preservation/restoration info. Gotta say I've never felt the need to delve into the innards of my idevices before but desperate times desperate measures etc.. Perhaps Alchemy will re-emerge under some new flag, say when FL Studio for Mac drops (my best guess due to the similarity of ethos). Until then, we're mostly adrift, but at least the boat's not leaking.

January 09, 2015  | person_outline a1

Great, with a way to backup. Thanks. Unfortunately, it still doesn't help us who didn't have the libraries downloaded (recently restored my iPad). I really hope they will be able to provide those of us who bought the full package (pro + all sound libraries) with the files themselves.

January 10, 2015  | person_outline frejahel

Hi, thanks for the backuptips! Ive bought Pro and all libs and thankfully the backup worked perfectly just as the instruction. But I cant get the 5) Right click Alchemy and select ‘Backup to .ipa package’ -> ‘Without Personal Data’ to work at all.
I have tried with ifunbox classic and the 2014 version. When I rightclick on the Alchemy in the grid, I can choose "Backup to .ipa package" but I dont get any option "Without personal data". And when I choose the option, nothing happens and nothing gets backuped. What version did you use to make this work?
I had Pro latest version on my ios 8 iphone 6 and on two ipad2, and im on win 7 64-bit.

January 10, 2015  | person_outline itbytes

I used ifunbox version 1.5.0860 and it worked perfectly. When you click on the Alchemy icon, you should get the backup to .ipa package option of without personal data. This works for me on Mac 10.6.8. Not sure if this helps you.

January 10, 2015  | person_outline Medo

Thank you @Medo for fast answer! Maybe the option "Without personal data" only shows up on a Mac? Anyhone else with windows 7 having these problems, and if not, what version of i-funbox did you use?
I've tried both version 1.99 and i-funbox Classic v 1.104 and latest version 2014.
I really hope that Camel Audio will make some easy way to restore the iaps...R.I.P Alchemy :(

January 11, 2015  | person_outline itbytes

Thanks for the writeup on backing up and re-installation. It works including on iOS 8 devices. As powerful as iFunBox is, it is a rather invasive product, at least on Windows. I would still use it in the future but turn off the app from booting on startup. It also lives in the System Tray. It makes the presumption you will want to use it to update apps and even purchase apps through it. Just be careful where you click.

January 11, 2015  | person_outline Andrew

It's a lot less invasive than iTunes!

January 11, 2015  | person_outline Zymos

LOL, Zymos... now that you mention it. iTunes matches Andrew's description perfectly. It wants to start all the damn time, thinks I want to use it to update apps, lives on in the system memory trying to update itself, and thinks I want to buy apps from it. You need to be very careful where you click in it too!

And iTunes crashes all the fucking time on Windows. I have so much hate for that app. I'd honestly say about 95% of my random/annoying system issues are fixed by killing a hung iTunes.exe process.

i have nightmares about itunes.

alternatively i used copytrans to move 2 gigs of music to my ipad the other day. it took over 2 hours.

Does anyone have a faster solution for transferring music to an iOS device?

(deleted Alchemy from my ipad. I had nothing invested in it and it wasn't getting much use. Not one of my favorites. Something about it. )

January 12, 2015  | person_outline anonymouse

I think it sucks how although mine was installed and packs bought before this cut off, the app still works, Yet although i still have the packs (none of them on the drop down have the box art, even though ive seen the box art files on the device) why did they remote link them and have them on the phone : /
even with the internet off on the device it wont use the onboard images

January 19, 2015  | person_outline TheWraith517

WOW - it WORKS!!!

Hallelujah and HUGE gratitude for reBIRTHing my very most favorite ESSENTIAL tool. YES!

I use it on both my phone and pad, and when I upgraded to the iPhone 6 last week, even though I had made a "full backup" (including APPS) of my iPhone 5 on iTunes, after the migration, when I tried to open Alchemy, ALL my IAPs were gone, and the program wasn't making ANY sounds.

I followed the above steps and got my Pro version with the expanded Factory Library available, but STILL no sound, and then I realized that (weird?) ALL four tracks were muted!

SO, anyhowz: I DO have all my packs on the iPad still, and when I get my hands on it tomorrow I can find out whether I can follow the iFunBox routine to get those files backed up from the iPad AND get them over to my PHONE, as well? Should be the same files, I'll bet?

Will update here tomorrow.


January 25, 2015  | person_outline DanceHer IsLove

Thanks very much! This is (was) one of the greatest iOS-Synth!

February 07, 2015  | person_outline Stefan Gisler

Thanks a lot for your contribution. i nearly got crazy about not having all packs restored on my new iPad. The world needs you tech guys who know how & like to share it.

February 13, 2015  | person_outline marcel

I feel sick inside. I had bought all the IAP libraries, bought a new iPad, and sold the old one, went to run Alchemy and everything has gone. Trying to download my IAP and nothing happens. I did all this before I heard that Camel had gone under. So furious! Its just not fair. >:(

February 19, 2015  | person_outline stab

I recently upgraded my iPad - went to use alchemy and restore my IAP (all the libraries) and now they are all gone and I have no way of restoring them. So furious. This really sucks. Its just not fair.

February 19, 2015  | person_outline stab

The iFunbox method worked great for me. Thanks! Luckily all my IAP's were still intact on my old iPad mini retina, and I was able to transfer them to my new iPhone 6+. FYI, I have updated versions of iOS 8 on both devices, and am running iFunbox on my MacBook Pro with updated Yosemite.

FWIW, I was also able to use the same back-up/restore method on my old issues of "Computer Music Special", a now defunct offshoot of "Computer Music Magazine". Unfortunately, when the publisher ended the stand-alone version of the 'Special' mag, all access to purchased content was gone, too.

So the above advice solved two problems for me. Thanks again!

February 21, 2015  | person_outline Sevendog

Mostly I miss using the alchemy mobile pro version, as a desktop remote control, the link has now disappeared on re downloading. Any help please ?

February 23, 2015  | person_outline Jon

sorry (my bad) ! remote control of mac desktop is re-established. I had a moment of madness.
Thank you to all involved in these posts, especially Clif Johnston and Tim Webb.

February 23, 2015  | person_outline Jon

Glad you got it working, and happy to be of help!

Thank you Graham for the iFunBox method, it worked well on my side :o)
In the meantime, I received the following message from Camel Audio's support:

We're really sorry you've had trouble with in-app purchases. There is a current problem in the app which prevents restoring previous purchases in Alchemy Mobile. We are aware of this problem and are working on fixing it as soon as we can.

We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused - we'll have an update for the app out as soon as we possibly can, which will allow your purchases to be restored.

After this, in-app purchases will be restorable as normal via the app.

All the best.

Camel Audio Support

February 25, 2015  | person_outline Pieille

I just want to say thank you to Graham for sharing the info!

April 07, 2015  | person_outline BulletProof

Glad to help out!

April 07, 2015  | person_outline Graham

Camel Support are still saying that a new version is coming that will fix the problem of restoring the IAP. I'd believe that if I hadn't seem they've been saying that for 2 months :( (Plus can they issue an update to an app the is pulled from the store?) Very disappointed, particularly having only paid for the all sounds pack last July :(

It puts me off buying any other IAP from music apps.

April 08, 2015  | person_outline Robert McGovern

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