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Launch Buttons

BassApps Launch Buttons is a new app for Universal iOS and Android, doing exactly what you might have erroneously expected from the official Novation Launch Pad app... it acts like a Novation Launch Pad.

Launch Buttons iTunes Description:

Launch Buttons is a MIDI controller that lets you perform your tracks where ever you go. You don't need to carry your expensive gear; your phone/tablet is just about enough. Works with virtually any DAW after a very simple set up. Ableton + Launchpad 95 script recommended.

The full version provides the full 8x8 button grid for your clips and all the 8 scene launch buttons + transport controls.

Buy Launch Buttons Free on iTunes: Free (Limited Demo)

Buy Launch Buttons Full on iTunes: $1.99

Buy Launch Buttons Full on Google Play: $1.99

Reader Comments 6

...also requires iOS 8, which leads me to ask; is it safe to upgrade yet? Are there any persistent issues for individual apps or in general with 8?

January 15, 2015  | person_outline Nonny Moose

It's a tough question to answer, but the best answer I can give is: Most of the iOS 8 problems are also present in iOS 7, with regards to AB/IAA. There are still iOS 8 issues. Remember that iOS 7 wasn't stable until March 2014!

At this point it's basically 6 of one, half-a-dozen of the other. I personally see way too many low memory crashes on my iPad Air since upgrading to iOS 8.

The developer was kind enough to reply to my commenting on my disappointment it's iOS8 only. He said he's going to try to incorporate iOS 7 compatibility in his next update.

January 15, 2015  | person_outline Jamie

"If it ain't one thing, it's a m***** f***** nother!" Thus quotes, Snoop Dog. PumpPump!

January 15, 2015  | person_outline M0nk3y

To everyone: It will be available on >iOS 6 within the next 7 days!

January 15, 2015  | person_outline Alexander Nowak

No do not update to ios8 as people have gone back to desktop because Audiobus and so many apps are not working properly.Some people say it's fine but each time theirs a update you get remarks like great it works now.i was not a fan of ios7 but looking at people's problems with ios8 I'm not going to bother with it and see what ios9 is like in September .But if some incredibly powerful modern synth -Granular or something from Glitchmachines I might seriously think about it but Launch Buttons no chance.

January 15, 2015  | person_outline Andre

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