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discchord 3rd Anniversary!

The site turns 3 this week! This has been a truly amazing time in my life. I'm happy to start every morning diving through the depths of YouTube, iTunes, and elsewhere, to bring you all the latest music app news. This community has propelled me forward at every step, with enthusiastic support and encouragement. Believe me. I know my attention span. I wouldn't have stuck with this as long as I have without you. Thank you all very much!

This week also marks another important birthday as I turn 35. This year has a couple of important milestones. The first is that I am no longer a desirable demographic for advertisers. I assume this means I will stop receiving spam. The other is a bit more specific to being an American citizen. In the United States you're eligible to vote at 18, drink at 21, rent a car at 25, and can run for president at 35. I'm wasting no time! Today I am proud to announce the launch of my campaign!

Disclaimer: Not an actual election fund. This is just an overly elaborate birthday/fundraiser/April-Fools-day-in-August.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving:

Please help support my efforts by becoming a Patron of my Let's Play with Music Apps series. Today YouTube, tomorrow the world!

Single Gift:

If you are unable to contribute with ongoing patronage, consider a single one-time donation to the cause!



Keeping America Safe from Democracy

Democracy is obsolete. Corporate interests have eroded the ideal that our government is of the people, by the people, for the people. Dodgy campaign financing and flat-out corruption rule in place of representative governance. We have been deceived by a two-party system that has only ever served their oligarch masters.

Join me in ending the tyranny of this false democracy by electing me Emperor.

The iTunes Edicts

Absolute power makes things absolutely awesome. I want to assure you all that I will use my newfound power to make life better for us all.

Music Production apps will be ordered to have their own category in iTunes. This move will essentially put the website out of business, but I'll be too busy with the Emperoring anyhow. Both Google and Apple will be required to list all of the In-App Purchases in their apps, along with their prices! No more of this "Top In-App Purchases" shit. Every potential customer will be able to see clearly how much an app costs and how much it costs for the features they want.

Cyborg Rights

In the recent history of this country you see a repeated pattern of democratic opposition to basic human rights. First for women, then segregation. Both of these struggles were forgotten as people voted to oppose the rights of gays.

Democracy has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted with governing human rights.

The next civil rights battle will be for transhumans. Within our lifetime the rapid advancements of genetics, robotics, and cybernetics, will see us pitted against one another again. There will be Human Puritans decrying transhumans as abominations, and again democracy will fail.

Under my rule there will be true equality, and justice for all. I'll even go one step further! I promise that in 80 years time when we see robots who want to marry, they will find their rights protected.

Make Your First Vote Your Last!

60% of eligible voters are either unregistered or rarely vote in this country. Those disenfranchised by this system should use it against itself!

A vote for me is a vote to end voting!

Reader Comments 45

great post! wish you all the best for your present and future projects!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline synthandson

happy birthday, tim, to both you and your website!
keep up the good work and i keep fingers crossed for your campaign. big thumps up!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline discchord-fan

(Fires up Cubasis, begins sequencing the Imperial March)

August 22, 2014  | person_outline odoyle

Happy birthday! And thanks for your great work!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Daddy Mo

Congratulations on your anniversary and all you do for our community.
Many years ago, there was rumblings in Canada about moving from appointed senators to elected. I immediatley started my un-official campaign at a music festival and I had two main planks.
1. Its my turn at the trough and if elected, it will be your turn soon.
2. I promise to have an opinion on everything. I don't know the meaning of the words "no comment".

Considering a senate appointment is until age 75 and it used be a serious gateway to life-long financial well being but there have been egregious expense spending scandals lately and the "fun" is slipping away. :)

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Steve

Happy Birthday/Anniversary, Tim. Thank you for your hard work in making this site such a great resource for all of us.

August 22, 2014  | person_outline David

Here's to another 3/35 years!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Zymos

Congratulations Emperor Tim!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Brian

Happy Birthday and congradulations on the site, you continue to inspire me everyday :-)

August 22, 2014  | person_outline thesoundtestroom

Happy Birthday, Tim, and thank you for all the great work on Discchord!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Chris Catalano

Happy Birthday! Can't vote in the US, so don't forget us Canadians ;-)

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Bad Maxton

good luck on that spam thing. i'm a fair bit older than you and i still get too much.

happy birthday.

August 22, 2014  | person_outline steubig

And here's to many more!


August 22, 2014  | person_outline M0nk3y

Tim - Happy Birthday and thanks for the work on the site. I'm a recent addition but hope to be visiting here for many years to come!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Jeff H

Happy Birthday, Grand Emperor!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

It's unlikely I could vote for you from this remote imperial province but you could very well have heard me laughing. Congratulations from Barcelona and big thanks for all your work, Tim.

Mmh---I was already getting fun with my VL-Tone making weird tones when running out of batteries and you were not even born. Not sure if this means anything at all. Yeah, well, carpe diem.

August 22, 2014  | person_outline A.C.

You'll never be emperor with such a potty mouth. Congrats and looking forward to 3 more!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Complaint_dept

"Absolute power makes things absolutely awesome." Can't remember when I started to read the blog, but I know for a fact that it's been more than a year that i started visiting it on a daily basis - except on weekends of course :-)
Happy birthday Emperor and thx for supporting marriage equality for cyborgs like us!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline klx

Your campaign poster makes you look like a well-dressed cyborg.

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Zippy

Happy birthday from Switzerland...you have followers worldwide ;0)

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Cuscolima

Congrats Tim! Best anniversary post ever, my Emper.. er!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline matrix

Happy BD Tim, been following your site since feb, many apps have ended up inside my ipad since then.
Greets from the Tequila Empire

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Midix

Tim, happy birthday to you and discchord.com! I totally support your candidacy. Given my recent relationship experiences, the chance to marry a cyborg lady would come in handy... I just don't think I can wait 80 years though.

No more spam after 35? Muahahahahaha!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Adrian

Thank you very much everyone!

@Bad Maxton: I haven't forgotten about Canadians at all. That's the first place I'm going to annex! Or at least Vancouver island so I can set up my palace there.

@Matrix: I've been reading your site for about 6 years, so that means a lot to me. I've seen some great anniversary posts from you! The one from last year, when you got into the backstory, was particularly good.

Yeah! Cool and Congrats! I visit this site almost every day since I stumbled across it a year ago. I wish you all the best for the future. Can't donate right now, but will as soon as possible. Just relocated back to Europe and finding it quite hard right now. Thanks for all your frank comments and reviews over the months. It makes the whole experience that little bit more authentic.

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Mr Chip

Tim, I'd be more impressed with your quest to be emperor, if you donned an ill fitting toupée that was a different colour to your eyebrows, however I'm willing to overlook this slight, as you promised to end one of the greatest tyrannies of our time. The tyranny of music production apps being lumped in with radio stations for each country, that always seem to get updated at the same time and litter my appshopper what's new in music list.

You have my full support and if you ever need a unrealistic wig, I'll lend you mine, for the times when you need to crush foreign dignitaries from colder climes and a hat simply won't do. Happy birthday!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline mister-rz

Wow has it been 3 years already? I've followed you since the beginning and couldn't be more excited to see you celebrating another year. You are definitely a celebrity of our little,but quickly growing community. We all appreciate having access to your knowledge,skills and great sense of humor. Thank you for all of your hard work and giving us a great resource for all our music needs. I have bought many an app because of this site... Had to get a bigger ipad lol.
I totally support your campaign for Tim-tatorship. "Absolute power is absolutely awesome!" Lol. Love it.
Lol +1 @ mister-rz and his request for your fancy hairpiece. What a great way to connect with voters by having a ferret on your head.

Happy 35th! All I can offer in this post is a virtual candle... Make a wish! And this toast, here's to another 3 and 35 years

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Annalog

Alright Emperor of iOS Music, you are now Emperor Tim von Webb of the royal Habsburg Empire! Felicitations!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline psysword

Tim at 35, still a very young dude. Old but not old enough :-) Congratulations !!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Medo

Happy birthdays. You have my vote, Tim -- for a price, of course. I'd like to be a Duke...Duke of Oil (I'm from Texas).

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Toz Bourne

Your most Shiny Eminence, I gladly pledge myself to your empire!

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Michael Tyson

Congrats and Happy Birthday.
Sadly no voting for me. Taxation without representation for me as an Englishman in ny.
Would definitely help you throw coffee in to Boston harbor if that could be incorporated in your masterplan.

August 22, 2014  | person_outline RedSky

Happy birthday Tim! & congrats on the 3 years! I'm sure I've been following this site for just under 2 years now nearly everyday & it's been a real pleasure! Thanks for all ur hard work & all the help!
All the best homie

August 22, 2014  | person_outline Higs

Happy Birthday Tim,i thought it had been alot longer than 3 years,on foreign policy stick Israel in the arctic, oh wheres the video for Tera synth ?

August 23, 2014  | person_outline RepoMan 1984

With you Repoman on both counts...where is that Tera syn video? He he...take your time birthday boy.

August 23, 2014  | person_outline psysword

Thank you very much for what you do for us and happy birthday!

August 23, 2014  | person_outline Elio

Spam never stops, it just changes the object. The next 35 years You can look forward to recieve plenty about products stopping hairloss and where to buy viagra.

August 23, 2014  | person_outline Haslam

Love your site. One of my daily checkins.

August 23, 2014  | person_outline coopmusic247

CONGRATS!!! Here's to 3 more years (at least)!!!
Keep up the good work, your sense of humor and investigative reporting!!!


August 23, 2014  | person_outline hoyas79

Happy b-day dude. Love the site!

August 23, 2014  | person_outline Paradiddle

Eh, sure, what the heck. It beats voting Republican.

August 23, 2014  | person_outline Mister pickle

Tim! Congratulations on #3! Your tireless quest to find us the newest apps is appreciated by all. And by Apple when they see me coming! ;)

August 24, 2014  | person_outline Brian Brylow

Glad you were born dude! Great site. Fuck democracy.

August 24, 2014  | person_outline mikefreq

I'm very sorry I can't vote for you because I am a strong supporter of the rhinoceros party.
Please continue this great site though.

August 26, 2014  | person_outline Newb

happy anniverthday!

August 28, 2014  | person_outline Will

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