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Fiddlewax Blue

Fiddlewax Blue is a new Universal iOS app with a layout of various chords for quickly playing or working out new chord progressions. There are quite a few of these apps out there now, and Fiddlewax's only major contribution to the genre seems to be a blue interface, but it does have some built in instruments and can output MIDI via WIFI or as a MIDI file. If it can send via WIFI you should be able to use it with apps that listen on the Network Session MIDI port.

Fiddlewax Blue iTunes Description:

Instead of practicing scales and memorizing sheet music, Fiddlewax helps you start creating your own songs right away by experimenting and visualizing 2D patterns of notes and chords.

Progress through eight levels: from a simple palette of common chords, to more advanced chord inversions, seventh chords, out-of-key accidentals, chromatic riffs, and even microtonal sliding chords and analog note-bends. There’s also a campfire mode with common major, minor, and seventh chords so you can quickly play along with any song that has chord notation.

Fiddlewax Blue also lets you choose from eight built-in instruments (including true piano, guitar, and xylophone samples), as well as four user instruments you can record (just whistle, hum, or tap on something around you) for an endless supply of sounds to experiment with. And when you’re ready, play and record your song to save for later, import into other programs, or share with your friends.

Feature overview:

  • 8 play modes from simple to advanced (6 - 48 chords).
  • 8 built-in instruments + 4 user-recorded instruments.
  • Record and share up to two minutes of your music.
  • Select key root note + 8 scale modes (Major, Minor, etc.).
  • Realtime MIDI output via WiFi and MIDI file saving.
  • Realtime audio scope (time, frequency, and octave modes).
  • Great for all experience levels, from beginners to experts.
  • Precision interface optimized for 10-finger multitouch.
  • Uses device language (English, Spanish, French, or German).

Fiddlewax instruments are designed from the ground up to enable anyone who enjoys music to experiment, play, and create their own songs without formal teaching or instruction.

Beginners can have fun by fiddling around with how notes, chords, and samples sound together. Over time, the hints on each key (note name, chord degree, chord type, etc.) become a powerful way to learn about music and compose phrases or songs.

Buy Fiddlewax Blue on iTunes: $2.99

Reader Comments 8

hey, 'record your own'. looks pretty good.

February 27, 2014  | person_outline anonymouse

Hey record up to 2 minutes looks a bit limited .....

February 27, 2014  | person_outline Bianca

Great if you want to play Amelie Poulain type songs, it seems :)

February 28, 2014  | person_outline Mr Chip

I'm not able to find the records i've made. I have to send it to myself by mail, it's not very useful. Except this, it can be useful, i have to try it a bit more.

February 28, 2014  | person_outline Gatan

I'll buy this just for the Yann Tiersen reference alone. Hopefully there will be midi control.

February 28, 2014  | person_outline Hogo

I see there is midi over wifi, now I need midi control over other ipad instruments.

February 28, 2014  | person_outline Hogo

Virtual MIDI (sending MIDI to other apps/synths) is coming soon. Update v1.2 should have that in about a week.

All of the files you record can be found when you sync your device. In iTunes, goto your device, then open the "Apps" tab at the top. In the File Sharing section (about half way down the page) you should see Fiddlewax and all of its files. Each recording should contain an audio file (.m4a), MIDI file (.mid), and a low-level data file for future use (.json). Filenames includes the date, so they should be nicely ordered.

February 28, 2014  | person_outline Adam

Ok thanks! It would be really better if we could find our files without itunes, because for now i'm far away from my computer, and i have to send files by mail. Anyway, it's not a big problem. I prefer not using itunes at all, because i travel a lot, but if it's not possible, i'll use emails.


February 28, 2014  | person_outline Gatan

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