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Kymatica's SECTOR Preview

Kymatica has released a preview of the upcoming SECTOR; a sequenced-sample-slicer with a lot of depth and several different probability engines running around in the madness.

You load up a loop and then slice it into "sectors" which you can then sequence using a probability step-sequencer. The probability you give it decides if it will jump to the new sector or continue on in the loop. In addition to that there is a map-matrix sequencer of all available sectors. In the picture to the right you see the map with each of the lines indicating possible jumps between sectors. The light green at the bottom can only jump to the slightly-darker green, but 5 different sectors can jump to it. The chance of any one of those doing that is itself governed by another set of probabilities. All of this is to say that a single loop can sound drastically different, even if you play it over and over again!

On top of all that there is a "warp" section that effects how an individual sector is played back, either slowing or speeding it up based on different warp shapes. This is once again another layer of randomness! You get to decide the probability, in percentage, of 4 different types of warps triggering on that specific sector.

It doesn't sound all that fun when you try to explain it, but I've been having a ton of fun with it! You'll get a chance to play with it as well at the end of this month! Here's the preview to whet your appetite until then.

Buy SECTOR on iTunes: $6.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

Reader Comments 26

...............WOW. Will buy!

February 14, 2014  | person_outline David

This looks incredible, can use this alot.

February 14, 2014  | person_outline thesoundtestroom

I've watched this video so many times since yesterday, that I could recreate it bit by bit!
Can't wait!

February 14, 2014  | person_outline SaveAs

@thesoundtestroom you just made me laugh my ass off again... alot sighting!

Going to get this day one for sure... I love probability stuff!

February 14, 2014  | person_outline mikefreq

Looks interesting.

February 14, 2014  | person_outline Newb

I think it needs a better demo :-)
I just dot know how it will sound rhythmically and with other iOS synths
Too "warped" !!!
Going to get it of course but will not know how to use it correctly ... Sure it's going to be glitchy and random fun

February 14, 2014  | person_outline Pat

More details and tutorials will be posted as time permits after the release :)

February 14, 2014  | person_outline Jonatan Liljedahl

Release it!!!!!!

February 15, 2014  | person_outline Mike

Thank god I live in a state that legalized marijuana!!

February 15, 2014  | person_outline Otto

Creativity and correctness do not necessarily go hand and hand; often quite the opposite.

Throw away all your preconceptions, and be willing to explore. I think that is at least some of the idea behind probability, randomness, FX in general. They shake things up, and allow to perceive what you do from different perspectives.

I applaud Kymatica for his sheer sense of innovation, and fearlessness in making this whole iOS thing look so much more interesting, viable, and powerful by the day.

Along with Christopher Rice of Holderness media, these guys make not only great apps for a song, they also make terrific, groundbreaking music...the main reason for believing in all this crazy stuff.

February 15, 2014  | person_outline Chris Catalano

cool! very cool :-)

did you mean to mispell appetite with apatite? If so, nice one! sounds like a combination of "App" and 'appetite'.

Appatite! haha. An appetite for Apps.

actually the word Apatite refers to a group of phosphate minerals, usually referring to hydroxylapatite, fluorapatite and chlorapatite.

super keen for this App, cheers for the review :-)

February 15, 2014  | person_outline jasper barnaby vader

How convenient = I just happen to be visiting Earth at the end of February.

50,000 to 1 and falling...

February 15, 2014  | person_outline Zenzilla

Ha, no I didn't mean to misspell that... I just can't spell! ;)

Nice, Zenzilla. All this talk of probability had my brain trying to work up some kind of Douglas Adams pun. The best I could manage was when I tweeted out this story: "SECTOR preview. This new sample-sequencer is a bit ineffable, but I try to eff it anyhow."

Which is not from the Hitchhiker's guide, but rather Adams' other series Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency: "Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all."

Apatite is actually what bones are made of.

February 15, 2014  | person_outline Chimper

Zenzilla: awesome

Tim: hilarious!

Chimper: fascinating.

February 16, 2014  | person_outline jasper barnaby vader

apparently, Kymatica's Sector is already available in the australian app store.

February 17, 2014  | person_outline synthandson

Timezones... :) The landing has begun! Greetings Earth.

February 17, 2014  | person_outline Jonatan Liljedahl

Congratulations @Jonatan Liljedahl! And thanks a lot for another masterpiece.

February 17, 2014  | person_outline synthandson

Can't wait !

February 17, 2014  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

Here's the inside info link: http://kymatica.com/Software/Sector

February 17, 2014  | person_outline Zenzilla

This looks like a dream come true ! If I'm able to get my hands on this before bedtime I don't think I'll be getting any sleep tonight. I used to be someone who loathed the thought of musical composition on an ipad and these are the people who changed my mind completely !!!

IOS Hall Of Fame

Jonatan Liljedahl

Marcos Alonso

Pierre Guilluy

Rhism Guitarism


February 18, 2014  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

it's here ;)

February 18, 2014  | person_outline Zenzilla

Terrific app! Lots of fun possibilities.

February 18, 2014  | person_outline Simon

Where it's not in the us

February 18, 2014  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

I just typed it into the search engine at the iTunes app store = it's there... just look thru the results = it's there.

February 18, 2014  | person_outline Zenzilla

Just downloaded it, very interesting app. Hours of playing to be had went get home from work later

February 18, 2014  | person_outline Ism

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