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touchAble 3

touchAble is my favorite Ableton Live control surface and it just got another major update! touchAble 3.0 is full of support for new devices, and other goodies, but the real treat here is the server you run on your PC/Mac is no longer in fucking Java! I'm also excited about the ability to link multiple iPhones and iPads together. Along with all of this comes a demo video for the new version.

Unfortunately the new Ableton Live Device Template pack is a $22 IAP though. This probably explains why the only rating for this new version is a 1 star review.

What's new in touchAble 3.0 (both):

You can now use a simple USB cable to connect. Access to devices in racks in racks in racks in racks in racks.....! The new Live Device Template Pack (available as an in-app purchase) provides 42 well designed layouts for nearly every device in Live.

The device module can now follow the selected device in Live (Blue Hand) Devices can now be loaded to any place of a track's device chain using the browser and drag and drop. You can now play notes with the keys of the piano roll within the MIDI Clip Editor in the scales tab. Devices can be stretched to take 3/4 of the screens real estate.

Completely recoded Server. (Goodbye Java!:) From now on, the Server is running in the background as a System Service.

New Settings, including:

  • Follow currently launched scene option.
  • Choose and assign different MIDI channels for Drum Pads, Keyboard, Isomorphic Keyboard and Piano Roll.
  • iPads & iPhones Link Mode: combine several Devices to one big control surface.
  • Rotary controller sensitivity setting.
  • Snap and Timed Snap Mode 4 different envelopes: Exponential, Linear, Logarithmic, Hanning.

  • Get the latest installer at http://www.touch-able.com/downloads/ and follow the instructions in the quick user guide included in the app.

    Buy touchAble on iTunes: $24.99


    Buy touchAble Mini on iTunes: $9.99

    There is allegedly a bundle now for both versions, but I've spent 20 minutes trying to find it. Apple does not make bundles searchable on the official link maker, and I'm not seeing an offer to buy it on iTunes.

    Reader Comments 14

    Doesn't install on xp , no point in contacting support unless you want an
    arrogant response

    December 03, 2014  | person_outline Terry. Wrist

    That's unfortunate. I was keeping XP on my HTPC for the longest time, but got sick of incompatibility and finally went to Windows 7 on it this Summer. Still, XP is a great OS.

    Pretty incredible work.

    Bundle still says coming soon at http://www.touch-able.com/

    December 03, 2014  | person_outline Will

    Love how you can use it plugged in, without crappy wifi routers messing things up at times.
    Hope the IAP can drop down to around $10 sometime.

    December 03, 2014  | person_outline Will

    What is the point of in app purchase? Is it worth getting it without only?

    December 03, 2014  | person_outline Rok

    damn! IAP, well its cool that they added usb connection

    December 04, 2014  | person_outline Pablo

    Hey guys, Chris from touchable here!

    Terry: sorry about that, you must have gotten us on a really bad day - we try to help everyone as well as we can, so please contact us again if you are having problems!

    Rok: personally - of course ;) - i think it's well worth getting without the IAP! touchable offers a huge amount of features besides the new device templates. check out http://www.touch-able.com to have a look - everything except the new device templates is included in the 'basic' version of touchable!

    The bundle should be available shortly - sometimes it takes a while for apples servers to catch up :)

    Cheers for your comments so far, we're looking forward to your feedback!

    December 04, 2014  | person_outline Christian


    Congrats for the update, it works perfect for me (I had, btw, to add the .pkg extension manually to the server update file for my Mac, since it downloaded as an "unknown" file with no extension).

    The template IAP seems fairly priced to me and I will get it for sure. I haven't yet tried the cable connection but it is a great thing (and I didn't think something like that could be done!). Your app is nothing but awesome, I love the isomorphic keyboard and it may well be the best Live controller ever, hardware included...But there are two things that doesn't allow me to get rid of the computer keyboard and mouse, and what surprises me is that they seem to be pretty basic.The main one is the limited edition of clips and scenes. Only deleting and duplicating is not enough. I would like be able to freely move and copy/paste patterns and scenes. But If only you add the option of creating a new scene from the current selected patterns and move scenes that would add a lot more flexibility. The same thing goes for notes on the piano roll. It's kind of surprising that you have to redraw notes (and its automations) when you just want to transpose a bunch of them. Being able to select notes and move and copy/paste them is much needed again in my opinion, in order to make Touchable perfect not only for re-mixing or jamming over your existing projects, but to make it your main composing interface and get rid of the uninspiring computer mouse and keyboard...

    In other words, It seems to me the app is crearly unbalanced in the sense of giving you lots of control over mixing, instruments and devices (even more with the new templates) but so basic edition of clips and scenes particularly, and the piano roll (being ok and quite comfortable) is not yet as capable as in a regular DAW. There's no doubt you guys have worked hard, and well, I guess those things I'm complaining may not be seen as a priority for most users, since my impression is they must be much easier accomplished than any of the novelties of this version. My question is, do you guys see there are things to do in those regards and plan to work on any of them?...

    December 04, 2014  | person_outline A.C.

    @any chance you update d(--)b as well?It's a long time ago and deserves more love!

    December 04, 2014  | person_outline Crabman

    I think I might want to get the bundle... pondering...

    Is there a "bundle" link from here that will % back to THE TIM = ?

    December 04, 2014  | person_outline Zenzilla

    @zenzilla here the link to the bundle purchase

    December 04, 2014  | person_outline sylvain - touchAble

    Charging as much for an in-app purchase as the app itself is a big no no for me.

    Nice update but I, like many I'm sure will wait for a sale.

    Half the price would of been an instant buy, for now will pass.

    December 06, 2014  | person_outline Matt Hooper

    Chris from touchable:- Contact you where ? You appear to have no contact support on your website.
    I managed to install it , but it just doesn't work on xp

    December 06, 2014  | person_outline Harry

    I'm still experiencing very serious connection troubles (WiFi) WIth last version ... I have a McBook Pro 2011 with OS X Mavericks, and My iPad is an iPad 2 with thle latest iOS installed ... of course ''ve got the last version of the app and the server, and the "old" server is NO LONGER running on my Mac Os X, as it is recommended ... Scripts also have been re-installed and ABleton preferences have been set as usual ... BUT the app can't see my mac ... Anyone is experiencing the same troubles ? ... Thanks

    December 15, 2014  | person_outline MAg

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