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Loopy: Masterpiece Edition - Announced

Today Michael Tyson, the developer behind Loopy and Audiobus, has announced his next app. Loopy: Masterpiece Edition will build on the success of Loopy with entirely new, professional, features. Which features are those? Michael has a few ideas, but he'll be opening up the floor to your suggestions next week.

You can follow developments on the Loopy: Masterpiece Edition Tumblr. Here is the announcement video!

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This is great news! Loopy was the first app that I bought when I acquired my iPad 2 years ago and I still use it to this day. It has provided me hours of entertainment as well as the ability to make songs quickly and easily. I learned so much using Loopy hd and I can't wait for Loopy Masterpiece. Thank you for creating and supporting such a fantastic and powerful app!

November 13, 2014  | person_outline Robot Conglomerate

Loopy is already a masterpiece of an app. Thank you for this wonderful and shiny future for iOS music creation.

November 13, 2014  | person_outline Thierry Lalinne

I really love this approach to development. I expect he'll have to sift through quite a bit of "noise" to find the gem-ideas that will work in the final version.

As someone who "crusades" for apps that push the art of music forward and into new territory, I would LOVE to see implementation of:

1. Flexible meters: i.e., any number of beats, any beat divisions, and any combinations thereof.
Metronomics pulled this off in a great way-- but has nothing pitched.

2. Flexible scales & tunings: having the ability to work in scala maps for any kinds of tunings & scales would be wonderful.

3. Flexible chord sets: once you have your scales chosen, let the user define custom chords for the scale and/or for the song.

4. Flexible sequencing/looping both at the pattern level and some macro/song level.

5. Flexible storage options.

November 13, 2014  | person_outline stub

@Stub -- all great ideas!

I'm in awe of Mr. Tyson for stating this; have to let this sink in before I can have a clear thought on what feature request I could throw out.

For iOS music we have the coolest devs in the universe!

November 13, 2014  | person_outline Toz Bourne

Man, thanks guys - that's lovely of you! Good ideas indeed, @Stub, I'll have a think about it.

November 14, 2014  | person_outline Michael

How cool is that!!?

November 14, 2014  | person_outline stub

Hehehehe....cool as hell even though I only got on the Bus but not loopy......still real cool that this ios platform feels raw and cutting edge...new frontiers to cross versus the Desktop scene that is about the biggest sample hard drive mostly.....ios developer Apps are small, efficient and Fast....solid Gold. Thanks Michael for your Energy.

November 14, 2014  | person_outline Psysword

I freakin loooove loopy. I've been usin it onstage for over a year (50+ gigs), in conjunction with Audiobus an Amplitube as a live vocal processor/looping pedal for building beats, then rappin my dope rhymes on top. When Michael be askin how to improve it, the only thoughts I could come up with be like adding effects (available on the same screen as loopy, both pre an post signal) would be totally awesome. I only bring this up after playin around with voicejam studio a lil bit. Having to bounce between multiple screens in a live performance blows... to the point that I incorporated a second ipad to cue preexistin beats with djay2. But yeah, pre an post effects available on the same screen as loopy would be way awesome. Glad to see the ios music movin forward. Thx ATP an Discchord for all hall do homies.

November 15, 2014  | person_outline HotRock Supajoint

AudioBus & Loopy are both Outstanding and have made iPad a viable platform. Michael you Rock!
Asking is not akin to difficulties in making and I can not believe what you have designed so far...Anyway.

1) a way to bounce loops directly to other sample player apps in the audiobus universe. Or better make give loopy sample player features like ie Beat-Machine as a separate page. There seems to be a "rights" competition between AudioCopy and AudioShare with different apps supporting one or the other and you end up having to go thru multistep process often using AudioShare then AudioCopy to transfer samples between apps.

2) the ability to edit start and stop points for loops rather than just adjusting start as possible now. Again Beat-Machine does a great job of presenting what you need to see, use and adjust on a efficient minimal format. But again this will require a toggle page because Loopy as is, is the king of minimal presentation.
And yeah a pad like sample player option would be great or being redundant a way to quickly load another app.

3) a way to use Loopy as a master tempo control within Audiobus with the option of NOT starting or stopping other Apps in a WIST type manner. For example I want to use want to set tempo of iElectribe in AudioBus but NOT start It when I start and/or stop it when I Start/stop Loopy. Currently I meet to set the tempo manually on every App is use individually. Using MidiBrige as a tempo control between apps on different iPads creates the same nightmare of starting Apps playing or stopping before you desire.

4) It would be great to if DJay 2 or Traktor DJ could set the tempo of Loopy which could In a perfect world turn cascade out. But even only setting tempo for Loopy alone would be great because as stated above I don't normally set apps to recieve temp instructions from loopy. I know this is crazy to wish for because of all the tempo change info that comes from either of these complicated DJ apps.

5) a better way to adjust volumes of and cue individual loops. Maybe a a toggle page so you can quickly see the set levels of all loops without pressing. MiMix just came out and it is looking really promising for controlling audio level aspects of Apps in Audiobus. I know this would require multi audio outputs in AudioBus and/or Loopy

Wow after writing all this, besides the app control aspects via audio bus, I basically just wanna dump my Loopy loops in Beat-Machine with one touch convenience. With minimal simplicity it does the major sample edit and playing aspects necessary. And from there dumping those results into a Korg Gadget all inside AudioBus...!!!...yikes

Anyway I can spend the day thinking about what I love about your creations and their functionality. How can you hit the ball out the park when it's already out the park? Apple is just gonna by you and be done with it for music you have made their platform relevant for music creation and soon the whole industry will have to recognize and pay tribute. You have broken the business plans of Giants! Traktor coming on on board is just the latest indication.

November 15, 2014  | person_outline Zubetei

Excellent post Zubatei, or should I say as Sabatei Zevi! Metaphysical...

November 16, 2014  | person_outline Psysword

Wow - thanks heaps, Zubetei =) You're too kind!

November 17, 2014  | person_outline Michael

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