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Fiddlewax Pro

Adam Kumpf, developer of Fiddlewax Blue and Yellow, has released Fiddlewax Pro. This is a multi-instrument and multi-channel looper designed for ease-of-use. There is a short, but informative, demo for this one!

Fiddlewax Pro transforms your iPad into a cutting-edge musical instrument, drum kit, chorded zither, and multi-channel looper; all seamlessly designed for maximum playability. Create music like never before with an instrument that's built to help you turn your song ideas into reality.

Music first

Designed from the ground up to help you focus on what you’re creating. Reinvented piano layout extends your expressive potential. Optimized for 10-finger multitouch and seamless use; keep playing even while adjusting parameters.

Play your heart out

Choose from 12 instruments, all optimized for high quality playback on the iPad. Select from four drum modes with both analog and electronic samples. Add filter and reverb effects to shape your sound.

Informed by theory

Choose from all 12 keys, 7 diatonic modes, and 7 secondary scales (Pentatonic, Blues, Whote-tone, etc.) to facilitate stylistic riffs and melodies. Intuitively learn relationships between notes and chords as you play.

Chords with context

Quickly build complex harmonies with a single touch; push-button chords adjust to include triads, 6, 7, 9, sus2, sus4 and modulation chords while also informing the chorded zither / autoharp.

Intuitive looping

Five auto-expanding, synchronized loopers offer layering, contextual sizing, replay, and simple undo/redo via press-and-hold. Tempo control and beat quantization let you easily align looped sequences on the fly.

Record your session

Record live audio as you play — a stereo M4A file (clean output and vocal/mic input) and multi-channel MIDI file for use in a digital audio workstations (DAW) are both saved — with up to 90 minutes per session.

Share with the world

Easily upload your audio recordings directly with SoundCloud or other installed iOS file apps (such as Google Drive or DropBox), share files via email to friends and family, and backup files directly to your computer when you sync your device.

Connect with other apps

Send realtime audio directly to other iOS apps via Audiobus and Inter-App Audio. Output MIDI to control other iOS synthesizers or to desktop synths and workstations via WiFi / Bluetooth.

Buy Fiddlewax Pro on iTunes: $19.99

Here is the intro video and a 7 minute walkthrough, pointed out to me by reader Sean.

Reader Comments 9

I really don't think my neighbors would appreciate hearing my inner voices all hours. So... yes amplify your inner voice, but for god's sakes use cans.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline stub

Seems a little pricey?

October 09, 2014  | person_outline han

If I could expand the bottom half to the entire screen then I think it would be worth the price. Right now the keys In the scale row are a bit too short (as in not tall enough). An option to get rid of the dynamic (non-scale, non-harmonic) row of keys or make them shorter might also work. Basically I'd like a MIDI controller mode. l like the general idea. though.

October 09, 2014  | person_outline argel1200

I definitely like the concept, but I wish developers of apps like this would concentrate on building a stellar IAA/audiobus implementation instead of including the cheesy unusable samples. I didn't catch whether it allows you to import sound fonts, but that would be a much better alternative to the included instruments. It seem like an awful lot of functionality has been jammed into the bottom half of the screen where you are supposed to play. Without trying it, I can't say for sure, but it sure doesn't look like there's much room for error. Not sure I'll be taking the $20 risk to find out if it fits in my workflow. Hopefully the price will come down if others feel the same as me.

October 10, 2014  | person_outline Droidloot

Yea, this app doesn't really appeal to me.

On a general note though, I would like to see developers add options for whether factory sample content can be user-managed. Right now, with this safe "ecosystem" and the limited storage on an iPad/iPhone, you may be stuck with libraries that are mixtures of good and bad samples/IRs and often no way of pruning and optimizing. Of course, kudos to companies that let you delete samples within the app, and drag in samples via iTunes (at a minimum). I could imagine at some point, developers may want to allow users to access seldom used samples from the cloud, on an ad hoc basis.

October 10, 2014  | person_outline stub

I was skeptical at first too. I think there is absolutely value/potential in the app. For what it's worth, the developer has been extremely vocal on AudioBus forums and answering direct questions.

While $20 may be a little on the high side, it's worth keeping an eye on. Totally agree that most loopers with native samples tend to be not the greatest, but that's not the end use of the app. The samples are "placeholders" for sketching songs or loops, which can then be exported as MIDI data to drive the app of your choice. Still working out exactly how you do this, and it could use a few more improvements in terms of "Open In", etc.

But as a music sketchpad, it excels. It's got a smart looper with quantization that works, it cuts off loops properly so everything lines up, and you can match a 1 measure loop with longer loops. And the two native drum kits are actually some of the better ones I've heard. The chord control and scale keyboard are also excellent for MIDI control

October 10, 2014  | person_outline Jeff H

@stub - For what it's worth, Fiddlewax Pro comes in at a very reasonable 23.3 MB, despite it's "library" of native samples. And you can't import more samples into the app (presently), but that's not what the app is intended to do - it's meant to send music/MIDI "out".

October 10, 2014  | person_outline Jeff H

What range of values does it allow for beats per measure, and steps per beat? Does it let you set custom scales & chords?

October 10, 2014  | person_outline stub

It looks intriguing, and it's probably quite powerful and fun - but the price point is just wrong, I'm sorry.

October 11, 2014  | person_outline Mister Pickle

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