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AMS Software have released their first app, a feature-rich MIDI sequencer in the style of classic analog gear.

midiSequencer iTunes Description:

The midiSequencer iPad app is a 16 step sequencer with analog style sliders and a very special button called Cycle for delaying changes. Equipped with step or note duration timing and special effects (e.g. ratcheting ornamentation).

The design of midiSequencer was focused on being able to make changes for any of the 16 steps during play, for example it is possible to link all controls to move them as a group, or use increment/decrement buttons for small changes.

Flexible routing allows network sessions and midi devices to be sources of midi input to the sequencer. Additionally, the sequencer can be setup as a virtual source or destination to allow dedicated midi messaging externally to & from other apps.

With extremely high & low playback clock speeds (1 to 1020 BPM) it can accomplish special effects on your external midi equipment not even available on hardware sequencers. As a SLAVE, it can utilise incoming midi clock to synchronise your DAW or hardware synthesiser.

With the ability for each step to decide which step follows, this sequencer is capable of playing sub-sequences outside of the normal forward/reverse patterns.

Up to two midi controllers can be setup for the sequencer and each step can provide a value for the controller. All 127 controller values are possible, but most useful for the mod wheel & aftertouch controls. The effectiveness of this depends upon the receiving midi equipment, but it is not constrained.

Recording midi data as steps is also possible and can record midi note, velocity, channel, and up to two controller values. Recording for each of these parameters can be disabled in the Options. Additionally, you can select to record from only one midi channel, allowing you to use one midi source (e.g. a keyboard) to record from.

Buy midiSequencer on iTunes: $5.99

Reader Comments 22

the look is very uncanny... reminds me of... almost like... Little MIDI Machine
albeit a more fully fledged one
just saying!


January 08, 2014  | person_outline hoyas79

This unassuming little sequencer packs a punch and has quite a lot to offer. It works well over virtual MIDI, operates in the background and has some fairly unique features. Nice.

January 08, 2014  | person_outline Trueyorky

Pretty good! Good use of the screen, steady timing, and actually works like a analog sequencer rather than just looking like one. Could look better, and midi control over start/stop/direction would be great, as would longer gates. Still, the best sequencer on the ipad yet!

January 08, 2014  | person_outline Devilwidget

Can it send midi cc 's as well ? Does it support midi program changes for patterns?

Can each stem have different velocity, gate time ?


January 08, 2014  | person_outline Matt Hooper

Each step has a separate channel for note, gate, velocity, cc1, cc2 (these, I think, are user choosable cc numbers, though I haven't tried it yet). I'm pretty sure it supports midi program change for pattern, though I sent the dev an email about increasing midi implementation (I wanted midi control over start/stop/direction), and he got straight back to me and promised to do it in the next update (he had already submitted one update to apple at that point, so he seems pretty on it). Also, whats really cool is each step can have its own "next" function - play following step, skip step, play random step, etc. It's good fun and the dev seems cool.

January 09, 2014  | person_outline Devilwidget

This app is great,with a few more options mentioned above it would be my goto sequencer,I just bought it and played sunrizer,animoog and started to get a nice little sequence going good buy.

January 09, 2014  | person_outline Andre

Pretty fussy about which apps it works with it seems to me.

January 09, 2014  | person_outline Bianca

Is it 20 snapshots in total or can you save unlimited songs, each with 20 snapshots?

January 09, 2014  | person_outline Will

@Will - 20 snapshots in total which can include control data & sequence data

January 09, 2014  | person_outline Trueyorky

This is very cool,I've been playing this on and of all evening I

January 09, 2014  | person_outline Andre

I meant to finish sentence I was using audioshare browser,I've been using midibus as well with it and I've not come across a app that won't work yet but I've not tried them all,I had robot drums,isem and Nave running nicely on it.

January 09, 2014  | person_outline Andre

hi, I'm the developer of midiSequencer and sorry I've not had time to setup the website & get out some videos of this app - I'm working on it!
little midi machine was my inspiration for creating this sequencer, but I wanted more control on steps, ornamentation and the ability to make changes to a sequence whilst it was playing without affecting the current cycle (I'm not quick twiddling knobs!).
I designed this first in 3D so there does need to be a little more polish in the graphics, so will look to improve this after extending the functionality.

midi cc1 & 2 are able to be sent for each step. You set the CC1 or 2 control in the options screen or can just turn them off. Recording them is also possible although I discovered you need to change the value to record it!

I'm currently working on v1.1 (to be submitted to apple this weekend) which will include the following:
Fixed bounce* logic with R & Rx resets
x in noteTime was halting sequence
continued improving midi clock timing for BPM in other apps
Removed audio glitch in other audio apps when switching to background mode
Options Panel virtual source/destinations were reversed
Skip buttons brings up moveable panel for easy changes during play
Added alert before exiting sequencer to main screen
Clock multipler - now shows all 4 options at once for multiples
Options sometimes not getting saved to disk.

Next version will add midi learn (start/stop/skip buttons and all controls etc) and be able to extend the gate% time to more than 100% (to overlap steps).

@bianca or anyone, please let me know any issues you are having with controlling other apps. I use mainly with sunrizer & animoog, but have noticed issues in these apps (e.g. sunrizer doesn't seem to apply changes to midi interfaces, animoog seems to forget which devices are present - all problems I've noticed without midiSequencer being used).

@will, 20 snapshots total. So at the moment there is no way to save this to the cloud or a project. This is something I want to add soon. The 20 snapshots are remembered from previous sessions though. I also need to add something to indicate that 'controls' were included in the snapshot.

If anyone wants to look at the manual you can find it here (v1.0 at the moment): http://www.amssoftware.org/manual/midiSequencerManual.pdf

January 10, 2014  | person_outline tony saunders

Great app @tony saunders! And thanks for the link to the nanual.

January 10, 2014  | person_outline synthandson

I absolutely love this app and so happy to see a link to manual as it has a lot of cool features and look forward to more updates.

January 10, 2014  | person_outline Andre

Thanks @Trueyorky That's kind of a bummer. I realize analog sequencers generally have 0 memory slots but this isn't an analog sequencer!

January 10, 2014  | person_outline Will

Missed your post @tony saunders. Thank you and good luck!

January 10, 2014  | person_outline Will

@will - yes 20 is limiting at the moment, but in a later release you will be able to save & load these 20 as a named(of your choice) bank. So think of snapshots like NI Reaktor's snapshots at the moment.

Will also introduce saving to the cloud to enable you to download onto your secondry iPad's (should you have one!) or iPhones (when I release the cut-down iPhone version).

Keep the suggestions coming folks!

January 10, 2014  | person_outline tony saunders

Hi Tony, any chance of being able to scroll through the snapshots without calling up the load screen? Perhaps just an up/down to the left of the snapshots button? And since I'm asking, a sync option for that would be awesome too so you can wait to change the snapshot til the end of the sequence (or choose to fast switch during the sequence).

Great app, really having fun with it! Thank you!

January 10, 2014  | person_outline CSwinn

As your asking Tony if in the future you run out of ideas you could turn it into a 32 step sequencer,I play around on Thor a lot and I wish that was 32 but it's not essential just a idea.

January 10, 2014  | person_outline Andre

@CSWin, snapshots are synched to load at cycle reset (if cycle button is enabled). Will look at making snapshots panel be more economical with the screen space.

@andre. 16 is really the limit for using slider knobs as controls - remember it needs to work on an iPad mini screen too. This is the first of quite a few apps I want to release - this one is core to them all. The next important one will feature multitrack (to replace my doepfer maq 16/3!), but for that I need to move to to digital &/or rotary controls rather than sliders just because of the screen space. It will be HD enabled too for all you people with retina displays.
With the multitrack you will be able to dedicate one of these tracks to transpose other tracks.

January 11, 2014  | person_outline tony saunders

Tony thanks it was a after thought as its something i would love Thor to have but yours is different and already become a favourite sequencer with me and my brother,great to hear your be making more apps i look forward to them

January 11, 2014  | person_outline andre

Glad you are liking it Andre.Would be great to hear what you've done with it!

January 11, 2014  | person_outline tony saunders

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