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NAMM2014: Focusrite iTrack Dock

A couple of weeks ago Focusrite announced plans to announce their iTrack Dock at NAMM and today Future Music brings us a video. The iPad mini looks so good in that dock! Focusrite is saying it should be available in the second quarter of 2014 for $200.

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Completely dodged the question about future connectors. The sliding connector is a nice idea, wonder how durable that is though.

January 26, 2014  | person_outline Complaint_dept

Really hope you will be able to use a usb hub to connect more midi devices. Got my eye on this one.

January 26, 2014  | person_outline otem rellik

The old 30 pin dock connector was around for 10 years, Apple needed to make a smaller connector to fit these new thinner devices. I'll be shocked if we see a new connector standard anytime in the next five years, possibly longer.

January 26, 2014  | person_outline gatearray

I'd like to invest in an iPad audio/MIDI dock later in 2014, and at least there are now a couple of choices to consider.

With no news from Behringer on the Lightning-equipped version of its iStudio dock (the "Thunder" - I'm assuming it's vapourware until B proves otherwise), I'm looking at the Alesis IO Dock 2, the Griffin StudioConnect HD and the Focusrite. I won't bore you all with a big comparison table (though I'm making one up in my head!), but I think the iTrack Dock and the SC HD are the current front-runners "on paper". The Focusrite's "ace in the hole" is F's reputation for quality (esp. its mike pre's), but the Griffin looks more adaptable to different iDevice models (supports Lightning AND 30-pin - iPhone too?), and it can also be used as an interface for a Mac (the Focusrite is only for Lightning iPads).

So: the Focusrite looks pretty desirable (esp. due to the Focusrite reputation), but it may not be that future-proofed. If the iTrack Dock and StudioConnect HD end up selling for about the same price, it may be a flip-of-the-coin decision...

January 27, 2014  | person_outline Tim

MINE... USB midi in and out + focusrite pres? finally...

January 27, 2014  | person_outline Arrow

@arrow: the USB-only MIDI could've been an issue for me (my Roland GI-10 is "legacy" (DIN) MIDI-only), but I realised I have a USB-MIDI converter cable (an ESI MIDIMATE II) languishing in a drawer. (I bought it a couple of years ago, but never liked the way it worked on our Mac, so I replaced it with another ESI MIDI box.)

If I connect the MIDIMATE II via the CCK, our iPad recognises it as a class-compliant MIDI interface, so I guess the iTrack Dock would support it for connecting my GI-10? The Dock looks tempting, so I'll have to see how it compares with the Griffin StudioConnect HD (which sports legacy MIDI and both Lightning and 30-pin iDevices, and can also work with a Mac). Bring 'em on :-)

January 27, 2014  | person_outline Tim

this video seems to suggest the dock is just a repurposed Scarlett. their 2i4 has midi din (currently $165 on amz.)
paying more to avoid a cable may be false economy.

January 27, 2014  | person_outline a1

The Scarlett 2i4 is bus powered and doesn't seem to have the ability to use a power supply. Is it known to work with iPads? Other than that, seems great.

January 27, 2014  | person_outline Zymos

...powered USB hub is the solution....

January 27, 2014  | person_outline Zymos

I really like the iodock cables on the outside w L connections. The pre 's are the focusrite selling point but that connector.. Eek. Who would look at so-so docks if all interfaces charged the idevices?

January 30, 2014  | person_outline hansendesigns

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