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NAMM2014: Miselu C.24 Wireless iPad Keyboard

Last Summer I got a chance to speak with Miselu about their C.24 keyboard, which was then launching a Kickstarter campaign. After a successful round of funding they are pulling it all together to begin shipping this unique keyboard that doubles as a case.

If you backed it for $100 during the Kickstarter you should expect yours to arrive around the 17th of February. If you did not back it on Kickstarter you will be kicking yourself, because the price has shot up to $200 at retail!

Miselu is at NAMM with many of your favorite developers at their booth; including Audiobus' Sebastian Dittmann, Holderness Media's Christopher Rice, and Audulus developer Taylor Holiday!

Besides providing a hospice for iOS devs, they're also showing off the final prototype of the keyboard. Reader CharliePlatnum found this video from Future Music interviewing Miselu's Jeff Horton, along with a demo of the keyboard in action. They include a lot of great technical details about how it all works.

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Hi All,

Shipping on the C.24 is now looking like April. We didn't get our tooling done before Chinese New Year (now occurring) which caused some additional delays. Very sorry to any of you waiting, we are working to make this a product you will be proud of.

January 25, 2014  | person_outline Jeff Horton

This looks like a great product. I hope you are able to get out the iPad Air size relatively rapidly, so that you can maximize on your investment. Looks like it is well made with some innovative technology being utilized.

Unfortunately, its cost may be about 25% more than many are willing to continue to invest in their aging iPads. Undoubtedly, one of the key features/advantages of this controller is its use as a case, and I imagine there are quite a few pre-Air owners eyeing the Air with some desire. Probably a good many of them (particularly iPad 4 owners) will wait the 10 or so months for the Air's successor, so that does give you a window of time to sell some of these, and get out the Air version. I wish you the best of success, it looks like an excellent solution to mobile performing/recording/composing.

January 25, 2014  | person_outline Prajna

Kicking myself, not really. Obsolete already, nearly. No bluetooth with ipad2 (so forget charging it), no using as a case for ipad air, no pitch and mod on the base unit, add $60-80 for each basic function in a cumbersome module that you then have to pay for and keep track of (kinda kills the portability), a price hike to absorb remodel for ipad air...
I think the keyboard is genius but the obvious "conforming to form factor" flaws are killing it. $200 without pitch,mod,knobs,pads or sliders...idk. Will it become a $300-400 project just to get the functionality of lesser $100 range backpack keyboards that are bulky but one piece?
I am hoping the c.24 keyboard idea works out in the end so much that i posted some ideas in the FBook ipad musician group, (kinda too long to post here). I hope they work it out.

January 30, 2014  | person_outline hansendesigns

Miselu now says they will deliver in late June 2014 but they've missed every date they've promised so far so no guarantees they'll make this one either.

April 14, 2014  | person_outline Jim Eshleman

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