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New Year's Predictions 2014

Last year I gave a brief history of music apps, and asked for your 2013 predictions. What I did not say was that I would be scoring them! Let's look back at your predictions and see how you did!

Successful Predictions:

Piotr was expecting 2013 would be the year of Audiobus. This prediction may not seem surprising to us now with hundreds of apps supporting it, but at this time last year there were only 30 apps with Audiobus! Whether or not it would succeed was still up in the air. But even Apple's release of Inter-App Audio couldn't dethrone Audiobus as the biggest trend in music apps last year.

Matrix from MATRIXSYNTH posted with hopes of better integration between hardware synths and iPad apps. Although his main point of manufacturer apps integrating with hardware was largely unrealized, his desire for keyboards with iPad slots and interoperability was! This past year saw so many new keyboards and peripherals for iPads that at NAMM reporters were asking everyone, "Uh yea, that's nice and all, but can I plug any of this into an iPad directly?"

Rolf Wöhrmann predicted his synth with Waldorf, then called Nwave, would arrive in 2013. He lived up to that one!

Simon had a blanket prediction for more Audiobus, VirtualMIDI, and Copy/Paste everywhere. I'll give this one to him since he named all 3. Sure enough, we've seen these 3 technologies become an expectation for all music apps!

My favorite random meme of the year.

Prediction Fails

Will and Pioter were looking forward to MIDI tracks in Auria, but despite a productive year this was not added in 2013.

Qmish expected the long awaited Borderlands Granular update, but thus far it has gone 16 months without a single one.

Hoyas79's hopes of multiple app chains in Audiobus, and the ability to stream audio between devices, failed to materialize in 2013. Early 2014 should see the addition of discrete app buses within Audiobus, and I'm hoping audio between devices also makes it in this year!

My Results

Last year I didn't make any specific predictions in that post, but I was all over the place talking about what I foresaw coming with the release of the Audiobus SDK in 2013. In the first episode of the Touch Music Podcast, and my interview on Synthtopia, I was predicting the rise of a whole new class of apps. The effects slot in Audiobus opened up the possibility of apps designed specifically for that role. Prior to the release of Audiobus the only dedicated effect out there was Filtatron. This was because there were so few ways to get audio into an iPad; it just didn't make sense to make an app designed with that in mind. Now we've seen 3 AUFX apps from Kymatica, Holderness Media's Swoopster and Echo Pad, along with Sugar Byte's direct port of their amazing Turnado.

I'm going to count that as a successful prediction.

What's coming in 2014

I believe this year will see more innovation out of necessity.

I think we've hit a plateau on iPad penetration in the Western world. Usually with the release of any new iDevice there is a spike in new daily readers here, up to and including the launch of the iPhone 5S/C. However that spike was tiny from the release of the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina.

If my interpretation is correct, developers resting on their laurels will start to see their sales drying up. When people buying new iPads are just people who already own older iPads, those people will have already bought the majority of the apps they want. Without new customers buying old apps, developers will have to release new apps if they want to continue to see sales.

Here is where things get tricky. There are 777 results for a search of "synthesizer" in the music apps section on iTunes. If you're going to release any app in 2014 it better be pretty fucking new and interesting. Necessity is the mother of invention. It might be a cop-out, but my prediction for 2014 is apps we can't even begin to predict today.

Open Mic: Predictions for 2014

A whole new year stands before us! What do you expect to see? What do you hope to see?

Reader Comments 47

I hope to see the small Animoog for iPhone updated, it is untouched since Aug 2012, an eternity in the world of music apps!

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Chimper

I predict a continued increase in the freemium model to alleviate your last point. I think we will see more apps go the Animoog model with preset packs, nickel and dime crap like midi and audiobus for $5. Heck even they keep dropping that steep $25 initial cost to get people in the door.
I prefer a pay once, but with jailbreaks and people stealing $50 apps this is the best way that has been discovered for app makers to earn a living. It really is miserable for the paying consumer though.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Complaint_dept

I'm hoping for an app dedicated to learning the Pentatonic scales for guitar.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Anon

Edit- NEVERMIND! Thanks Tim!

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Anon

i'm hoping for a serious VA synth on iOS with at least 4 layers multitimbral...

January 01, 2014  | person_outline cl516

I know that Borderlands is going into AppStore,Realbeat is getting on the bus,genome is getting a great update,Ivcs3 is finished but I'm not asking anymore just waiting with excitement.Cs app is coming looking very exciting,Wooji juice is making new synth,glitchbreaks & I think Nlog are making new apps.Arturia hopefully will bring either prophet 5 or something amazing and of course audiobus 2 and a new big Daw is coming.That was straight from memory now so I could of missed lots more- the dev behind the mangle synth is getting pestered by me and others and hopefully will arrive on iPad.Ive not mentioned Kymatica and lots more apps from him please!As far as predictions on unknown but hoping for 2014 I can't think of anything apart from I would like to see what this a7 chip can do for apps.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Andre

LOL@ Anon!

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Zymos

Audiobus 2, PLEASE support at least 24bit 44.1 audio...

Animoog for iPhone, get it together for F SAKES. Little Filtatron already got on, what is the holdup?

An update to my still favorite go to DAW, Harmonic Dogs Multitrack DAW, which just works...(sorry Auria, you are a beast, but you still need a little taming to realize your potential...and midi)

I predict more interesting sci if, mysterioso stuff like Virtual ANS...Actually, I just want some more of that...

Samplr and Alchemy mobile implement panning in the...mixer sections! Samplr, please get IAA while you are getting on that panning thing.

My big prediction: Somebody builds an app that can swipe sounds, parameters, controllers, everything from all of your fave synths, noise makers, and Samplrs, all into one MONSTER INSTRUMENT called, I don't know, something like GodSound or Conglommobeast, or Music Deity...a do all, as it were.

I can dream...

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Chris Catalano

Something to replace and/or solidify midi clock sync. This would be amazing.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline otem rellik

My predicton/hope is for a bigass ipad pro with guts the equivalent of the macbook air or better so we can get real and stop fing around. However i hope all old ipad apps stay compatible with this so we dont have to pay stupid amounts of cash for "desktop versions" of shit if we dont want to. I think this will be where corporate devs will begin to have too much of an upper hand for prices because of claims of desktop version bs. (Sort of like ths bs of angry birds phone .99¢ / angrybirdsHD $4.99 which i wont pay). Hopefully devs find a middle ground so as to not lose the wider customer base, idk. Also hopefully phones help keep apps affordable. So looking at it now, we are living in the sweet spot where devs are releasing things at mostly fair prices because of the current ipads/phones (yeay!) and there are even sales to regain interest.. but unfortunately could potentially get more corporate and gouge later if theres an ipad pro. I also wish this giant ipad pro is able to run the full adobe cs with an awesome pointed highly pressure sensitive stylus so no one has to pay 2.5k to wacom ever again just to accurately draw on screen, i mean if yiynova can do it for $500 geez... But i digress that functionality is for another blogs post... Happy New Year!
Oh and PS I predict discchord.com will continue to be awesome ! lol

January 01, 2014  | person_outline hansendesigns

This prediction is for the USA only: The governement will sell a new program, designed to provide an iPad for everyone. In order to get people on board, they will tell everyone that if you like your iPad, you'll get to keep it. Six months later they will be confiscating every iPad and replaceing it with a Samsung Galaxy. The same number of people who didn't have iPads before the Obamagear program will find themselves still without a tablet.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline ZenLizard

I predict we will continue to tune into this excellent site and continue to buy and add amazing music apps to our already huge collection and busy lives!

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Brian

Tim will grow his hair out to a light stubble, and be a stand-in for Jony Ive at all Apple events.

There will be a new iPhone and iPad, and we will all regret not having waited. The only meaningful change will be that new devices are thinner and lighter. We're going to buy the new ones anyway, even though we don't really need them. The large scale iPad *will not* happen.

The AppleTV will finally get app support, and it will displace the XBox/Wii/PS4/Ouya/whatever as the dominant console gaming device. You will be able to use iPads and iPhones as controllers, and there will also be traditional button-based controllers. All controllers will use Bluetooth LE.

The latency for Android audio systems will be cut in half. Another 5 years of that, and there's a chance that music making on Android will be possible. None of the Android devices sold 4 years from now will support the version of Android released 5 years from now. The most popular version of Android in 5 years will be Kit-Kat.

Microsoft will release a new Surface device, and it will be incompatible with the previous versions. Both of the people who buy the new Surface will say they really like it.

Alan Kay has this quote, "the best way to predict the future is to invent it." Yeah, good quote. I'll send some not-ready-for-public-release predictions to Tim, so he can check my accuracy a year from now. In particular, there's a failed prediction above that I think will come true this year.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

it's no secret I'm in Auria's corner, so grain of salt implied, but I predict Auria will have rock solid and deep MIDI by the end of 2014, excepting apps with bad code for MIDI implementation. Rim said it would happen in 2014, but he is keeping the nature of the update close to his vest, so the rest is an educated guess.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline ZenLizard

@ Patrick/Secret Base Design – See? now that is exactly why I come here. Not only am I entertained by Mr. Webb's particular blog style, but the commenters often make me laugh out loud. Thank you for making me choke, trying to laugh quietly, and thank you for the hilarious look my wife shot me afterward. I was trying not to disturb her, but I do love that look.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline ZenLizard

ivcs3, I believe Moulder and Scully will find out why people refuse to talk about it.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

I hope to see Propellerheads Reason for iPad. the iPad should have the necessary horsepower and I remember a recent tweet from Kalle who works for Propellerheads, saying that 2014 would be very awesome!

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Maarten

The Truth Is Out There.

Now, if someone would kindly retrieve it and bring it in so we can all take a look at it.

I predict that ivcs3 will appeal to grey alians, so they will finally reveal themselves at an apple press event.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline ZenLizard

2014 will...

...on the SW side:
0) "...multiple app chains in Audiobus" is looking more and more 2014. So maybe this shouldn't count as a prediction
1a) "...and the ability to stream audio between devices,..." is a wet dream but one that we need!!! On the other hand, can't we already replicate this with wired/adapters HW based system solution and maybe an app to gather it all into... the DAW of choice?
1b) really tight integration between Genome and Apollo Midi syncing multiple devices
2) iOS 7.x with absolutely no improvement to audio

...on the HW side
1) unapologetic 13" iPad because it's an unapologetically larger canvas boasting 4K resolution (and the heat efficiency of a egg frying pan) with the A8 processor
2) unapologetic thinner, bigger and lighter 5.5"-5.8" iPho...iPhablet... but the battery will last the same as the current 2013 iPhone 5S
3) and my favourite, Apple releases an iWearable the size of the iPod shuffle (the best of a fitness tracker including a HRM, digital watch/calendar/task list as well as portable remote, camera clicker and external speaker) all with an unapologetic design BUT absolutely no haptic feedback)
4) I was going to write something about the AppleTV (the set, not the little box) along the lines of @Patrick's prediction. I think we're going to see _not the release_ but the announcement of the iMac-like TV set... unapologetically of course.

...on the "human" side
1) Jony Ive gets removed as SW design head at Apple

on the market side:
1) Apple breaks 700 again

January 01, 2014  | person_outline hoyas79

I predict the Vulcan Harp will get audiobus so we can make Spock proud! I predict there will be a Swiss army synth released this year but the nail file and corkscrew will cause latency problems but only when using Auria

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Brian

I predict that 2014 will show great improvement of midi clock sync and MIDI capabilities in general, Audiobus will incorporate a unified preset browser w/ integrated sharing, and an increase in hardware peripherals. Oh and further adoption of the Freemium model.

I'd like to see an Arturia Analog Factory app with (obvious) OOB integration with current keyboard models
I'd like to see some updates from Korg for their midi settings/control and turn iKaossilator into what we all thought it might be in the earliest split-second of hearing/seeing it's name mentioned.

I'd also like to see Reason embrace the fact that touch input and their software were made for each other. my prediction is that we'll see at least one other iOS build of a popular Reason module... (C'mon Kong or Maelstrom!!!). But I could see them selecting an effects rack (or perhaps releasing the whole effects suite) as an release. If they plan for the future when coding, they could eventually port the whole of Reason into the iPad, perhaps through a sandbox environment like tabletop or even just by allowing the apps to communicate with each other (iReWire?)

But maybe none of that will happen....

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Graham

Everyone reading this has an iDevice, and most have two or more. Beyond that are those who have friends with iDevices. iDevice plurality calls for iDevice interaction. Whether it happens or not, we need to see more apps that take advantage of iInteriCommunication.


- K

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Keith Messier

I think a big impact this year will be the arrival of full featured DAWs on the iPad. We've already supposedly got MIDI coming to Auria, automation coming to Cubasis, and audio tracks coming to Nanostudio, and with those additions alone you have three apps each taking vital steps towards becoming more self contained and independent.

Bold prediction? We see another big time developer step into the fray with a mobile release of a desktop DAW. Ableton Live Mobile anyone? Or how about some Reason to go? I'm calling for at least one of the big hitters to jump in for 2014.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Jesse

Here's the dream...

Auria gets Midi
Cubasis gets Automation & a sampler/drum sampler
Apple releases an ipad with more than a poxy 1GB of ram
Apple fixes IAA and IOS 7, almost
Audiobus gets saveable app setups & cross device audio
Beatmaker 2 gets IAA effects
Alchemy fixes buggy IAA implementation
The new Steinberg VST/IAA standard starts to gain momentum and expand its catalogue

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Dave Magoo

Chris that's my dream that some dev invents a app like a blank animoog/sampler that you load or your presets e.t.c into and play them,mix them,tweak them more.All a clever dev will bring out a keyboard that can be used with any synth and just sits over top of the apps one that would be great.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Andre

I predict Jordan Rudess will release a new App called "Monkey Balls"!

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Suggathang

OK Tim, I won't do a blanket prediction this time :-)

1. IAA will continue to be buggy right through 2014.

2. A lot of music app developers will have to adopt the IAP model to stay in business.

3. We will see the first $100 music app. I don't count the "$320/$160 Different Drummer" app as the developer was trying to work out the price and it is now around a sensible $25. Like Auria at $50, this new "pro" app will have a normal price of $100. And like Auria at $50 we will all be shocked at the price. But, like Auria, we will all buy it :-)

4. AudioBus will continue to be a "must have" music tool. As will Audio Copy/Paste.

5. 2014 will be "the year of processing". With the big performance boost of the Air, we will see great new apps for audio filtering, slice and dicing, crushing, phasing and more.

6. Despite the glut, developers will still keep bringing out synth apps. The selling hook for these will be that they are emulations of some obscure "classic" old synth from the '70s.

7. iPad 2, 3 (and in some cases even 4) users will be totally left behind. The best and most exciting apps just won't run on these older machines.

8. Many iOS music app developers will look at developing Android apps along side their iOS apps.

This, I believe! :-)

January 01, 2014  | person_outline Simon

Predictions for iOS in regard to music apps for 2014:

Apple will increase the RAM and size of iPads

Auria will get midi

Auria will get some more effect partners onboard with Auria

Arturia will port more of their Throwbacks, but will continue to ignore fixing iMini's sticking keys problems.

With regard to effectish stuff, I think we'll start to get more clones. With things like Bias (I'm using it more like a preamp for vocals) and IR files for reverb sims (I'm rocking a few classics), I see the dawn of things to come like virtual Neve preamp clones, 1176's, Aural Exciter hmm? Maybe? Please?

I think we will see less mics with the lightning connector and more people using regular mics connected with more preamps/audio setups for and with iOS connections

On that same note, keyboards like the SynthStation 49 will add audio inputs

They will legalize it in more states.

I see cloud services being a REALLY big thing in 2014, so I expect to see more integration with a wider variety of services. Right now, I use dropbox, and I "like" it, but the amount of space they give is tiny compared to some of the other guys.

Also, while iPad get those hardware increases, I think this is the year it start to get some competition from Microsoftish surfaces, not specifically Surface, but alot of other touchscreens that can run recording software, apps, etc will start to become more common. I've seen studios locally, that use nothing but giant touchscreen for all their work http://www.slateproaudio.com/products/raven-mti/, so iOS may just kick up their hardware more than I expect, just to keep up.

Sooo, I think iPad (or iDevice) chaining will come into effect, so we can link several devices together and work them together more easily.

I agree, Reason, will probably come to iOS this year, if not in full, then in parts, or a slimmed down version, but I don't think it will be that revolutionary like when it came to the computer, so I don't think it will be that important.

And I think Sugar Bytes will give us more toys.

(These are more like wishes)

Auria will get sends more like a traditional DAW, but that's ok... I'll just go kick rocks. =(

Someone will develop a PC/MAC emulator to allow you to run any PC/MAC software that can run on the iOS hardware to do so.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline CoopMusic247

not predictions, a wish list:

i'd love to see borderlands get an update.

i'd love to see a tc-11-style sampler (building off someone else's animoog/sampler deal).

i'd really love it if the people who do addictive and cube got a reasonable preset protocol together. i really dislike not having a user folder where i can put my stuff—hate having to scroll to the end to get past all their preset to get to mine. pita when doing live stuff.

i really, really (really) want all the devs (who don't have it already) to adopt a e-mail protocol for sharing patches. for those of us who have two iPads, it is really maddening to not be able to share patches between them via e-mail. (animoog, etc., i'm looking at you.)

in fact this is usually the downfall of a lot of synth apps, imho.

January 01, 2014  | person_outline steubig

It will be the year of drum apps. Hopefully something like a toned-down version of addictive drums. That would be grand.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Deevito

My mate who works at the App Store in London's Regent Street has told me that Apple will sell off its music app division to Google and Microsoft this year. This is because of dwindling sales of iDevices. This move will see a huge spike in the sales of Google and Microsoft tablets and ensure Android and the XBoX generation become the top dogs in mobile music making. These new big arsed tablets from the Google and Microsoft tech giants will have 50 GB RAM, USB3 connectivity, firewall and thunderbolt ports, rock solid MIDI sync, 10 watts inbuilt stereo speakers, hdmi connectivity and will also come with free pedalboards using Bluetooth LE.

Apple has advised iOS developers to get ready for the biggest sellout in computer history and quietly informed them that huge financial rewards and redundancies will be coming their way if they transition to Google and Microsoft. iOS music blogs, iOS music producers and the mobile music tablet industry have been left gobsmacked :-)

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Medo

Apple buys Audiobus, Audeonic and Apollo and releases a super Audio and MIDI platform that routes, filters and syncs (at OS level) over cable, wifi or bluetooth and replaces IAA.

Or they could go the JACK approach and disallow/remove the tech currently used by the above group in iOS8.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Nostradamus

Happy New Year, my friends. My prediction:

The demand to be able to create and produce music on a small, solid-state device like the iPad will continue to exist and increase. Consequently, more capital dollars for software and hardware development will be earmarked for it. Big companies who have already dipped their toes in will go deeper. Big companies who have not yet entered the market will come in strong.

As a negative result to the consumer, prices of production tools and apps will trend upward to be more in line with their desktop counterparts (whether this is via purchase price or IAP). This must happen in order for those companies to operate in the black and recoup the capital invested. It will become even tougher (though not impossible) for independent developers, particularly the one-man shops without any financial backing to compete in this space - even with a fantastically innovative app, competing with the big boys' marketing will become expensive. iPad as a music production environment will trend more toward the establishment, as opposed to a novelty. Claims that an iPad was used (exclusively or in part) in the production of a work will not longer be greeted with a "so cool" but instead a "so what, who doesn't?" Recreations of classic synths will start to fail as a business model as consumers begin to realize that after you have about 20 subtractive synth emulations, you can basically recreate any subtractive synth sound.

Positive results to the consumer will also be many. Apps themselves will become even more powerful and innovative as the technology follows the money that was invested in them. They will also become even more stable and full featured. We will also see gains and improvements in the OS and devices themselves that are geared at music production as the companies of scale that are generating lots of money for Apple via the 30% royalty will have more sway with them. We will see more software bundling that enables us to get 6 products we do need and 2 we really don't for half the price of buying all 8 of them individually.

The iOS music community and Discchord will continue to see growth. The growth will not be as closely correlated to the release of a new iDevice as it was in the past but will be more organic. The growth will not come from existing musicians who decided to get an iPad but from new musicians who already had an iPad, or from exisitng musicians who already had an iPad and just now realize it has come of age as a music production tool. Discchord and other existing gathering places may have to adapt somewhat to stay relevant, as the large companies that begin to slowly dominate the iOS music space already have their own mega-marketing machines. New online gathering places will sprout up and the iOS music community may begin to segregate, for example by genre, or instrument, or role in the music production process. As the community grows larger, the device itself may not be enough to unify folks together, and gathering places will become more specific, more niche.

That's my prediction. As for whether it comes true, we will see. Is it exciting or gloomy? ;-)

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Joe

And one more prediction. Apple will release a touchscreen-enabled Macbook with an ARM processor (A9? A10?). The Macbook will run OSX applications through a new version of Rosetta, and iOS apps natively. Xcode 6 will generate binaries for both architectures automatically (they do this now for the different flavors of iOS processors), resulting in nearly every app in the Mac app store running natively on ARM by the end of the year. Shortly after this, Apple will drop x86 support entirely, OSX and iOS will merge, your documents will be stored in the cloud and sync across devices automatically.

Ok, that won't happen in 2014. It'll be 2015 or 2016, 2017 at the latest.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

I hope to see a cybernetic synth this year that can be controlled by thought. Of course any distraction during recording sessions might be disastrous

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Brian

What I would like/need to see the most is a background app or service thats save, or launch & load, multi-app setups. Can someone please tell me this already exists, but that I haven't found it yet as I don't know the correct keywords for describing such a beast?

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Eric Jenkins

I'd love to see an update for figure enabiling more song/rhythm options.
Also probably the apps that are built as toys (you know the weird ones that have you making music on a tree or whatever) will fade as more devs realize the iPad/iPhone/iPod are serious musical tools and nobody or at least very few want weird instruments that have no real purpose.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Newb

The end of Apple.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Keko

Eric Jenkins: Keep an eye on the soon coming Audiobus 2. On a thread about it on the AB forum a similar question came up and Sebastian, one of the developers answered :"Please watch this space for further announcements about this."

January 02, 2014  | person_outline synthandson

Im afraid the news on Borderlands now is march release

January 02, 2014  | person_outline andre

@Patrick/Secret Base Design nailing it!

My hope and prediction for 2014: NanoStudio 2.

There were *lots* of effects app before audiobus. All the guitar amp sims, space sampler, filterer, compressor, TPAIN!, ...

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Will

In 2014, David Bowie will be crowned king of the world. He will imediately sign two executive orders. The first will legally establish the long suspected fact that whippets are not actually dogs. The second will forbid procreation to everyone except people with heterochromia.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline ZenLizard

not a prediction, just a question...when will i be able to simultaneously use and charge my ipad on a mat wirelessly, to solve the powered usb hub conundrum?

January 02, 2014  | person_outline a1

might as well throw in a prediction: justin bieber's fan will convice him to retire from retirement and go on a comeback tour which will be the highest grossing tour in music history.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline a1

I have a lot of synth apps and virtual drummachines, all of them have seperate import/export functions
and all of them have their own sample-libraries.

What I'd like to see in 2014 is a single folder in IOS labelled "SAMPLES" in which all
the apps make their own subfolders. That folder that can be filled with dropbox, wifi, Itunes and every other conceivable medium. From then on, every app can access ALL the samples from every other app.

That would be nice.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Sander J Alkemade

That is a really good one, Sander J Alkamade.

My favourite is Secret Base Design's vision of fully integrated OSes. It is about effing time for that...

Another wish for Audiobus: scratch the broken toys from your list. There is too much clutter already in the Universe. There is more to going Pro that adopting 24 bit, but that would be a great start IMO...whatever we needed from the broken toys, we have now sampled thank you very much...Up the ante...

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Chris Catalano

What we'll see in 2014:

1. A TC-11 like synth with gesture recognition/motion sensing technology, instead of just touch screen for performance (extra motion sensor may be required)

2. Rise of ipad based bands (midi controllers allowed), relying heavily on remote, real time collaboration.

3. Audio latency in Android will be cut down to the point where live musical performance with an Android app instrument is possible.

4. Tim Webb grows a goatee.

January 02, 2014  | person_outline Adrian

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