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Before You Update to iOS 7

Everyone is naturally excited about the new-shiny-thing that is iOS 7, but there have been some dire warnings from all over the web. Even some of the Apple faithful are calling for readers to avoid iOS 7.0.0 and to wait for 7.0.1 or 7.0.2. Many of you are using your iDevices as your primary production environments, but iOS has conditioned us to just hit the Update All button or even update the whole OS over-the-air. For most users it hasn't been a problem, but this can be quite reckless if you are a content creator.

Developers have had a chance to play with iOS 7 for a while now, so I spoke with them to get their take on the update now that the NDA has lifted.

Prominent Audiobus developer Sebastian Dittmann, has been critical of the new UI in iOS 7 since it was first released to developers. In talking with him he also mentioned how fundamental changes to iOS 7, relating to the UI, will impact apps not prepared for it.

"We've had to fix some bugs with regards to how some button taps are detected, because iOS 7 does something differently. So obviously there are changes in the core OS. If applications haven't been updated for months, chances are they might have issues in iOS 7. If you're only using apps that have been updated in last few days, you should be fine."

DJ Player developer Gábor Szántó was also alarmed by the scope of changes in the UI. He shared some insights into the troubles faced by music app developers with all new versions of iOS, and 7 in particular.

"Every time Apple releases a major iOS version, the developer forums are full with audio related problems, as Apple actively develops the audio components and bugs happen.

There is another problem, not audio related but affects almost every app: the user interface handling is also changed, and not just graphically/aesthetically, but on the "programming side" as well.

This step is quite big, larger than before.

They introduced larger than usual changes in the API, some of them need developers to re-think established concepts. For example it was ordinary to do certain things differently when a new major version comes out. This time there are so many it's not about writing different code, but a need to re-think how things should work.

Add these two factors together (UI + audio), and now you see that audio app developers need to take quality time with the new system."

Jonatan Liljedahl from Kymatica shared this concern about the amount of changes introduced in iOS 7.

"There's so many changes in iOS7, and many apps will break, crash, or just look weird. Also, there are still bugs in iOS 7.0. Sure, inter-app audio will be cool, but only when we have enough hosts (and nodes) to actually use it."

Fortunately iOS 7 updates for popular music apps have been pouring in, but not everything has received this attention. Even major apps like Animoog have not had patches to specifically address iOS 7.

Many developers have been approaching iOS 7 with caution, such as One Red Dog's Peter Johnson. Peter is keeping all of his already developed apps on the previous versions of XCode, Apple's development environment, that they were originally designed for. This keeps him from being able to use new features in iOS 7, but in Peter's experience it also dramatically cuts down on the random bugs.

"My golden rule: don't develop on betas unless there is a feature of iOS 7 that you really must have. Stick to what is working, update gradually. Some features like inter-app audio might be really sexy, but if it breaks your shit, don't go there.

And if you're relying on your iPad for live gigs to get paid real money by DJ'ing or performing - don't fucking update your live rig just because it looks sexy and new. Lock down app versions and iOS versions and stick to what works."

Other bugs are simply intrinsic to the nature of any major OS release, as Jonatan mentioned earlier. There is often very little developers can do about bugs in the OS itself. Echo Pad developer Christopher Rice wrote in with an iOS 7 bug that will impact many music app fans. This has been confirmed by others I spoke with.

"I found a bug with iOS 7 that affects a lot of music apps, including Echo Pad, Audiobus and pretty much all apps that process live audio input. Apps that do not process live audio such as iElectribe and Figure do not appear to be affected by the bug.

With iOS 7, if the user has headphones plugged into their device and they receive an audio interruption like a phone call, alarm clock or other interruption that shuts down audio, the apps cannot recover their audio session. Some apps will crash, some will just hang, and some will give an error message.

There is no known workaround at the moment, so when this happens the apps must be completely terminated and re-launched in order to work again. Note that in most cases simply closing and re-opening the apps is not enough, you need to remove them from the multitask bar and relaunch the apps.

I will say this is probably the buggiest initial release I've seen from Apple, at least on the iPad. I just don't think it's quite as bad as some users expect.

I actually like iOS 7, and once the bugs are ironed out I think overall CPU performance will be comparable to iOS 6 on most devices."

Secret Base Design's Patrick Madden shares this optimism with a heavy dose of reality, specifically with regards to Audiobus.

"I've been using the iOS 7 beta, and have seen some things that are strange. Sometimes things don't start on the first try -- restarting Audiobus sometimes fixes problems. Sometimes not. There might be some special sauce in which order apps get launched, that we have not figured out yet.

My suspicion is that there are memory issues -- maybe things take more space, or take up space differently, causing some things to break. The under-the-hood changes to Audiobus are probably fairly substantial, and they're splicing on to a new audio infrastructure in iOS 7 -- realistically, I'd be stunned there were no problems.

So -- in terms of advice for users:
  1. Hold off on updating to iOS 7, if you need to have everything work. There will be people who are willing to experiment -- let them take the risk, and figure out what is working, and what's broken.
  2. If you update, don't freak out if something breaks. The developers are going to try to fix it as soon as they can.
  3. Keep in mind that the developers are doing their best, with a rather tricky moving target. There are the changes to iOS (multiple beta versions, some of them really badly broken), updates to the underlying audio system on iOS, changes to the Audiobus app, and changes to the Audiobus app SDK. And about 300 apps that work on Audiobus.

This last point is something I really would like to emphasize. It's astounding how much actually works -- and it's because a lot of developers have been very careful in what they do, and are making a big effort to have things work. I'm sure some stuff will break, and it may be something that a developer has no way of predicting, or preventing. The last thing any of us needs is someone flipping out, and taking a huge dump in the iTunes review for an app."

There is no rush to update, so don't. I'm sure Apple will have most of these issues sorted in the next couple of point releases, over the coming weeks and months. So why take the risk? There is even less reason to update at all now that Apple allows users to download previously compatible versions of apps.

With all that said, the very next thing I'm doing with my day is updating my phone to iOS 7, because I'm a guinea pig. My iPads, my primary music creation devices, are going to stay on 6; at least until there is a jailbreak for iOS 7.x.x. As I've learned from previous iOS updates: By the time the hackers have had their way with it, Apple is typically done with all the major bug fixing and the apps have all been patched. If after all this you still update, at least turn automatic updates off.

Update: If all of these developers weren't enough for you to think twice, Native Instruments just said pretty much the same thing.

Due to the extent and severity of the errors mentioned above, we are advising Native Instruments product users to postpone upgrading their devices to iOS 7 until the issues are resolved. This is extremely important as a device can NOT be downgraded to iOS 6 after upgrading to iOS 7. Native Instruments and Apple are working together to find solutions to these problems as soon as possible. Further announcements will be made as soon as the issues are resolved.

Reader Comments 69

What would be nice, and helpful, for the next few months, is a sort-of consensus broken/fixed list, where "guinea pigs", as you put it, could report on the broken/fixed status under iOS 7 of apps that they own.

Or something...

September 18, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

Just like Tim I will update my iPhone no matter what bugs in the OS. Developers should get cracking then with all these dire warnings as they have had time to play with the iOS beta. Irrespective, some apps will just die if their develops don't put their fingers out as new apps will inevitably emerge to fill the gaps. To be honest I am excited irrespective of what developers say. C'est la vie.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline Medo

If i had 2 ios devices i would update with 1 & see but my other device is a ipod & a old one,lots of apps have not updated yet anyway so even if everything was fine you would still be waiting for all apps to convert.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline andre

Thanks for this very interesting article Mr. Webb!

September 18, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

Ios7 is 649mb but requires 2.9 gb of storage & im down to 1.9 & its telling me to delete apps from usage settings so no worries there about accidental download of it.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline andre

Some info on inter-app support in Auria:


September 18, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

i was looking forward to the update now i'm very disappointed that i won't be able to due to the major problems i will wait till there is good word from someone that all the kinks have been fixed..

September 18, 2013  | person_outline Juan Carlos

Really great work, Tim. Thank you.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline Will

@synthandson that is exactly what I was hoping for - that's freakin awesome, and Auria already on the case - heavily integrated no less!

Slight shame about the one instance limitation on interapp audio apps, but heck, we know the Auria plugin architecture is relatively straightforward to implement (ok I am guessing but it didn't seem to be a problem for Sugar Bytes) so I wonder if this limitation can be circumvented!?

AudioBus, you're lovely, but you might not be getting so much attention from me in the not too distant future - sorry - it was a good ride!

(I feel like I'm giving up public transport and getting a SUV!)

September 18, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr


Don't believe everything you read on the internet. :) Most of these dire warnings are overblown in my opinion.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline gatearray

Audioshare feature request : please allow auditioning of iTunes library tracks before loading into audioshare to edit, like Bm2 does, this really cuts down on the time it takes when you are going through your library looking for samples that you want to use and this would enhance the workflow greatly.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

I've made a post about the audio interruption bug with details on how to get your audio apps working again if/when it occurs on my Facebook page. http://facebook.com/HoldernessMedia

If you don't want to read the post and just need to know how to recover from the audio interruption bug, here's the proper steps. This solution applies to Echo Pad, Audiobus, and pretty much any other app that processes/records live audio input.

Solution to get audio apps working again if/when the bug occurs:

1. Once the interruption occurs and your app(s) are no longer responsive, don't panic, and don't waste time complaining online. It's easy to get things working again.

2. Quit Echo Pad and/or any other audio apps you were running COMPLETELY by removing them from the multi-task bar. Simply closing and re-opening the app without removing it from the multi-task bar is not enough, and will not recover the audio. Removing apps from the multi-task bar is a little different on iOS 7 than it is on previous versions of iOS. See step 3.

3. To remove an app from the multi-task bar in iOS 7, double tap the home button or use the 4-finger swipe up gesture to display multi-tasking.

4. With one finger, swipe up on the app's window to remove it from the multi-task bar. The app's window will slide upwards out of view.

5. Once all audio apps have been removed from the multi-task bar, you can now relaunch them and audio will work correctly as before.

Also, if you have updated or are planning to update to iOS 7, please make sure to update to the latest version of Echo Pad, version 1.4.9.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline HoldernessMedia

i have an ipod touch and an ipad and like many of you i've decided to get my iPod into iOS7 and see what apps work and which don't and see how bad the damage is... so far i haven't seen much problems.. remember i don't get phone calls therefore i don't get interruption problems.. i will wait till the release of the new ipad to update my iPad and purchase the new one... because it will be powerful. very powerful.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline Juan Carlos

Well I went guinea pig route and just decided to update anyways. I didn't have much to lose, even though I only have one iOS device, an iPad Mini. Gotta say, things seem smoother somehow overall with this iOS. I haven't run into any problems with music apps, but I haven't done much yet either. Like I say though, things seem smoother, as before my Mini would sort of chug along here and there. Maybe I'll try to push the system, try different things, and see if I run into any problems

September 18, 2013  | person_outline Jesse

I'm excited about the possibilities of inter-app audio and Audiobus. I know that we all care about music creation and want to see this meet all our expectations. I'm not a developer, but I think it's understood that with an audio development transition such as this one there are bound to be some hiccups along the way. I think I would really only hold off if you use the iPad in live performance and don't have time to close a couple apps out. I will however be sure to save more often just in case. I have to say generally speaking I think all of this is going in the right direction, and in the long run can only add more power to what we are able to create.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline Christan

Just wanted to add, another temporary workaround for the interruption bug is to enable Airplane mode to prevent incoming calls. This option won't work if you rely on Wifi for your setup though, and of course won't prevent alarm clock alerts.

September 18, 2013  | person_outline HoldernessMedia

ok so i went into traktor dj which was mentioned to have some bugs and i didn't find any, it worked fine... i tried bringing down the control center from above and it didn't stop, i also received an email, which made an interruption sound and it still worked... opened audio bus and nothing happened, well i didn't do anything but the app opened normally, alchemy no problem all sounds played, fl studio HD worked great, and sample tank did stop when i brought down the info center but kept going when i lifted the info center.. sooooo... remember this is an iPod Touch 5 generation... with iOS 7

September 19, 2013  | person_outline Juan Carlos

@Juan Carlos - That's great that it's working well for you. It will work well for many people. You should note that email interruptions are not the same as phone calls or alarm clock alerts, they don't override the audio, rather they duck the volume of other apps audio, so they don't cause the bug.

As I said in my posts today, I've been running iOS 7 for weeks on my devices and have found iOS 7 to be working pretty well overall, even with the interruption bug. However, I'm NOT performing live at the moment. It's important for people to be educated, because for the users who rely on the iPad/iPhone for live performance or critical production, they need to be aware of potential problems that will disrupt their working systems. This is extremely common practice with every major OS X update, and now that iOS is mature I'm sure we'll be seeing this reaction every year.

I advise just reading the info for what it is and don't get too worked up by any bullshit hype or uneducated troll comments, and decide on your own if you want to update.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline HoldernessMedia

i did updates my ipod touch and i've been playing with the apps with no real buggy results... instead i see it quite smooth and fast.. one thing i have noticed when you swap apps there is a flash from the last app you were in, very quick annoying but doesn't stay so is not a major problem.. i can see the problem in the iPhone but the ipad is not a phone so there really shouldn't be any calls coming in and if you're playing live you should always turn off your phone or silence it specially if you're playing with it.. i even ran out of battery playing around with it... i will try real hard tests tomorrow and see how i can make it crash... the reason i'm doing this is to see if it's worth installing on my iPad or not.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline Juan Carlos

@Juan Carlos - No offense, but Instead of spending hours intentionally trying to find problems, why not just install iOS 7 and get on with it? Then, if you DO run into a problem, just deal with it calmly. Much more fun and far more productive than bug testing. :)

As has been stated it's not like everything is broken, quite the contrary, just specific conditions that can cause some problems. The iPad doesn't receive phone calls, but it can receive FaceTime calls, and the bug can occasionally occur when switching apps for apparently no reason. The intention of posting about the bug was not to fear monger or hurt Apple, that would make absolutely zero sense from any angle for developers and iOS blogs alike seeing as iOS is the center of our universe so to speak. I would advise most people who really want to upgrade to go ahead and do it, just be aware that you might run into a few problems, which was the whole point of me posting a solution instead of just complaining about them.

If people aware of the issue ahead of time, they should be able to make a realistic judgement as to whether they're going to be earth shattering disasters, or far more likely, extremely mild inconveniences. For perspective, having your live performance grind to a halt in front of an audience because your iPad's audio died is pretty serious and embarrassing, whereas having to take 1-2 minutes out of your life to restart an app at home is not. I personally fall into the latter category right now as I'm not currently performing live shows, so I installed it on my main devices without regret.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline HoldernessMedia

Decided to update the phone, since I don't use it for anything critical, musically speaking, and I hadn't heard that anyone lost phone service with iOS 7, so what the hell? I haven't come across any bugs with non-music functions or apps.

Did discover one of the stupidest things I've seen in a long time. That is, the nearly worthless "Genious" tab in the App Store has been replaced with the completely worthless "Apps near Me" tab. The explanation says it will show apps that are popular in my geographical area. What kind of spectacularly stupid shit is that? Who cares what people in my geographic area are downloading?

I don't want or need "The Nevada Bordello Guide App" or the "Bachlorette City Guide" app, which is all that is going to see high volume in this idiot city.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard


I dunno, that feature might be handy if you travelled someplace else, right? Like for tourism apps while on a vacation to NYC or something?


All great advice, but you can hardly blame Juan for being concerned, this post and others like it out there really scare off lots of people from updating. :)

September 19, 2013  | person_outline gatearray

@ gatearray

With all the "Stuff Near Me" apps that are already available, not to mention all the city specific apps, I find it redundant at the very least. Those apps are already simple to find. It makes a lot more sense to base suggestions on the individual's personal download habits and interests. It seems they have taken that away. Maybe I'm missing something... iOS 7 is still pretty darn good if that is all I find to complain about, but the night is young...

September 19, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

@gatearray - I'm not saying anything bad about Juan, I was just speaking in general. Sorry, should have clarified better.

I feel a little bit responsible for some of the negative air surrounding iOS 7, and that was not my intention at all. I actually had reservations about doing so from the get go because of this possibility, and my gut was right. I was hoping to simply bring awareness and educate users and devs about a known issue UP FRONT, rather than have users start encountering it on their own over the next few days and result in a bunch of confusion, misinformation and negative backlash across the web about what is actually causing the bug. It looks like that attempt has backfired to a degree, and I apologize for that. :/

However, consider the other option. Would it have been very responsible of myself and others to knowingly ignore the issue and leave it up to users to find out on their own, possibly while on stage? At the very least, I feel a responsibility to my own customers and user base to inform them of issues like this up front, rather than bullshit them with sugar coated PR. I consider myself a part of the iOS community as well, and also feel a certain degree of responsibility in that. All things considered I hope this attempt worked out better than saying nothing at all. There isn't really a great way to handle this kind of thing, even though in reality this is honestly not a very big deal. I find humor in the fact that we are lucky enough in the first place that this petty issue is considered to be a big problem worth stressing about. ;)

I have been honest and tried clarifying in every one of my posts today that although this bug is there and yes it's annoying, I personally still chose to update my main devices to iOS 7 weeks ago and have been running it with few problems. That part of my posts seems to get overlooked more often than not, probably because it's just not as juicy as the bug is. It's not as fun to speak honestly I guess? It seems preferable for most people to have internet battles with clearly established "sides" that you must join. I had a somewhat similar experience on the iPad Musician group recently, where instead of always blaming technology for the lack of finishing songs, I suggested some ideas for how to place some responsibility on yourself as a musician and get yourself out of a rut. The post was basically ignored. To be clear, I'm not speaking negative about the group or any particular individuals as the post was ignored as a whole and the conversation immediately returned to tech. I've had the same conversation turn sour on other forums and in real life when I suggest things like that. Nowadays I usually just give up on it rather than be Captain Buzzkill, I'm aware how good I am at killing conversations with my opinions, haha.

As I've stated before, I wish more people would simply read the information for what it is and make a realistic judgement of how much of a "risk" it truly is for them, and act accordingly. For those who are using their iOS devices in professional settings and need rock solid stability, I think it was right to inform them of potential problems, even when relatively minor, so they could make an informed decision whether to upgrade or not. I still feel it would be irresponsible NOT to.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline HoldernessMedia

Lol @ native instruments. Just update your iMaschine app FFS. "Working with apple to find a solution" my bum hole

September 19, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

(I should have added that the app iMachine do still work after the update on my iPhone 5, atleast during the 1 minute I tried it)

September 19, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

Alesis io dock works with ios 7?

September 19, 2013  | person_outline Pedrismo


Man, no worries at all, I didn't think you were saying anything bad about Juan, sorry if it seemed that way! And another great post, I totally agree with your outlook, thanks for taking the time and all the best. :)

September 19, 2013  | person_outline gatearray


Bingo, you nailed it— especially the FFS part, lol!

September 19, 2013  | person_outline gatearray

Maybe to help explain why many of us developers would like people to take things slowly.... When I ship an app, I really want it to work. And I worry that I'll get an email along the lines of

"I'm on tour with Madonna, and your app is an essential part of our live show. There was a guitar solo in the concert last night, so I took that time to update to iOS 7, and then your app wouldn't open again. The fans got upset and stampeded, killing 43,000 people. You'll be hearing from my lawyer, Tony Clifton, tomorrow. Plus I'm leaving a negative review in the app store."

Lots and lots of stuff has changed in iOS 7. This is a bigger-than-normal jump. There are likely bugs that I can't fix (if they're in iOS 7), and there can be interactions that are impossible to predict. If you are using your iOS device for fun, and can ride out some hiccups for a few weeks, go ahead and update. But if you absolutely need everything to work, and a glitch would wind up killing 43,000 people, play it safe and wait for 7.0.1.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

^ cause 7.0.1 is guaranteed to be bug free? ;-)

September 19, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

@Fessaboy: Thanks for the great Midimorphosis-update!

September 19, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

@Patrick - agreed, thanks for the MIDIMorphosis update - can't wait to check out the new chord detection algos!

September 19, 2013  | person_outline Joe

Checked the iPad this morning and had over a dozen apps wanting to update. Most of the music apps simply said "adding iOS7 support." I'm not updating the iPad to iOS7 until they fix the current issues, but are there any potential problems updating the apps?

September 19, 2013  | person_outline David

@Patrick/Secret Base Design: Sorry I didn't realize that you changed your 'Author name'. No offense meant!

September 19, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

@David: I don't know much about potential problems updating the apps for iOS 7 but I have one example for you: I updated 'Hokusai' for iOS 7 recently and because the Sonoma Audiocopy function won't be available in iOS 7, I can't paste any audio from the Sonoma clipboard into Hokusai anymore.
This is not teally a problem for me and I'm looking forward to Retronym's Audiocopy 2; but there might be people who prefer to be able to use Sonoma Audiocopy until they update their devices to iOS 7.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

The two apps I use most on my phone are the Squarespace app for managing comments here, and the Podcast app. The podcast app has crashed on me once already and the Squarespace app is having such severe UI problems that it is unusable.

Now how am I meant to be trolling while I'm strolling? I love reading comments on the site when I'm out dog walking.

Im happy that the bugs should be gone by ios7.1 but there were mentions of sluggish for ipad 2 as well,but im personally happy as ive lost abit of weight cut down on smoking & have raised enough cash already to buy the cheapest 16gb ipad,so im looking forward to new ipad & the other thing ive not seen mentioned is old apps that dont update to ios 7-will they work ?,I have lots of old apps i love & to be safe for now i think i will leave my ipad 2 as ios6.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline andre

since i don't perform with my ipad or rely on it for making a living i thought i would take the plunge and just install iOS7 on it, seems to be working fine on my iPod Touch so whatever happens i'm sure it will get fixed eventually and for better or worse whatever i find out i'll be able to pass it along as a bug and see if it gets fixed...

September 19, 2013  | person_outline Juan Carlos

@Synthandson: thanks for the info. Hokusai was one of the apps I mindlessly updated already, so I guess I gotta watch what I click in my "Update" tab. =)

September 19, 2013  | person_outline David

Synthandson Grain Science sadly now will sometimes shut down or you get a little skull in a circle(no i have not dropped some acid) & it says something about over loading & puts a sine wave into one of the grain units-its not terrible but happens enough that i want to go back to old version

September 19, 2013  | person_outline andre

@andre: Thanks for the info- I already updated it but didn't play with the current version yet. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. Maybe we should tell Canis about that.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

Synthandson-I will contact wooji once ive worked out exactly whats doing it,its definately the grain units & depends what your doing.

September 19, 2013  | person_outline andre

well i updated to iOS 7 on both my iPad and my iPod touch and i have more than 100 music apps and i've already found a few hiccups but overall is not that bad. Fairlight CMI doesn't work because of audio bus and ilectric from ik multimedia it didn't open so i have to delete it and re-install it... also there were a few stutters in a couple of apps... but again if this is as bad as it gets, i'm sure it will get fixed with time. if you don't know if your apps works 100% with ios 7 don't update but otherwise i see it's ok to do so for now.

so if anyone knows how to get in touch with the fairlight people...

September 20, 2013  | person_outline Juan Carlos

since i'm trying out all the apps and see what happens, i've also thought of trying out my devices that i hook up to my iPad. starting with my m-audio keyboard 32 and it works, my iDJ Live first generation works perfect with DJay, iRig HD works as it should... now my meteor mic from samson it has always worked, but now it allows me to record softly but once i peak it the iPad comes out with an error telling me the accessory i'm using is not compatible with the ipad and it uses too much power... it never did that before... what gives?

September 20, 2013  | person_outline Juan Carlos

thank you from germany

September 27, 2013  | person_outline berlin-icke

sorry for the double post but I thought ths could be interesting for people who choose not to upgrade to iOS 7 yet.:


It seems that at the moment, the only way you can prevent automatic updating of your device running on iOS 6 is to turn the WLAN connection off.

September 27, 2013  | person_outline synthandson

yet another reason to wait...if you still can

September 27, 2013  | person_outline a1

Ugh, right after reading Synthandson's link, i looked at my iPad and saw that it already downloaded iOS7. Great, that's 3GB of space lost (since i don't have plans to update anytime soon). Hopefully Apple offers some solution because that's ridiculous.

September 27, 2013  | person_outline David

Thanks for the info... I've been meaning to clear out some space on my ipad for a while... Perhaps not :(

I want IAA but I actually really like iOS 6... Fuck it, I'm not upgrading yet either it's not necessary, everything works fine as is!

September 28, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

seems they should have left this half-baked apple pie in the oven a bit longer. this quote pulled from the app store description of the peter vogel cmi pro app most recent update...

"NOTE: iOS 7 still has a bug where touches on the bottom left of the iPhone screen are ignored, so the left few keys of the music keyboard cannot be used."

September 28, 2013  | person_outline a1

Just to play devil's advocate here. I decided to update to iOS 7 on my main iPad after using it on my wife's iPad for over a week with barely any issues at all. I didn't even have to turn off automatic updates because the switch was set to "off" already after the 7 install. I have been testing IAA and I already love the way it works more than Audiobus (sorry dev). I am fortunate enough to be a beta tester of a particular studio app that automatically sets up the audio and MIDI to any IAA app. Clock sync and start/stop/position are also automatic and hassle free. With MIDI and background audio turned off in the target apps, it still works, and it works pretty darn well. I still wouldn't upgrade if I was using the iPad for live performance, but since I use it for songwriting and production, I don't mind an occasional glitch. I get one about every fourth or fifth hour of use – no biggie at all.

September 29, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

Zen lizard, which Ipad are you using ?

September 29, 2013  | person_outline Suggathang

Working fine on my ipad2.
And if the effects really make you that motion sick ( they don't to me, and I'm fairly prone to that) you can turn them off.

I don't mind being warned there might be issues, but the whole sky is falling thing is a bit much compared to actual reality.

September 29, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

@ Suggathang

My wife's is an iPad 2. Mine is an iPad (4th generation) though I think apple calls it "iPad with Retina"

September 29, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

How are you guys getting on in the absence of Audiocopy? That's really the only concern left that I'm aware of (for me anyway - i don't use ipad for live performance.) Is it that most apps fall back to the general pasteboard and that still works?

September 29, 2013  | person_outline Joe

The thing I also should probably mention is that my results are related to apps I personally use. Not all apps are going to perform as well as they all get their individual bugs worked out. I may just be unusually lucky in that the apps I employ are working well. I had not considered that until an associate told me about all the problems she is having using IAA with an app that I don't own.

@ Joe – the only reason I ever began using audio copy is because there was no other way to bring tracks from different apps together, and for specific tasks like loading samples. I haven't needed to load samples, and I am recording directly between apps, so I haven't missed Sonoma copy yet. If I needed to load a sampler now, I think I'd be unhappy, but otherwise the ability to hold only one file on the clipboard is good enough, as seldom as I need to, since the introduction of Audiobus and now IAA.

September 29, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

i haven't updated yet for the simple reason that i'm disinclined to go through the process every two weeks until they get it stable. i don't have the vogel cmi app installed on my phone and haven't updated it on my ipad but i did find curious their statement that there might be a touch problem on a touchscreen device; as opposed to just some audio glitches or app crashes. i did have to revert to the last version of noatikl to resolve some audio
scratchiness that seemed to be introduced in their most recent update, so it would seem that for the time being there will be problems of some sort no matter which ios is resident. c'est la vie.

September 29, 2013  | person_outline a1

This is the forth version of iOS that I've installed and has been the smoothest transition by far.
Most of the apps I use have received updates and I'm sure it won't be long before the others do.
There are a fair few things to disable in the settings menu, but now it's worked out the battery cycle, everything is golden and the performance of my iPad2 is (I think, at least) improved.

September 30, 2013  | person_outline Bleb

Looking for some opinions here. My ipad is on version 6.0.1. Never felt the urge to update to 6.1. I've noticed that a few of the apps i've recently purchased give me the message that, "This app requires version 6.1, do you want to download the latest compatible version?" option. Apple forced the 7.0.2 file on me so, while i haven't installed it, it's the only version i CAN upgrade to.

Should i take the plunge to 7 to get the latest version of these apps, or hold out on 6.0.1?

October 03, 2013  | person_outline David

I don't think it's a question of should you but more of "when" should you, and that probably depends on what you use your iPad for. I'm personally waiting a little while longer for things like AudioCopy 2.0, and some extra incentive (like IAA in Auria). But if you don't use it for anything critical at all, seems like most folks are having pretty good success with it today. My 2 cents.

October 03, 2013  | person_outline Joe

Thanks Joe. Yeah, all the videos i've seen so far regarding IAA look amazing, and i love that apps like Tabletop (which i've ignored for months) are quickly integrating that functionality. I'm just always wary of OS updates on any platform (still running Windows XP on my PC workstation and some old version of OSX on my iMac). I always hear horror stories from folks who upgrade immediately and really don't want to "ruin" my iPad by rushing into iOS 7 when i am still hearing from folks who have issues.

All that said, i guess it's inevitable.

October 03, 2013  | person_outline David

Hah, I'm stubbornly sticking to Windows XP on my HTPC... Because it works! There is no impetus to upgrade, aside from the handful of DirectX 10+ only games.

I was beginning to feel like I must be the last person running it on any machine. Glad to hear I'm not alone!

Good man, Tim!

I feel like a Windows OS upgrade is imminent based on limitations of some non-music software I use, but I'll be going to Win7 instead of Win8. But yeah, it has definitely felt lonely running XP lately. No regrets, as it is still incredibly solid.

October 03, 2013  | person_outline David

LOL, I still have a laptop running XP because of a DMX lighting controller that I use. The newest version the hardware works with is Vista (which sucks donkey balls). The new controller that runs on a 64 bit OS is about $600, so it was actually cheaper just to buy another computer to run a newer OS and dedicate that laptop to being an XP based lighting controller. in this respect, the fast paced progress of technology makes me nuts (and broke). </rant>

October 03, 2013  | person_outline Joe

Tim, the corporation I work still uses XP- we have several hundred computers....

October 03, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

@joe obviously don't know what your setup is for DMX but you can get little USB -> DMX dongles, check out ChamSys MagicDMX:


I think it's this one my mate has and it's great, he uses it to run a small lighting rig for his bands shows, the MagicQ software is free, and I seem to remember there is an iPhone controller for it too that he uses to switch sets, or whatever, too! If you're interested, I can check what it is he uses and let you know?

Sorry for the off topic post (again!) :))

October 03, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

Thanks @Baddcr. Yes, this is an Elation product. Way back when I bought it they were light years ahead with their software, and charged a big premium. They still charge a big premium but I'm not sure the light years ahead part holds true any more, so if this dongle or PC dies, I'll definitely be looking at other products!

October 03, 2013  | person_outline Joe

I really like the iOS 7 beta. I love all the new features, I fell in love instantly when I got my UDID activated to install it back in june. I read a this article about the iOS 8 beta you might find interesting https://iosudids.com/ios-blog/2013/11/05/ios-8-predictions-wishlist/

November 18, 2013  | person_outline stephen m

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