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Sugar Bytes Turnado

VST developer Sugar Bytes has released their first iPad app! Turnado is a multi-effects app with all the trimmings, including Audiobus, JACK, Audio Copy/Paste and complete MIDI! Thanks to reader Zymos for this news.

Buy Turnado on iTunes: $19.99

Turnado iTunes Description:

Turnado is a revolutionary multi-effect tool, crafted especially for massive real-time audio manipulation. It combines unique and dynamic effects with the most intuitive and immediate control you can imagine. Just turn it on and crank it up.

Take it to the stage and unleash Turnado’s true power. With instant access to eight effects and immediate control over key parameters, Turnado is guaranteed to cause devastation on the dance floor, shredding beats and crunking breaks to insane proportions.

Features at a Glance:

  • 4 XY-Pads to control 2 Effects simultaneously (X,Y)
  • Integrated Player (iTunes File Sharing, Music Library, Factory Loops)
  • Integrated Recorder (div. Optionen: Start/Stop/Sync/Länge)
  • Live Modus (Inputs & Outputs selectable)
  • Audiobus Support (Sender & Filter)
  • Audiocopy™ / Audiopaste™
  • Full Midi Support (Virtual, Network, Extern)
  • Midi Clock Sync
  • Jack iOS Support

The idea is simple:

Turn a knob and the effect is on.
Turn the knob further to adjust effect parameters and apply modulations.
Turn the knob down and the effect is off.

Reader Comments 52

Seems to be portrait only though which is a real pain. Especially if you have an IO dock.

May 01, 2013  | person_outline Bianca

I agree. Otherwise, though it's probably one of the coolest apps ever. I just ran DM1 into it and wow... Instant track. The interface definitely betrays its PC origins (the text is tiny but they give you an option to double-tap to zoom in) but it's as powerful as a PC VST too so I'm not complaining!

May 01, 2013  | person_outline victor

Please find a way to offer landscape view option Sugar Bytes .

Other than orientation inconvenience, this is an amazing app ; worth buying an ipad mini just for this as an fx unit ,more powerful and cheaper than a Kaoss pad ! *

(* other apps such as Loopy Hd would cover the loop sampling ).

May 01, 2013  | person_outline sparkle

Now that's how you release a fucking app! Fully featured.

May 01, 2013  | person_outline Hogo

Portrait-only apps are a pain i agree too but if u got your ipad in an Alesis io dock, one option would be to get a dock-extender cable = problem solved.

May 01, 2013  | person_outline dsp6a

Grrrr at portrait only apps.

May 01, 2013  | person_outline Will

K. Sold. I'll let you know how it runs on an ipad 2 w/ audiobus.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline odoyle

Results of AudioBus test for Turnado: iPad 2 was EASILY able to handle a complex generative patch in Audulus-->Turnado-->audio out. No crashes, no artifacting, no zippering—just pure modular blooping into serious decimation in Turnado.

I hate to say it, but unless Level 24 steps up their game, this might be the end of my need for LiveFX. Believe it or not, Turnado takes less resources on this old iPad 2. And it does more than LiveFX...

If you're on the fence due to uncertainty re: older hardware, hopefully this eases your mind a bit. Next time I take a break, I'll try Sunvox through Turnado into BM2 or MultiTrack DAW. So far, though, I'm quite impressed!


May 02, 2013  | person_outline odoyle

Agreed on the full feature release...what more can u ask !!!!
But the small text and smaller buttons make me unhappy.....full screen with overlays are so natural to a touch interface....I hope they support landscape mode and change the UI just enough to easily touch and control
But awesome fx engine !!!!!

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Pat

err, I meant elephantcandy. Man, I hate the end of the semester.

Lose my mind.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline odoyle

Hoping they will integrate Soundcloud upload from within app since they already offer in-app recording fxn.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline digitaltrix

another terrific promo video!

this is excellent news, been away all day and it was a pleasant surprise to see just now. check out their website, there is an "iPad Edition" manual there and I learned a few other things...

it's not surprising it runs like a champ on your iPad 2 @odoyle because the system requirements are iOS 5.0 and iPad 1!!! they do say iPad 2 (mini) or later is recommended, though. :)

also, for anyone curious, this is the FULL Mac/PC version "with a few added" bits. so, that makes the iPad Turnado a $15 touch version with additional XY control pads out of a $139 VST. the MIDI implementation is sick, and it even supports multichannel I/O with a corresponding USB device!

May 02, 2013  | person_outline gatearray


yep, those graphics could use a proper iPad "port", but maybe if its successful we'll see a "retina" re-design in a future update. presently it reminds me a little bit of ReBirth on the iPad, actually. :)

and yes, if this was to come along with landscape mode, I wouldn't complain either! no alesis dock here, but as most synth apps are landscape, I imagine switching back and forth via Audiobus will be a little annoying.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline gatearray

just had a play...


and I take back what I said about he graphics, they look fine and work really well with the quad XY controllers, what a trip! :)))

May 02, 2013  | person_outline gatearray

This is a handy time to remind everybody that Sunvox runs in portrait mode just as well as landscape. Just sayin'


May 02, 2013  | person_outline odoyle

blown away by this app, please please please allow landscape view !!!! and more video tutorials

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

OMG that is soooooo sweet.

I haven't used the word sweet in this context since the late 90s

May 02, 2013  | person_outline ISM

This app is simply stunning. If automation could be added, it would be stratospheric.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Mike Grant

i got audio distortion/cutting out on ipad 2 using all effects on a loop within the program. Some effects must be more intensive than others, it seemed to vary where it cut out depending on selection. 6 effects works fine though and that seems like plenty.. very fun to play with

May 02, 2013  | person_outline RMG

PS- their marketing is so over the top it's funny. CRUNKING BREAKS YO!

May 02, 2013  | person_outline RMG

Here's a good video of how the plug in version works. The iPad version looks to be the same as the plug in version.


May 02, 2013  | person_outline Simon


Was never convinced by liveFX and didn't buy .... This is all win!

Landscape would be a big improvement but I'm not complaining :)

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Steve

If you double tap the Sugar Bytes logo the top half of the screen zooms in.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Tom

This is fantastic, the best FX app for iOS by miles, can't see any need for a KAOSS Pad iPad app now - it's also probably the most detailed and advanced of all the iOS music apps? great to see a developer porting the full PC version (and even expanding on it) - really shows that you can do it!

May 02, 2013  | person_outline LittleMachine

Three words describe this app and they all begin with amazing.
One thing I can understand, but am curious about, is how all the people asking for landscape mode expect it to be accomplished?

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Bleb

Bleb wrote: " One thing I can understand, but am curious about, is how all the people asking for landscape mode expect it to be accomplished? "

They redesign the UI for landscape, just like other iOS apps do.

Have a look at AudioShare. Works nicely in portrait - turn your iPad on it's side and it works nicely in landscape.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Simon

I use almost all the apps in landscape mode, there are some good exceptions like Figure and triqtraq. Bitwiz comes to mind but only because of audiobus mini-interface which gets in the way of delete. Everyone knows you can't crush those bits if you keep hitting the audiobus menu :P


May 02, 2013  | person_outline hoyas79

This and live fx have very different results and feel to me. I don't think it's fair to directly compare them. Plus, it's such a ridiculously low investment to buy both, there are no "app killers" anymore.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Hogo

Ummm live fx is dead, the utopia you speak of is still a little bit of a ways off. A dollar is a dollar any way you slice it but its not even about the amount it's about the value. At live fx price point and what they offer it doesn't make sense to not get turnado instead at its price point and for what it offers, and the only reason you can't compare the two is because of how much more turnado can do, live fx is just not on a comparable level at this time, that's why one shouldn't compare them. Who knows maybe next week elephant candy will come out with an amazing upgrade for live fx , they're nice folks they can do it.

May 03, 2013  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

Wow. I held off buying this for almost 8 hours... then I cracked and I am glad I did - awesomeness!! Love it - SO much to play with..

May 03, 2013  | person_outline pantsofdeath

Mr. Wonderful wrote: " Who knows maybe next week elephant candy will come out with an amazing upgrade for live fx , they're nice folks they can do it. "

I bet the guys at the candy shop are working on lots of ultra cool, new apps.

May 03, 2013  | person_outline Simon

Landscape would work if you put things side by side. Also the xy pads could be two on each side with the controls down the middle etc... Even if its tiny its nice to have options to have everything on screen.

May 03, 2013  | person_outline hansen

I don't get how palm sounds dev of the week is kymatica and app of the week is nils , shouldn't it be sugarbytes and turnado. Even if you don't like the app it's the most extensive of its kind, takes iOS fx to a new level, and should be recognized by all respectable iOS music blogs...... Just sayin

May 03, 2013  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

Thanks for the rather obvious answer, yes a 'simple and total GUI change' which I'm sure would be very high on their list of priorities.
It's not like it happened quickly in the case of Thumbjam, although admittedly easier to use in landscape mode; I would rather them spend the time on fixing the bugs that cause it to crash so often.
I've been putting it through the mill, and have found several bugs which cause it to lock up or crash, on iPad2 and 4, and once they fix the bug with iOS 5, I look forward to trying it on an iPad classic, although obviously in a stand alone capacity - just to see how far I can push it.
Even though I would really like it to have it work in either orientation, I think the UI would be compromised far too much, but I am perfectly willing to be proved wrong.
Whatever happens with it in the future, it's one hell of app and quite amazing that it's the same as the desktop version but a fraction of the price.
Sugar Bytes have created something really amazing and I hope we see more full versions of their and other companies desktop programs.

May 04, 2013  | person_outline Bleb

This is my App Of The PF Year!!!!
Speechless, just a big smile on my face... :D

May 04, 2013  | person_outline Tom

Had my first proper jam session with this last night, we had a guest sit in on our session and all I could hear was, "oh yeah... Top... Why aren't you recording this? Etc.."

It's ridiculously good fun and I've never felt this level of control and playability from an effects setup! Highly recommended :)

The UI definitely needs a complete overhaul, it's great for playing, but the setup and tweaking is excruciatingly small and fiddly, even with the zoom in. Happy to wait, I know these things take time, I just hope they get someone really good in to design it...

10/10 and it will be at least 15/10 if they sort the UI

May 06, 2013  | person_outline Steve

Bleb wrote: " Simon, Thanks for the rather obvious answer, yes a 'simple and total GUI change' which I'm sure would be very high on their list of priorities. "

Ask an obvious question, get an obvious answer... :-)

May 06, 2013  | person_outline Simon

This app, if it should even be called such, is without a doubt awesome. I never imagined I would be able to create this level of sound sophistication on a portable device. Trying what seemed to me to be really simple experiments are turned into sonic goodness. This app is so good I can pretty much look past the lack of landscape. There really is for all intents and purposes an infinite level of variety, with these many effects the combinations are endless. For the amount of value, this app is a must get. I'm sure I'm no where near a fourth of what this beast can do.

May 08, 2013  | person_outline Christan

You're totally right, if I'd just added "without compromising the UX, surely it would mean adding the XY pads on another page or something and swapping backwards and forwards that often would also compromise workflow" in the first place it would have been easier to understand. 
As I don't comment here much anymore and there are a lot of new faces, I forget people have all different levels of knowledge and experience and I should have explained myself more clearly to avoid any misunderstanding.

May 08, 2013  | person_outline Bleb

And after last update all presets gone

May 17, 2013  | person_outline Eska1961

Hey Eska1961, I updated too and the presets were lost. By the developer's suggestion I deleted the app and reinstalled it fresh. Now the presets are back. Hope that helps!

May 17, 2013  | person_outline Christan

Back it up in iTunes before deleting if you've made any custom presets, and restore them with iFunbox .....

May 17, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

Thx problem solved, I did a reinstall immediatly after the update as
I discovered the missing presets. Think
I was the fast with the reinstall. Now it works fine

May 17, 2013  | person_outline Eska1961

I've not had an update for this, did it come out today? I've just double checked on the App Store but nothing doing?

I'm half way through building a landscape Lemur template for controlling this, much much better and every bit as responsive - well worth the effort :)

I've had Lemur for ages and only ever used the default templates, it's been quite a learning curve to get everything functioning in a sensible way and It's made me realise just how powerful Lemur is - quite extraordinary!

May 17, 2013  | person_outline Steve

I just posted a simple Lemur template for Turnado on Liine if anyone is interested... nothing fancy, but a much nicer experience for playing live :)



May 18, 2013  | person_outline Steve

Thanks for making that, Steve- I'm going to check it out later...

May 18, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

A pleasure mate... it's way more powerful than the Turnado interface, I'm havin a great time with it! I hope you do too!!

Any feedback welcome, but I only sat down to learn how to program Lemur a couple of days ago, so it really is my first venture and I'm sure there's much room for improvement.

I will be doing updates as and when I spot a need for some functionality, so do say if you have a good idea.

May 18, 2013  | person_outline Steve

Man sugarbytes is def listening, landscape mode is now in play!!! Yeahhhh

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

And there's the answer to your question Bleb, very well in fact :) thanks Mr Sugarbytes

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Bianca

Excellent - that's much better... thanks SB!!!

Just the broken midi-learn and the totally unusable settings page to fix now and and we'll be rocking :)

Well, we're already rocking, but not without a large degree of frustration trying to change a patch or hit the dictator button or god help us change any of the actual settings in there... makes me feel like my fingers are about three times as big as they are and like I'm on acid or something! I just can't get em... always 4 or 5 attempts before I manage. The midi learn simply does't work, I've tried a hundred times to get it, but the box just disappears whenever I make the click after the long hold to get it to appear.

May 27, 2013  | person_outline Steve

"I emailed Sugar Bytes the morning I bought it, shaking with its awesomeness, asking if they would consider a Cyclop port. I got a favourable answer." - See more at: http://www.iosmusician.com/#sthash.x4WjCbqv.dpuf


July 21, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

Cool! I'd like to see Unique too.

July 21, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

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