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NinjaJamm is a new iPhone app that lets you remix songs from artists on the UK electronic music label Ninja Tune.

iTunes Description:

Ninja Jamm is a free mixing and jamming app that lets anyone instantly remix music from the Ninja Tune label using touch control, state of the art effects and killer music from Ninja artists.

Combining aspects of DJing, remixing and producing, the app lets anyone experience the excitement of playing with electronic music. Ninja artists such as Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff and Coldcut, provide the tunes for you to jamm with.

As each tune plays, you can switch seamlessly between the original licks and bonus clips, created by highly trained remix Ninjas, whilst glitching and effecting each channel and firing oneshot samples over the top.

The app comes bundled with a free Tunepack, Beats and Pieces3 from Coldcut, the cut'n'paste classic from the DJ duo who helped define both the modern remix with Paid in Full and mashup with Journeys By DJ. You can expand your collection with more Tunepacks from Ninja artists, available for in-app purchase.

Buy NinjaJamm on iTunes: Freemium

They let you share your remixes on SoundCloud, which is not something I expected of an app from a label. This is a great idea since it lets you export something and has the benefit of providing them free marketing for their artists.

Here's the promo video, but you should also check out the Making Of video which shows the prototype in TouchOSC and MAX/MSP.

Reader Comments 26

Finally here! Aw, no ipad1 love. great day!->less great day!

April 11, 2013  | person_outline Anonymouse

@Anonymouse! we tried hard but we just couldnt get the app audio engine working on the older devices. very sorry about that.

April 11, 2013  | person_outline Matt Black

Totally understand. Appreciate you letting me know. At least you tried, i can't fault anyone for wanting to move forward past old hardware limits.

AND, big fan of all the music you put together. I'll get myself upgraded eventually. Thanks again matt!

April 11, 2013  | person_outline Anonymouse

Not for me I'm afraid. The app is quality and so is the music but I need an open system to use my own sounds and export using audiocopy or audiobus. Yellofier has stolen the march!!

April 11, 2013  | person_outline Trueyorky

Not my cup of tea either. I'm not interested in 'remixing' other people's music, no matter how iconic. Nor am I a fan of IAPs in this case.
Even though the interface looks really nice and fun to mess about with, without sample import and a bunch of other features, it's useless to me.
I had high hopes for this, but feared it would be nothing more than a new way to sell Ninja Tune music.
I'm not offended by that, just disappointed.
I'm sure it will be very successful though.

April 11, 2013  | person_outline Bleb

It would have been a lot more compelling if the music was free. The artists get more exposure and fans, and users help to promote Ninja Tunes through sharing remixes.

Not for me either. If it ever lets you use your own stuff maybe...

April 11, 2013  | person_outline Hogo

Me too. Disappointed that I can't use it with my own loops, which leaves me thinking that this isn't really an app for the iOS music making community, but simply another app to help with marketing an external product. Which is kinda strange because for many years I thought Coldcut and Ninja Tune were totally against that kind of thing.

Sorry guys but all that stuff about injustices carried out during the Thatcher/Major years with partying and the criminal justice bill etc etc, building the hype up only to receive a 'closed' app just leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.

April 11, 2013  | person_outline tom_tm

I agree some of the posters above - without the ability to import my own loops/samples, this won't be getting much/if any use here. Although I must say I had great fun playing with the app this morning for 45 minutes. Really love the interface and effects - lots to play around with.

Wonder if audiocopy/paste or importing abilities will be implemented in a future update? This app would be killer if those options were included.

April 12, 2013  | person_outline mister c

tom_tm wrote: " Sorry guys but all that stuff about injustices carried out during the Thatcher/Major years with partying and the criminal justice bill etc etc, building the hype up only to receive a 'closed' app just leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. "

Interesting comment.

How did Thatcher/Major injustices get involved with this app? Was it part of their publicity or something?

April 12, 2013  | person_outline Simon

Disappointed, Matt black should know better, these guys are people like us, samplist. I'm feeling a little like I got elbowed.

April 12, 2013  | person_outline Mr. Wonderful

Simon, I was at the original anti criminal justice bill demos in London back in the early/mid 90's. Coldcut also around the same time, played a set on Kiss FM to make a point about a bill being introduced by the Tory government at the time to ban all kinds of gatherings playing repetitive music (7 or more people could now be classed as an illegal event). Essentially they were saying that purveyors of quality dance music, as well as people who enjoy listening and partying to it, weren't going to stand for this kind of authoritarian reactionary shit from a conservative government, and for many Coldcut were one collective making that stance. Of course it's a fine line, but to then release an app which is obviously more about marketing their record label rather than actively getting involved in a community of iOS music makers, just stinks of hypocrisy, as I can't help feeling that what Coldcut were actually doing back in the early 1990's was now little more than a pose. Sorry to be so blunt, and apologies to you all for bringing politics into Discchord when Tim's already made clear that he won't tolerate it. But there you go.

On a more positive note, Autechre made a very good statement at the time by releasing a record called 'Flutter' that was supposed to contain no repetitive beats at all (Flutter, for the first time being played by the Coldcut collective on that show), so if more more music was made like that, then the authorities couldn't close down the parties. In my mind that was a defining track and moment that essentially help found the genre we now know as IDM.

April 12, 2013  | person_outline tom_tm

Wow - very interesting Tom.


No more Philip Glass concerts :-)

April 12, 2013  | person_outline Simon

No apology necessary, Tom; I'm not that draconian on the anti-politics. That was a fascinating history lesson!

My comment got mangled. Meant to read:


No more Philip Glass concerts :-)

April 13, 2013  | person_outline Simon

I'm sure this Ninja Tune app will sell very well. But it's not for me. And I'm guessing here, certainly not for the iOS music maker community. In my mind Coldcut should have been more intelligent about this release, by releasing an app that allowed users to use whatever sample they chose to, but with an ability to upload to a net label owned by ninja tune. Then the collective could have chosen the pieces they liked best and released them on their own net label with their own endorsement. That would have been a far more intelligent way to go forward as it would have benefitted both previous artists, new net-app artists, and ultimately ninja tune themselves. Win-win for everyone. A bit like what Mouse on Mars were hinting at recently but with a front end app.

April 13, 2013  | person_outline tom_tm

takes a long time to download the specific songs. the initial packs downloaded quickly, but for some reason each song after that takes almost an entire hour to download. by the way, i am in korea, which has very fast download speeds, so it's not my network that is the problem here.

explanations/ reasons for this?

any way i can make the downloads happen faster?

April 14, 2013  | person_outline Matthew Phillips

Possibly related: for some reason my phone starts heating up to a somewhat alarming level when these downloads are happening. Any explanations/ reasons for this? Any way I can prevent it? I tend to avoid any computing which does this to my phone as it is basically chewing up the battery, which, as you probably can appreciate is not good for the battery.

April 14, 2013  | person_outline Matthew Phillips

Another question:

unless each of these files is less than 10MB (which I doubt since it takes so long to download them), I wonder how can I make backups of these files such that if I wipe my phone I can recover them. being files i bought, it would be nice if i knew how to back them up.

April 14, 2013  | person_outline Matthew Phillips

My stupid comment got mangled again. I give up :-)

April 14, 2013  | person_outline Simon

the reason for the long downloads/phone heating up/etc. may be because they're using uncompressed audio files

April 14, 2013  | person_outline a1

As a huge fan of Ninja Tune's roster, this app gives me an amazing chance to see the complicated structure behind the songs and musicians' talents.

The interface is very creative and also easy to operate, but it also offers a level of complexity.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Woo Park

Another thing I've noticed about this app, I decided to download it so I could pull the audio files out and mess about with them as I saw fit.
The files are in a single .zip file, which is password protected!
Slightly ironic I thought.
I lost a hell of a lot of respect for Mr.Black after releasing this app, that respect is now fully into the negative.

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Bleb

Super stoked on this one. Very innovative app. Being able to piece together track like Two Fings "Fools Rythmn" is freaking awesome. Thank You Ninja Tune

May 02, 2013  | person_outline Scorpio Se7en


June 15, 2013  | person_outline Bruno Guerra

Flutter is great, I have the 12" in a box somewhere!

NinjaJamm, was installed and deleted as soon as I realised what was going on... not my cup of tea for reasons stated! Some good posts here - thanks - have enjoyed reading!

June 15, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

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