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eJay for Touch Devices on Kickstarter

Sonic State has some news which I find deeply conflicting. eJay is running a Kickstarter to gather funding for an iOS/Android version of the popular entry-level music making app. This is the first, and possibly only time, I've ever posted a Kickstarter to this site.

The whole concept of Kickstarter is bullshit. This isn't investing, you're not getting any share of the company. This is speculative bargain-hunting at best, and gambling at worst. You pump tons of cash into someone, they get a company out of the deal and you might get some trinket for $5 less than you would ordinarily pay. This is asinine. If you gamble on a company you should see a return on your investment. Kickstarter is for corporate charity drives, and there are a lot more worthy charities out there than this.

Having said that, this is a somewhat worthy charity. eJay is a simple little app where you drag and drop samples in an arranger. It is not something I imagine anyone who reads this site will benefit from, but it will inspire aspiring musicians who are intimidated by even things like GarageBand. I speak from experience, because eJay was one of the first desktop music apps I used.

I was given a techno mix-tape in '94 and liked the sounds I was hearing. My attention span couldn't cope with the drawn out repetitive nature of techno at the time; the same fucking pattern repeating for over 100 bars! So I dragged and dropped some loops in eJay for a week and tried to make Techno for people with ADHD. This isn't a good song, though it is somewhat amusing, but the important factor here is that I completed a song. That simple act of completing a song is all it really takes to hook someone. Thanks, eJay!

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Really disagree with your take on Kickstarter-sometimes it is more like charity, often it is the only way someone can see to raise the money to manufacture a product. I'd rather get some gizmo for 5$ less than never be able to buy it at all because the people with the idea/know how couldn't get financing.

I do think the concept of ejay and similar programs is bullshit and asinine, so there is that....

March 26, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

Ha! Programs like eJay can seem rather corny, but MTV Music Generator for the Playstation One was what got me hooked into making music. :)

Also, typo: I think you meant "intimidated" rather than "intimated".

March 26, 2013  | person_outline Jesse

EJay... So many memories :)

I remember a trip that would normally take 1 hour and took me 8 hours. Hip Hop Ejay helped me drop some beats back then!

March 26, 2013  | person_outline Matheus Barros

Thanks, Jesse! Apparently I can't spell intimadate intimudate intimadfhaudfhadu, and must have hit the wrong spell-check option.

Zymos, I acknowledge that Kickstarter does get us neat new toys that cannot get traditional funding. I just think that for taking a risk on any investment, you should get a better reward than a $5 discount. Some don't even offer that much...

I've been thinking a lot about investing lately, and would like to contribute to projects that I believe in, but my ultimate goals are better returns than my 0.5% savings account, and not altruistic. Can you believe I can fucking spell altruistic without a second thought, but still screwed up intimidate 3 times before realizing there was a second I?

Guess I never really looked at Kickstarter as an "investment" as such. I've only done 2, and the returns on the first were pretty intangible- it was to raise money for a treatment of a book to hopefully be made into a movie someday.
Also, soon to receive a really cool though pricey iPad holder (already planning on getting a second if I like it, to mount a synth over my keyboards for handy tweaking) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/octaproducts/monkey-kit-flexible-tablet-positioning-system?ref=card
They've had my money for about a month, and I get an 80% discount- seems like a good ROI as far as I can tell.....

March 26, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

There are 3 I's in intimidate, Tiiim!

Kickstarter makes sense to me for some things that really require an up-front cash investment; you've got to get the money together to manufacture some sort of circuit board, box, whatever. With software, it's really just the investment of time for people who know how to code. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard that there are a few developers out there who hold down day jobs, and work on apps in the evening instead of watching TV. ;-)

As far as corporate charity; I can't believe how many people chunked down cash for the Ouya kickstarter. I went to school with one of the guys behind that; they've got deep enough pockets that they didn't need help, but somehow conned a bunch of people to shoulder all the risk, while they get all the reward.

March 26, 2013  | person_outline Fessaboy/Secret Base Design

Doh- not really an 80% discount, got it for 80% of the retail price. Big difference....

March 26, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

So basically the guys at ejay can't fund their own development. Similar to Susan Wilson (the millionaire) being unable to send her daughter to a summer camp? What's next? Microsoft starts a kickstarter to develop the next version of Windows? Fuck all these guys.

March 27, 2013  | person_outline Robert

I have ejay on the PS2 and ejay sound selections 2 for the PC. Basically I made a playlist called samples in itunes synced it to my iPad and I can import those samples (from sound selection 2) into any app that can browse the music app on iOS. With Studio.HD, GarageBand,and Loopseque I don't see much use for this. Now if they are planning to bring something new to the game i'm all ears, but I seriously doubt it.

March 27, 2013  | person_outline donko

150k pounds? WTF ? Maybe I should move to kickstarter with my projects :)

March 27, 2013  | person_outline giku

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