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DIY MIDI Controllers for Apps

Reader Otem Rellik has been featured here before for his music, but today he shared a behind the scenes look at his custom MIDI controllers he's been making to control his apps. I found this extra layer of creativity to be quite inspiring!

Video Description:

Just a quick rundown of some MIDI controllers I've built recently for ios music making fun.

Here are some helpful links:
https://github.com/unsymbol/teensy-midi/blob/master/teensy_midi.pde http://little-scale.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-very-simple-diy-usb-midi-controller.html

I use the 2.0 Teensy board for all my projects:

Reader Comments 3

This is awesome ! Thanks for sharing mr Rellik !
I believe there is a great market for some flexible iDevice centric MIDI foot controllers and
And apps like loopy and all the synths need to provide flexible bindings for MIDI
I too was exploring the option of using Leonardo or better yet , the MakeyMakey as a MIDI controller
Still a research project for me ;-)

Great to set your setup and I might finally get the Teensy to do this job since it's something that might work
under $50 ! If there is a way to avoid the on/off switches and use some conductive material like Makey then that would be more awesome project since that would enable to have more wider and spread out control points !

December 10, 2013  | person_outline Pat

Definitely! I highly recommend the teensy 2.0. It has been a breeze to work with and it's so damn small you can practically mount it in anything!

December 10, 2013  | person_outline otem rellik

Omg. I have never done anything like this but WOW i would like to soooo much! I looked at your directions link, i was thinking it might be doable but then i had no idea how the sideways pot was connected and realized maybe i would not pull it off. Kudos to you for making such sweet ios compatible stuff!

December 12, 2013  | person_outline hansendesigns

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