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AUUG - Motion Controller Strap for iPhone

AUUG is a new hand strap for the iPhone, now on Kickstarter, designed specifically for use with music apps.

The Motion Synth: Turn Movement into Music

The AUUG grip positions the screen of an iPhone or iPod touch to be played by the fingers and secures the device to the user’s hand during motion. The AUUG grip design has been developed with these musician needs in mind:

Playability: We discovered that musicians could play melodies and harmonies far more accurately and comfortably if they did not have to grip their iOS device while playing, so the AUUG grip positions your iOS device in the optimal playing orientation and comfortably keeps it there.

Learn-ability: We also discovered that a touchscreen overlay could provide the tactile feedback that is essential for accurate note playing while the arm is in motion, and for accelerating practice-improvement.

The AUUG app converts your iOS device’s motion sensor data into signals for shaping sound, and transfers these signals to other iOS sound apps or external devices. The AUUG app does not produce its own sounds, but instead acts to control other iOS audio apps running on the same device (as well as external devices), thereby giving the user the freedom and flexibility to choose from a much larger range of sounds than a single app could provide. The AUUG app can be installed on iPhones (4S and up) and iPod touch devices (5th generation and up).

They have a very well produced demo video, and the idea looks kind of cool, but at $70-80 a pop and a goal of $70,000 I think they're doomed. Zivix's PUC, the last Kickstarter I featured, had to resort to a lot of shenanigans to make their Kickstarter a success; including doubling the campaign time and halving the campaign goal.

Reader Comments 2

This looks cool, if kind of pricey. Do we think that AUUG is an acronym or Aramaic?

November 21, 2013  | person_outline Joe

I looked at this yesterday and initially thought that's interesting, then I saw the 'gold' options and this put me off... mildly irrational of course, but I felt like I was reading up on some Prada accessories rather than a midi controller, what's wrong with TShirts as a bonus or two of the devices or something?

Then I remembered GyroSynth... which given a little practice and perhaps a script or two on your desktop could achieve similar effects - yes it has midi out and configurable scales!

That reminds me, must try this with the iCM2+ via a wired connection, the performance of gyroscope, midi and wifi all together on iPhone4 isn't that good, but the wired connection should totally sort it.

November 21, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr / SynthPatcher

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