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OpEd: The AudioShare SDK by Jonatan Liljedahl

Following the release of the AudioCopy app earlier this week, there were members of the community crying foul at some of the features which were similar to those found in AudioShare. AudioShare has been a long loved tool among iOS musicians, since its release in July 2012. I invited developer Jonatan Liljedahl to write an OpEd stating the case for developers to support AudioShare in their apps, and how his SDK will benefit users in the continuously expanding inter-app audio options.

The AudioShare SDK - How and why?

by Jonatan Liljedahl, Kymatica

We already have two standards for Audio Copy and Paste, and with iOS7 one of them broke and was replaced with a new version. So why support yet another way of getting audio in and out between apps?

Firstly, AudioShare's main purpose is not to replace the existing AudioCopyPaste standards. The reason I made AudioShare was that there was a gap that was asking to be filled - iOS musicians needed a central librarian to store and manage their sounds, with various ways to get audio in and out of the library. AudioShare delivers that, and I'm happy to see it growing into the standard file manager for iOS musicians or anyone that need to manage soundfiles on their iOS device. It is also a recorder, and an Inter-App Audio host, and some people refer to it as the swiss-army knife of iOS audio.

So, for all these AudioShare users, copying and pasting to transfer audio between other apps and AudioShare works fine, albeit a bit cumbersome. But this can easily be improved! By implementing the AudioShare SDK in your app, your users will be able to export or import to and from AudioShare with a single tap of a button, and the user can keep working directly with their central sound library.

But this is not the only reason. AudioShare SDK also supports any kind of audio file, including MP3 and MIDI files. It also supports any format, for example 24bit/48k, instead of being limited to the CD-standard of 16bit/44k1. And it works for iOS 5, 6 and 7!

The SDK is extremely easy to incorporate in your own code, here's what is needed to export a file into AudioShare:

[[AudioShare sharedInstance] addSoundFromPath:thePathToYourFile withName:@"My Sound"];
That's a single line of code! Importing from AudioShare is a tiny bit more complex, but should still take only a couple of minutes:

1. First, declare a new URL type for your app with the scheme yourAppName.audioshare

2. Then, in your app delegates openURL handler method, call checkPendingImport:withBlock: to handle the actual import. The supplied block will be called with a path to the imported file, living inside your apps temporary directory.

3. Finally, to initiate the import from your app, simply call [[AudioShare sharedInstance] initiateSoundImport];

AudioShare SDK is free and open source, and can be found here:
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Reader Comments 31

Oh yeah, and thanks Will for suggesting this whole article idea!

+1 for all devs everywhere implementing this!

Your support will be very much appreciated in our endeavour to make music making on iOS as integrated as possible :)

And thank you to Jonatan for AudioShare - I use it a lot!

October 25, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

As a frequent purchaser of iOS apps, I urge any and all developers to include the Audioshare SDK in their apps. Many apps have Dropbox functionality, which is much less useful, especially with large files. Audioshare almost makes up for Apple's refusal to include an actual file system on these devices, and app developers that support it will find that it is the best - and really only - solution for iOS file storage and sharing.

Jonatan neglected to mention that Audioshare's brand-new IAA capability can route IAA-capable synths and generators through IAA effects (AUFX, Echopad) into Audiobus makes it the first "bridge" which can allow the two technologies to work side-by side.

Jonatan is one of the bright shining lights of the iOS music community. Audioshare and his other apps (AUFX series, Bitwiz) are among the highest-quality apps available for the platform at the moment. He has also been quite active in adding Inter-App Audio support, which is now present in both AUFX (Space and Dub) as well as Audioshare.

P.S. Tim, I am a longtime reader who was unfortunately, too broke at the time to contribute to your funding campaign. Thanks for all your hard work. Discchord is one of the first sites I check every day for updates,

October 25, 2013  | person_outline Asa Milbankx

Thank you very much, Asa. Honestly hearing that this site is something something you come to every day is contribution enough!

This guy is the Gold standard of developers: intelligent, creative, and evolving in all the right directions.

October 25, 2013  | person_outline Chris Catalanohris Catalano

+1 for developers adding AudioShare SDK! +1 for reading discchord every day, because it is the best site of it's kind, and in some ways, the only site of it's kind.

October 25, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

Did he say any audio file ?........does that mean flac too???

October 25, 2013  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

2 words: FAN TASTIC!!!

2 cents:

October 25, 2013  | person_outline hoyas79

I look at this as a Externalized File Manager for an iOS app.....or think of it as a very custom music oriented local Dropbox.
Either way, it's a repository of sounds from many places : apps,websites,samples,mic,paste boards,file system,Dropbox etc etc....all in one place...what's not to like here and why shouldn't anyone adopt it ??.
It's very cool and can become the Swiss Army knife of Audio Management on iOS devices

October 25, 2013  | person_outline Pat

+1 for developers adding AudioShare SDK. AudioShare Is the oil of iOS music production.

October 25, 2013  | person_outline SamVega

+1 for this. I've got AudioShare support in some of my apps already, and I'll roll it out to the others in future updates. The SDK is clean, small, easy to use, and does exactly what it should do. And AudioShare is such a hugely useful app, anyone who's doing anything with music should own it. Plus, Jonatan is a nice guy, and does a lot of great work.

October 25, 2013  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

Wow, huge thanks for all the kind words! :)

Regarding FLAC, I'm afraid it doesn't support that. I bet there is also a lot of obscure audio fileformats not supported, so maybe I shouldn't have said "any kind of audiofile"... I should have said: Any kind of audiofile supported by iOS itself: AIFF, AIFC, WAVE, SoundDesigner2, Next, MP3, MP2, MP1, AC3, AAC_ADTS, MPEG4, M4A, CAF, 3GP, 3GP2, AMR, and MIDI files.

October 25, 2013  | person_outline Jonatan Liljedahl

Yes exactness. Disschord and Audioshare. Kingpins in the world of iOS music. Sending out a little prayer for Samplr to link with Auidioshare. Super functional!

October 25, 2013  | person_outline sELF

Samplr is working on the mono left channel only fix, and hopefully they get in sync with all of this stuff when the update comes soon. Brilliant app...

October 25, 2013  | person_outline Chris Catalanohris Catalano

+1 for more apps integrating it into their apps.

Implementing the AudioShare SDK is very easy to do, I've had "Export to AudioShare" in Echo Pad since a few days after Jonatan initially released the SDK, and recently added "Import from AudioShare". The way Jonatan has set this up is a slick integration for the end user, and super simple for developers. Additionally, I don't think I've ever had "Export to AudioShare" or "Import from AudioShare" fail on me, not even once.

October 25, 2013  | person_outline HoldernessMedia

whoops, meant to say *more devs integrating it into their apps

October 25, 2013  | person_outline HoldernessMedia

Well jonaton / Kymatica like i said couple of days ago is the main man for ios as far as im concerned,brings out quality apps at a incredible pace and something new is always not faraway and hes reachable if you need to speak to him.

October 25, 2013  | person_outline andre

+2 to Kymatica and HoldernessMedia

Keep up the good work!!


October 25, 2013  | person_outline hoyas79

+1 from me as well. AudioShare is a fantastic tool. One of the very few that sits directly on my home screen instead of inside of a folder due to its frequency of use. This is reserved for apps like this and Audiobus.

Hello devs - with a single line of code for export capability, why WOULDN'T you include the AudioShare SDK?

October 26, 2013  | person_outline Joe

I installed the Audiocopy app and deleted it because it was seriously slow to launch and load on my iPad 3. I prefer the old AC or putting the file into Audioshare for later use.

October 26, 2013  | person_outline Steve

If you have an app or apps that you want to integrate the AudioShare SDK, don't forget to email the developer at their suggestions or support links and ask for it. Many of the developers are very willing to do stuff like this if you ask, especially if you let them know there are a bunch of musicians on the web asking for it. Often times, they aren't aware that there is such high demand for one feature or another, and they appreciate the heads up.

October 26, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

+1 from me too! Audioshare is a part of everything I do on ios.
& i look forward to discchord everyday. I even remember on Christmas Day & other days around it last year Tim would update the site everyday. That's passion for you! Thanks again Tim

October 27, 2013  | person_outline HiggyB

Thanks, Higgy. Yeah, since I want this to be an international site (rather than American-centric), I don't take regional/religious holidays off. Not much happens on the weekends though, so I try to take those as breaks to prevent burnout!

I'm sure I'm not alone in supporting the "weekends off" policy. It gives us a chance to catch up on anything we overlooked or were to busy to give full attention to during the week. I have noticed that some stories do get posted outside of "business hours" though, when it's something important.

October 27, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

@Tim I'm more than happy that you take the weekends off now, you deserve to chill :)

@zenLizard well said :)

October 27, 2013  | person_outline HiggyB

AudioShare adds immense VALUE to an app at virtually NO COST to the dev. Workarounds would be history if more devs integrated it.

Case in point: the recently released Xynthesizr mentioned by @andre on another page today. The app is free and Audiobus enabled. There is an iap for file export/sharing ($.99) which is fine except- the only options are email/soundcloud/itunes file sharing...which forces at least one more operation to get a file to a library. Unfortunately the default .wav file name (date/time) isn't recognized by itunes, and it can't be renamed within the app, so sharing that way is out for now. The export format, via the other methods, is encoded as m4a (not .wav) so that may require conversion depending on your needs...requiring yet another workaround.
At present the optimum 'workaround' is simply to put Xynthesizr in the Audiobus input slot and AudioShare in the output slot, and record directly.

October 27, 2013  | person_outline a1

+1000 ...Early adopter here, big big fan. I use it in most of my serious sessions (a dedicated audio Dropbox front end is beyond helpful - it's indispensable!) and shill it to any and all iOS musicians constantly.

Looking forward to even more detailed editing capabilities; at this point, all I need is an Audition/Audacity replacement and iOS really will be my own personal desktop killer.

October 28, 2013  | person_outline Nonnymoose

Now iOS 7 has fully brought the iPhone 5 into the fold, via CCK, the only new feature I would love to see in this indispensable App is support for an FTP host, such as the iUSBPort. That would finally remove the need to fire up iFunBox and its navigation hassles for off-loading and migrating audio files and projects. "Open In" GoodReader is a substitute but at the cost of having to manually manage additional redundant copies of work, and the resources they consume.

October 28, 2013  | person_outline dwarman

Thanks you guys for supporting this idea.
I think this not only speaks to the amazing work of Jonatan, but is also a direct result of Retronyms not communicating with the community in the right ways. Jonatan goes out of his way to make us happy by making his software work for us, Retronyms seems to do the exact opposite.

October 28, 2013  | person_outline Jeremy

Sweet! Thanks @jonatan and @tim!

@A1 nailed it: AudioShare adds immense VALUE to an app at virtually NO COST to the dev.

October 28, 2013  | person_outline Will

A little late to this post but I wanted to say AudioShare is pure awesome and so is Jonatan, a ninja in ios audio development, I integrated AudioShare SDK into Glitchbreaks and it was really easy.


October 29, 2013  | person_outline Alex Matheu

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