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AudioCopy App Released

Retronyms has released the AudioCopy management app, a big new part to AudioCopy 2.0.

AudioCopy iTunes Description:

AudioCopy is a catalog for your sounds. Browse and audition all the sounds you’ve copied. Import sound using iTunes, store sounds centrally for easy use in your favorite apps.

Buy AudioCopy on iTunes: Free

This is unfortunately limited to iOS 7 at this time, which is kind of the main point of this app after Apple broke the way AudioCopy 1.0 used to work. Now you have access to a "history" of copied samples, as you did in the previous AudioCopy SDK on iOS 5/6.

I asked Retronyms about their plans for expanding support beyond iOS 7.

"This is our 1.0 release of AudioCopy. Our first goal was to replace the functionality that iOS7 removed. I think we might be able to add iOS6 next if people request it and we see lots of users using it."
- Dan Walton, Co-Founder Retronyms

As it is limited to iOS 7 though, I'm in the dark on this one. Someone else is going to have to let us know how it is in the comments!

Update: Retronyms has released this demo video.

Reader Comments 27

Funny to see no comments about this one... there's a firestorm of comments happening on the AudioBus forum about this release.

October 21, 2013  | person_outline Simon

Ahhh shit, wish I could get this news up faster so Jonatan would have dropped that bomb here.

From the Audiobus Forum:

I must say I'm a bit disappointed:

They say it's "the missing file browser for iOS music apps".. Then why did I spend the last years developing AudioShare? I did ask them to reconsider their focus with this app, really no need for them to try to steal functionality from AudioShare, but no.

The Sonoma SDK was open source, which made it possible for AudioShare to implement deleting items on the pasteboard as well as batch copy a bunch of file at once. These features are now impossible to implement for me, since retronyms keeps the new SDK closed source.

No backward compatibility with Sonoma ACP and iOS6, so all apps still need to implement both to keep supporting iOS6.
Advertising inside the ACP app for their tabletop stuff.

Only supports 16 bit 44.1kHz linear PCM format (compared to Generic/Intua pasteboard and AudioShare import/export SDK which supports any file format, even MIDI files)

- Jonotan Liljedahl, Kymatica

Liljedahl corrected himself a bunch of times after those statements (batch copy is still doable for example). Better read the whole thread then post snippets here I think.

Few minor kinks to work out, and a big annoying time consuming list to tuck away somewhere hidden. Other then that it's all good. Aside from the fact that the SDK is _not_ open, which it needs to be if it's gonna be a "standard".

October 21, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

Again Retronyms chooses the Island to itself route, with a closed source app. Also, calling this the file browser for IOS music. Please, Audioshare still holds that title.

October 21, 2013  | person_outline Mgmg4871

*Better LINK the whole thread

October 21, 2013  | person_outline ChrisG

Ah right, meant to do that. Trying to get all this up before dinner. Fixed!

This Tengu just tried it briefly...upon first perusal: huge list of compatible apps in no discernible order (at least to this Tengu's eyes)...no alphabetizing, iMPC is on there twice...no way to highlight apps currently on the iPad...clicking on an app name, upload, or download button opens the App Store page for that app...seriously...even when said app is on the iPad. There's some great ads on using Tabletop's Mastermind. So far it appears to be an unnecessary middleman mixed with bloatware.

If anyone would like this Tengu to do any other tests of how it works feel free to ask...it may be that this Tengu fails to comprehend the value of this app (we do use poo...for plants), but thus far it appears to be a turd.

October 21, 2013  | person_outline Tengu Tengu

I do not support or recommend anything retronyms. Worst experience with both their apps and the support. Subpar quality in both areas. Tried numerous times.

October 21, 2013  | person_outline Anonymouse

And on top of all of this, that damn impc app STILL does not export audio correctly!!!

October 22, 2013  | person_outline Kobamoto rin

My highest compliment is that it is worth the price they are charging....
Long live Audioshare!

October 22, 2013  | person_outline Zymos

Tim wrote: " Ahhh shit, wish I could get this news up faster so Jonatan would have dropped that bomb here. "


It 'aint easy being a news blogger! :-)

October 22, 2013  | person_outline Simon

I'm not thrilled by the Retronyms approach. Their SDKs (both the old and new) are a lot more complex than they need to be, IMO, and bloated with stuff that I don't need and don't want. By contrast, Jonatan has a nice, slim, easy-to-use SDK for AudioShare, which works like a champ. When Apple killed the regular old pasteboard, AudioShare became the new standard, as far as I'm concerned.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

It can be loaded with multiple files which can be pasted one after the other, so I'm going to use it for just that. Don't like that It has to open a splash screen when first invoking it, instead of going right to the list of files, but at least it works. Hasn't crashed on me. That's good too. I'll use AudioShare for everything I always used it for. I'll load up AudioCopy from AudioShare (or any app I've copied stuff from), then go and paste multiple files into whatever app I'm headed to. Using AudioShare alone, I had to keep bouncing back and forth. Since apple broke Sonoma, anyway.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

Oh! I missed the thing about limited formats. That sucks! I'm sure we can get them to fix that, though. They've fixed everything that I've asked them for so far in their other apps.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

One last thing... About that long list of apps. When audio has been copied from an app, that app gets moved to the top, so most people won't have to deal with a long list. The apps they use the most will be right there.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

Oh dear, I have allergic reactions to advertising; the degree directly correlating to the aggressiveness and general obnoxiousness of the ad, so I can see this is going to be difficult!

I'm stubborn enough that I will make my own life difficult before giving into this kind of nonsense, are the ads really in your face, like every single time you use it?

@tengu, poo for plants, is generally a good thing, and if I have your nationality right, you also have beautiful mountains, food (that I have the pleasure of eating at least once a week at my local Mmmmmmm... MoMo!!) and philosophy! One of my prized instruments is a gorgeous singing bowl that is also an aum bowl and has a tuned base so you can make it talk with a little water :))

October 22, 2013  | person_outline Baddcr

It's very buggy for me, keeps hanging when selecting imported sounds. I don't think AudioShare has anything to fear here.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline SamVega

give'em hell @Liljedahl

Audioshare is great (has its issues) but great nonetheless...

This Audiocopy faux pas is one more reason not to go Android, I mean... iOS7 :P


PS: blatant rip-offs are the sincerest form of flattery for desperate developers. Retronyms you lost my respect.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline hoyas79

@Baddcr, this Tengu derives his name from a culture he loves, but it is other than his culture of human birth. This Tengu's a Michigander.

As to AudioCopy: upon openning the app, one is faced with a splash screen (this will be seen anytime one returns to the app, even when previously open or switching to/from "compatible" apps), center-stage is a button labeled "Browse, Manage, and Audition Your Sounds"- this button takes one to "the list". At bottom left of the splash screen is a button that directs one to a community sharing section, currently barren but for the "News" feed which features articles/videos for Retronyms stuff. A wee bit classier than what one would expect from say, IK Media. So your allergies may be offended depending on how sensitive they are.

This Tengu also spent some more time testing Audiocopy's "functionality" this morning. ZenLizard is correct in that some apps, when sound has been copied from them, will show up at the top of "the list". Notice this Tengu said some. Auria worked great and this Tengu sees some glitter of usability there, but other apps failed utterly. When copying from Loopy, which is on "the list", the file just ends up in the general pasteboard section, with a possible population of one. Same with NodeBeat HD. Same with Nave. Only Auria popped to the top of the list with its own multi-file folder, the rest remained among the randomness of "the list".

"The list" on this Tengu's AudioCopy consists of 3 sections: "App Audio" (here's Auria's folder), "Other Audio" (here lies general pasteboard's one wave file, and an iTunes Fileshare folder), and "Compatible Apps" (randomness). The "Compatible Apps" has some oddities like, Auria and Auria LE are both on there, but called just Auria, so good luck guessing which one will take you to the proper app store page. There's also the fact that it always directs to the App Store even when an app is loaded. Finally there's that whole bit about the list being random...literally. The "Compatible Apps" portion of "the list" gets randomized every time one returns to it...EVERY TIME. Totally obnoxious, especially seeing that many apps have lite and full versions on the list and zero readable differentiation between them.

And as a possibly connected side-note, this Tengu experienced the strangest, fubarred, restart-requiring glitchiness from his iPad 3 while doing this test. Top bar/bottom bar (the pull trays) failed to function, most folders stopped opening and a weird jiggley screened lock-up was experienced. This was the first time this Tengu has experienced problems quite like that on his iPad, and he's done many multi-app stress tests on his hardware.

I'm unsure if my plants can stomach this poo...may need to compost longer.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline Tengu Tengu

Tried this masterpiece... cant make head nor tail out of it ...everytime I clicked on anything it opened an app in the appstore wtf thats all about.
Cant be doing with this silly company. Audioshare suits me fine thanks.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline moi

We, "the community" need to figure out how to get app developers to support the AudioShare SDK. Then non of this less-than-awesome crap matters. @tim, I know you keep it general here and I appreciate it but a guest post from Jonatan on how to implement it would go an awfully awfully long way towards that goal considering how many developers watch your site. Not a link to a post by him on his own blog but a guest post here.

/2 cents, as always.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline Will

Interesting idea, Will. I'll talk to him about it.

The apps that don't go to the top of the list are the ones that don't have the SDK inserted yet. Everyone is free to hate this if they want, I've got no stake in it, but let's be fair. It would be like blaming Audiobus because apps that haven't integrated the Audiobus SDK don't work with it. I've not been taken to the App Store, and I've not seen the horrible advert because I haven't needed to open the app directly. The only time I will do that is when I want to get rid of some files, which will happen occasionally, I suppose. I understand the aversion – I won't use Hulu+ because I refuse to pay for a service and then have to watch ads as well. I use Netflix or Amazon instead.

But this was free, and it does allow me to paste multiple files without leaving the app I'm working in. I love AudioShare but I can't do that with AudioShare (yet). This is also version one (well... okay, two, but it's the initial release for Retronyms). What app is perfect with version one? You could think of it this way, for those of you who are angry with Retronyms: you can use this and you're not giving them a dime, so really, using it is more revenge than not using it.

As for crashing or odd glitches, I haven't seen one in two days of use, on a 4th gen, so I can't offer any valid opinion on that aspect.

October 22, 2013  | person_outline ZenLizard

Hey guys, we're definitely looking at all the feedback here and elsewhere. Just a couple notes:

There are no "ads". AudioCopy includes a list of compatible apps (just as it always has), and we included CloudSeeder which has our blog feed in it (where of course, we post about product updates, etc — but also various other things).

As ZenLizard pointed out, apps that you've copied audio from appear at the top under a separate subhead, organizing the sounds (an improvement from the old version). So once you start using it, the organization becomes a lot more clear.

The posting features in CloudSeeder aren't quite working yet, but will as soon as SoundCloud enables the app.

The intent of this app is to allow AudioCopy to continue in iOS 7. It's not ~really intended to be something you task to very often. We need an app to sit in the background and serve as the pasteboard for apps that use AudioCopy. Our goals were very simple: make sure AudioCopy continues to work on iOS 7, and improve it a little while we were at it. We're committed the project, and will be continuing to improve and update it.

October 23, 2013  | person_outline JP

I think they were referring to the blog feed as the ads. People have been rubbed raw by IK's inclusion of ads in their paid apps, including pop-ups and similar feeds, so folks have become a bit sensitive to that. I've seen a lot of similar criticism for other apps, including I believe Tabletop, so I was also surprised you included that in the iTunes pic.

I've been watching this post without comment for a while. AudioCopy is one of the last remaining things on my checklist before upgrading my ipad to 7. So thanks ZenLizard for clarifying that it does what you'd want and expect it to, and thanks Retronyms for taking this over and contributing to the community with a free app that allows us to retain functionality we've all come to expect.

As for AudioShare, well, it would take a lot for something to replace it for me. I really like the interface and functionality. I wouldn't think the develop has much to worry about.

October 23, 2013  | person_outline Joe

Thank you, JP! Tengu appreciates your interaction with the community and your words help shed some light on the intended purpose of this app. Auria is the only app this one regularly goes to that has updated to 2.0, and thus usefulness was hard to discern (rarely copy from Auria to Auria, either). As developers implement the SDK, Tengu could see using this often (btw, any reason why Loopy is on the list, but no Loopy HD?), and background use would eliminate pretty much all that was off-putting.

I would also like to share my appreciation to Retronyms for providing this app gratis, and to all they and other iOS developers (and the community that continues to give them feedback) do to open the music production playing field wider and wider. You do creativity and creators everywhere a great service. I would also like to apologize for failing to make that a part of my communications from the get-go.

October 24, 2013  | person_outline Tengu Tengu

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