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CES 2013 News

The Consumer Electronics Show 2013 is happening right now in Las Vegas, and some interesting new devices have been unveiled.

IK Multimedia's Something Old

IK Multimedia has several new products coming out this year, including an updated iRig HD. Instead of running your instruments into the headphone jack, as the original iRig did, the HD version features dock, lightning, and USB connections for a digital signal path after the 24-bit DAC.

This is positioned to compete directly with the popular Apogee Jam, in both functionality and price at $99. This seems like an odd move for them, since they have been banking on being a cheaper alternative to most other hardware. Perhaps with this higher price we will see an improvement in the quality.

The iRig HD is expected to ship this quarter.

IK Multimedia's Something New

IK Multimedia also announced the iLine Mobile Music Cables, coming to stores next month for $59.

This is just a bundle of 6 cables with a carrying case.

You can also buy the individual cables for $20-$25 each.

IK Multimedia's Something Blue

Perhaps most exciting in IK's CES2013 lineup is the BlueBoard. Available in the second quarter of this year for $99, this is a compact Bluetooth foot pedal controller. It sends standard MIDI CC so you can use it with anything.

The little unit is powered by AAA batteries, and has two inputs for connecting additional expression pedals/foot switches.


Griffin StudioConnect & MicConnect

Griffin is also updating their iOS offerings with a new Lightning connector version of their Studio Connect.

Available in Spring for $150, this looks like a decent alternative to the Alesis iO Dock for iPad 4s and iPad minis.

Coming out later in June for $40 is their MicConnect, which is a simple adapter for plugging an XLR mic into your iDevice headphone jack.

Windows 8 Goodies Of Note

As we saw back in October, Windows 8 might become a very serious platform for music. Before you can take advantage of it though, you'll need a Windows 8 touch device.

If you already have a Windows computer you might just want a new multi-touch monitor. ViewSonic have 3 coming out shortly that offer 10-point multi-touch in various sizes. I'm seriously tempted by the 27", which comes in at about twice what you'd pay for a normal 27" monitor, or $100 more than a 64GB iPad.

  • 23-inch TD2340 - $599 (Available January)
  • 27-inch TD2740 - $799 (Available April)
  • 32-inch TD3240 - $2,499 (Available February)

Alternatively if you're planning on upgrading your computer soon, you might want to take a look at the latest Lenovo "tablet", which is similar to the one we saw Jordan rocking on. The IdeaCentre Horizon is coming out this Summer and starts at $1699. Watch in this promo as a young mother effortlessly drags this monolith throughout the house. Their marketing department must hate them.

Reader Comments 12

That BlueBoard looks cool, but the fact that it's made by IK has me worried.

January 08, 2013  | person_outline DC

I actually cackled out loud at "effortlessly"! But with "Dual Digital Array Microphones" how could I *not* buy the Lenovo?

January 08, 2013  | person_outline Will

Gaah... Like hauling a sack of potatoes
They just don't get it do they?

January 08, 2013  | person_outline Pat

Are they serious about a 27 inch "portable tablet"?! That's a joke, right?

Do you think that maybe Apple has double-agent-engineers that they infiltrate into other companies, in order to sabotage their projects?

January 08, 2013  | person_outline Fessaboy/Secret Base Design

aww, how cute the kids took my tablet. GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF THAT! did you drop it?? into the naughty cupboard!

January 09, 2013  | person_outline RMG

btw, for anyone considering an ipad dock; I just got an alesis io|2 express working with a belkin powered hub and it all seems to be working well, for less than an io dock would have cost. minus the ipad charging, but I'm not stuck with one connector type and I can use it with the PC too.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline RMG

RMG, the iO4 is even better (IMO) since one doesn't need a hub.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline DC

The iO2 (not express) has SPDIF, so be sure to look at the whole range to find one that fits your needs. I'm waiting on NAMM, but if nothing amazing is announced I'm probably getting the iO2.

nice one. I don't mind the hub since I use the IO2 for recording my 'brute which needs a socket anyway- plus it saves ipad battery. nice to have the portability option though

January 09, 2013  | person_outline RMG

Thanks for the monolith, i can't stop laughing.. The children must be born with enormous muscles!

Anyway, it can be a good thing for composing, better than my microscopic ipad. Ims20 or ipolysix on a 27'' screen could be interesting.

And for scores too, even if it´s a bit too much for a piano.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline Gatan

@tim, not that it will help in time for NAMM but a Dischord open thread on 'what do you want in an iOS audio interface?' (along with "what's your use case?") might be awfully helpful to a lot of OEMs. You could help keep the comments on target by outlining a set of possible features that others might forget about (spdif and charging are two common ones it seems) in the main article.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline Will

> plus it saves ipad battery

I'm sure how that would be the case. My iPad does not power the iO4. I also use the iO4 to record my MiniBrute, and I don't use a USB hub anywhere.

January 09, 2013  | person_outline DC

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