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BeatMaker 2 Updated with Audio Tracks and Recording!

Intua doesn't fuck around with their updates. When they patch BeatMaker 2 it stays updated. Today's update has 27 bullet points, which you can read in their entirety on the Intua forum. The big news though is that you can now record audio, and work with audio tracks! Two big advances for this long running iOS DAW! I think the battle for supremacy between NanoStudio and BeatMaker 2 just got flipped again here, now that Beat Maker 2 has MIDI Out & Audio tracks. Your move, Nano.

Here are the highlights:

  • Audio tracks with disk streaming support
  • Support for USB class audio interfaces on iPad via CCK
  • Record up to 8 audio tracks simultaneously
  • Sample drag'n'drop on drum machine via "Quick Load"
  • Event recording is now allowed anywhere in the app
  • Sustain pedal is now supported in the keyboard sampler
  • Keyboard sampler now supports layers
  • Retina graphic content for the 3rd generation iPad
  • Receive MIDI clock messages for tempo synchronization
  • MIDI Settings: Added OMNI and input clock

Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $19.99

Reader Comments 8

Fantastic update. I just did some testing with it. My favorite part is the ability to now change midi into audio. Must export the midi track into a folder then add an audio track. Then, in the sequencer hit the plus button and press load sample! Then you can mix/edit your project in audio format!

August 09, 2012  | person_outline EcentC

And there I was just this morning wondering (and searching for) what had happened to this update. Brilliant stuff! :)

August 09, 2012  | person_outline Tom_TM

PS, Matt's had a nasty cycle accident, so we'll have to wait until he gets better. But to be honest, both of these iOS apps each have their advantages over the other, not to mention that you can also run Nano on both your PC and Mac too. MIDI out on Nano would be really nice, but the recent update allowing nsp files to be shared via email is really cool. What I'd also like to see is someway of hooking Nano to run alongside Auria in sync. That would be pretty nice.

August 09, 2012  | person_outline Tom_TM

Oh my god, they killed NanoStudio !


August 09, 2012  | person_outline J.C

>>Oh my god, they killed NanoStudio !<<

If BM2 suits you better - than yes. I tried both and still with Nano

And it's still weak for live perfomance on it's sampler - RicePad is stronger in that case

August 09, 2012  | person_outline qmish

Still never tried BM. Every release makes it more tempting but there's so much dbaggery surrounding it, I've never hit the buy button.

August 09, 2012  | person_outline will

As much as I want to like NanoStudio, BeatMaker 2 is just a better app. NS might have Eden but the flexibility with editing and using samples in BM2 is unmatched. Yes, BM2 had stability issues for a while but it's been pretty solid for quite a while now in my experience. This latest update is really great.

August 09, 2012  | person_outline Hypersleep

"BeatMaker 2 is just a better app. NS might have Eden but the flexibility with editing and using samples in BM2 is unmatched."

Nanostudio is just a better app. BM might have a multi sampler but the flexibility with editing a synthesis engine in NS is unmatched.

Or whatever, it goes both ways. Personally I use whatever of the two that suits the situation better.

August 11, 2012  | person_outline ChrisG

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