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AudioShare offers a simple way to manage your audio on iOS

BitWiz head Wiz Jonatan Liljedhal has addressed a big problem we've all faced with iOS. Since the file system is hidden to us, unless you jailbreak, managing different audio samples is limited to fighting with competing audio copy standards and using iTunes' dreaded file sharing. AudioShare aims to change all of that with a little $2 Universal app!

Use it to transfer soundfiles between apps and between your device and computer. For example, take a soundfile from your dropbox, open it in AudioShare and share it on SoundCloud. Or audiocopy sounds from your favorite music-making app and import into the AudioShare library for later sharing or copying into other apps.

You can also record directly in the app, and preview and play soundfiles with waveform display.


  • Record directly in app
  • AudioPaste
  • "Open in" from other app (like DropBox, Mail,BitWiz, etc)
  • iTunes file sharing


  • Playback directly in app
  • AudioCopy
  • SoundCloud upload
  • "Open in" another app (like DropBox, etc)
  • Send by email
  • iTunes file sharing

Unfortunately it only supports (Intua) General Pasteboard at this time, but Jonatan notes that Sonoma's AudioCopy/Paste is coming soon. It is kind of disappointing that this is not in the 1.0 release. Trying to get samples from apps that use the different Audio Copy standards is a pain in the ass, and easily the most annoying thing about managing audio on iOS. I recommend Hokusai for this purpose, but that requires an IAP for the added functionality. You may be better off waiting for this to get updated. The developer does have a good track record of supporting his apps, with 5 updates to BitWiz in the last 2 months!

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $1.99

Reader Comments 12

"record directly in app"...as in- through the microphone, or the ability to record background audio??

July 24, 2012  | person_outline a1

a1, it has to be through the mic... and possibly through a mic peripheral plugged in. Apple implicitly prohibits any background audio recording. To date you can't even do it with a jailbreak.

I use nanostudio for this. Supports both pasteboards and folders (tags would be nice). Also has a basic editor built in. Doesn't directly integrate with dropbox but it now supports being a target in 'open in' menus so it's close enough for me.

July 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

.... It also has nanosync. I know it bugs some people but if you're looking to have a complete replica of your sample library locally on iOS, nanosync remains the easiest way. Namely because it copies your folder structure n levels deep. It also takes care of converting everything to 16/44.1 which most apps expect.

July 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

Yea... I was initially really put off by NanoSync, but it is a clever way of achieving a lot of control and backwards compatibility with older devices!

thanks tim. i'll probably buy it anyway. i've got hokusai but, my current goto app for this kind of audio functionality is twisted wave, despite the lack of file sharing (ie., dropbox/soundcloud) features.

July 24, 2012  | person_outline a1

edit to last comment. twisted wave DOES support dropbox and soundcloud. apologies to all. i usually just use the wifi (device to pc) transfer so have not had occasion to push the (obvious) file transfer arrow button...'til now.

July 24, 2012  | person_outline a1

My review from iTunes. See note on DropBox support below.

There's a real need for an app like this: a librarian for sound recordings produced on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod, that can serve as a bridge between different apps and formats. Right now I have a bunch of scraps on my iPod and iPad, but theyr'e scattered across different apps, so I forget about them and they don't get developed. Having them all in one place would make a big difference. An older app, AudioView, can do some of this, but it's buggy and hasn't been kept up. AudioShare has the right idea, but doesn't (so far) handle all of the most common formats for moving sound files around. Here's what it still needs:

+ SoundCloud download, so that you can pull your audio off of SoundCloud and paste it into a different app. Very useful for apps like TechnoBox2 and iMaschine that don't have audiocopy but can export to SoundCloud. Right now, I know of only two apps that support SoundCloud download, NLog MIDI Synth and NLog Pro. But it's possible.

+ DropBox upload and download. Right now, DropBox is one of the easiest ways to move recordings between devices. AudioShare supports DropBox via "Open in another app." But this might not work if you have more than 10 apps that are registered to open this file type. (This sounds picky, but if you need this app, you probably have more than 10 apps in this category.) If DropBox is one of the first 10 that iOS picks, it will work. If not, it won't. This is a convenience app, so let's make the most common operations convenient: enable DropBox functionality IN THE APP, like BeatMaker 2 and Hokusai do alreayd.

+ Sonoma audiocopy and paste: basic for an app with this name, in this category.

There are already good and affordable apps that do audio editing (trimming, normalizing, etc.). What we don't have, and AudioShare can become, is a good librarian. I'm sure this will be a four- or five-star app soon; and $2 is probably too low for what this app will become when it revs up to full power.

July 24, 2012  | person_outline dswo

Another little nanostudio-as-file-manager perk: if you have 10 files in the Sonoma pasteboard, NS will let you select them all and paste them locally all at once. Seems small but it is a time/annoyance saving treat.

July 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

agree with dswo about this app's potential as a librarian. if it's a minimally good editor too, that would be a plus. i presently use twisted wave to edit and transfer between apps, or devices. i then use 'ultrasoundboard' to catalog all the samples and loops but, it still requires itunes sharing. to be able to edit, xtransfer, catalog, and audition with a single app and no computer involved will be a hassle-free time saver.

July 24, 2012  | person_outline a1

Please note that the 2.0 update of AudioShare brings Sonoma ACP and folders and more goodies: http://discchord.com/blog/2012/9/25/audioshare-20-shit-just-got-real.html

September 29, 2012  | person_outline Jonatan Liljedahl

I updated my iTunes review to reflect folders and Sonoma ACP. To be the category-killer, we still need Dropbox in the app* and Soundcloud download. (*See my note earlier about the problem with "Open In.")

September 29, 2012  | person_outline dswo

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