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Vjay Reviews and Demos

Algoriddim are some fairly savvy developers. Whenever a new app comes out the developer gets 50 promo-codes from Apple, most of which end up unused or given away randomly on Facebook or Twitter. This isn't Algoriddim's first rodeo though, and they've got lots of DJs in their contact list that use their Djay app. As soon as I heard about Vjay I knew this was going to bring YouTube tons of new videos, but I was unprepared for the onslaught of reviews from these guys! There's no point in me adding to the pile, so I've been trying to find the best for you.

Alas, the best DJs are not necessarily the best VJs. In fact nearly all of them are using the same stock footage and Top 40 dance songs. When you see the same footage with the same effects over and over again the app begins to seem limited.

I'm still optimistic on this one though! Previously VJing has been a seriously complicated en-devour. I see the potential in Vjay to make it something everyone can do. With practice, and some original footage - that does not include making funny faces for 5 minutes - I hope we'll see a new era of VJing.

The best example so far of original Video remixing is definitely jjkjv's Grandpa DubStepping.

There are a couple of decent tutorials as well. Intro to using VJAY is good. Unfortunately ITCEvangelist is using Mac screen mirroring, so it doesn't have finger presses; making it kind of hard to follow at times. My favorite tutorial/review is from HiROKiMovies, which is short, to the point and includes English labeling.

Buy Vjay on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

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Great, now every fucktard will be posting their "work" on failbook and youtube. Hopefully I'll die soon so I don't have to be bombarded with with kak.

June 08, 2012  | person_outline Blebhead

Bought that because most reviews were excited about that and hoped I'll be too. Although initially all went pretty fine, I discovered a couple of problems that may not be a big deal for bedroom use but going pro, semi or bragging might turn to disaster. The people created the app went for universal video and audio support without taking in mind the iPads 2 power or optimization.

You see, mixing any video from the bundled library is fluid but starting to add your own and things get troublesome. Mixing 2 of my own video loops I loaded at 800 Kbps and adding 2 other mp4 audio results in loss of frames (screen going black at times) although the audio plays fine. Fine? Um not really. Although I let the app match the beat at high precision analysis the synced tracks start to drift after 8 or so seconds. Considering I payed the asked 8€ price I expected to work fluidly at least at the parts the description in the AppStore points as features.

The bottom line is IMO the app doesn't work as advertised and although it's pretty functional it's mainly a bragging tool and less a video-music mix solution.

June 13, 2012  | person_outline John smith

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