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OMAC Fast App Switching Demo

Last month Sean, from iOS Musician, posted to the Open Music App Collaboration (OMAC) group with the idea for switching between apps via MIDI messages.

Audeonic, developer of MidiBridge, MidiVision, and FreEWI, took on the idea and posted a demonstration of the results.

Video Description:

An agricultural (sorry, not good at video) demo of OMAC fast switching between apps using traditional switching via differing apps' switching interfaces.

And... a sneak preview:

The second part shows the new OMAC switching via MIDI commands, using MidiBridge to bind external MIDI commands to switch apps from a device or a controller like TouchOSC.

Reader Comments 2

I'm a big fan of this concept. I'm finding that many of these iOS synths are great sound engines, but I really want to play them from a hardware MIDI controller, with lots of physical buttons, sliders and knobs. The ability to perform and pop back and forth between different apps with leaving the keyboard would be a big improvement. I like the idea of the iPad as a high-res display that can show me the state of my synths, and occasionally provide a touch interface for more esoteric options, but for playing, real knobs rock. Think of it as an Arturia Origin at a much lower price!

October 17, 2012  | person_outline Ja

A much lower price, indeed! My own iPad uses have shifted towards this as well. I will enjoy noodling around with an on-screen keyboard that offers something new, like Animoog, but I feel I've really got my groove with a real keyboard and knobs!

Though for patch design, nothing beats a touch screen! I haven't even launched FM8 in months. For my own play, I've replaced a $200 synth with the $2 DXi.


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