New AUv3 Effects Suite by Cristiano Piatti

Cristiano Piatti released ModulatorSquare, WaveSine, and FuzzBox today. More and more AUv3 apps are arriving every month, and these manage to distinguish themselves in a couple of novel ways.

For a start, they're practically unusable! The apps claim to be using Apple's graphics API, Metal, for audio processing. Why stop there though? You can use that same graphics framework to make your interface! Sadly Cristiano's 3D design skills fall short, and we get 3 very ugly looking apps; with knobs you can barely turn.

There are no labels on anything so you'll often feel like they're not even doing anything. But you'll know that they are! As a consequence of rendering these 3D interfaces your CPU usage is going to spike way up! Until they crash... My iPhone XR is my packing the most advanced CPU Apple offers, but even it can't cope with these. It might seem shitty of me to complain so much about free apps, but these are a waste of your time.

ModulatorSquare iTunes Description:

WaverSine iTunes Description:

FuzzBox iTunes Description:

Modelled on a physical based algorithm and low level coding for state of the art performance and sound quality.
Audio unit AuV3 plugin technology support (Metal API in full screen mode).

How a Crowdfunding Campaign Disappeared with $700K

The Verge did a piece exploring the (seemingly obvious) pitfalls of crowdfunding, including one project that made off with nearly a million dollars. The Federal Trade Commission has not stepped in to punish any abusive campaigns. This is why I get a little itchy and uncomfortable posting any crowdfunding stuff here. Hell, I'm not even comfortable with pre-orders; excepting apps on iTunes since those can be refunded. Caveat Creditores.

Video Description:

Crowdfunding gives gadget makers the power to launch their own companies, but sometimes their dream dies not long after launch. In this episode of In the Making, reporter Ashley Carman looks at how crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo are changing their business to prevent creators from never shipping their product.

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Maxim Kotnov - FingerFiddle Demo Jam

YouTuber Maxim Kotnov produced some beautiful music with FingerFiddle and Borderlands, but it is buried in this ugly looking video. Just hit the Play button and then quickly scroll past so you don't have to look at it.

Video Description:

just simple song with FingerFiddle and Borderlands app

haQ attaQ: Connect Bluetooth MIDI to old iPad Synth Apps

YouTuber Jakob Haq shows off two ways to work around the limitations of older music apps that have not been updated to include an integrated Bluetooth MIDI connection menu.

Video Description:

How does one connect Bluetooth MIDI supported MIDI controllers to older iOS Synthesizer apps that does not have a BLT MIDI connection menu? In this video I am showing two ways to do just that! NOTE that this might not work with all old synth apps for iOS as some might be too old. Check this out!


Scythe Synthesizer Update

Scythe Synthesizer, from Bitmask Studio Ltd., was updated with 50 new presets and 100 new wavetables added to the Factory content! The app is now free, with a variety of in-app purchases; like preset bundles, a $3 Wavetable Creator, and a $4 Filter Delay.

What's new in Scythe Synthesizer v1.7:

Over 50 new presets and 100 new wavetables added to the Factory content.
General improvements.

YouTuber José Osório de Souza just posted this short video, presumably using the new content.

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