Tate McRae - Teenage Mind (Live Looping Cover by Caro)

Reader Rodolfo Ruiz's daughter Caro did an impressive live looping cover of Teenage Mind on Gadget!

Video Description:

Teenage Mind Tate McRae - Short cover by Caro

Performed live on an iPad with Korg Gadget app
Live audio recorded in AUM
Video recorded in an iPhone X and edited in Luma Fusion

Apps used:
-Korg Gadget (instrumental mix done inside Gadget)
-AUM (tracks recording and later mix/effects)
-FabFilter Pro Q2 (one instance for voice track and other instance for Gadget mix)
-FabFilter Pro R (as a send effect for her voice, using factory “Vocal to Mix Glue” preset)
-FabFilter Pro L2 (for the whole mix, to achieve aprox -14 LUFS for Youtube)

ThumbJam Update

ThumbJam, from Sonosaurus LLC, got a couple of new updates this week! This includes iOS 13 fixes to keep this classic app going! The updates also includes the option to display notes in the Figurenotes style; which uses symbols and colors instead of standard notation.

What's new in ThumbJam v2.6.5:

- Updated the filter implementation, it may sound a little different, but hopefully in a good way. The filter cutoff changes should be smoother as well.
- Added new pitch bend control option, to apply bend to all sounding notes when using tilt. Before it would only apply bend to a single touch.

- Fixed various VoiceOver issues

What's new in ThumbJam v2.6.4:

- Added Figurenotes display support. Get more info about it at www.figurenotes.org.
- Added stereo balance to ping-pong delay
- Allow lower pitch bend sensitivity
- Supports MIDI pitch bend range up to 48
- Ableton Link Start/Stop support added
- Added sharp or flat notation choice for note names
- Updated for new iPhone and iPad sizes
- Added support for handling import from Files app
- iOS 13 related fixes, including fixing Settings app crash

Koala Sampler Update

Koala Sampler, from Marek Bereza, was updated with support for landscape layout on iPad! Samples get a new loop mode, as well as attack and release controls.

What's new in Koala Sampler v1.368:

- Landscape mode for iPad
- Attack and release envelope controls
- Loop mode for samples
- per sample tone control
- improved stability and efficiency

DJ Player Professional Update

DJ Player Professional, from iMect Ltd., was updated with support for external storage devices. The update also includes an Instant Doubles option to automatically load up two decks with the same song. This was one of the original DJ uses for having two turn tables, because it allows you to remix on the fly with different elements. The most common example of this would be to extend a drum break.

What's new in DJ Player Professional v10.3:

USB drives, pendrives, USB sticks, HDDs, etc. can be used inside DJ Player. This functionality offers a complete feature set including:
- Track listing to any depth (folders) with artworks and metadata displayed.
- Track search (recursive to any depth).
- Create, rename or delete folders.
- Copy and delete files.
- Tracks can also be copied from the Apple Music Library to the USB drive.
- USB storage access requires iOS/iPadOS 13 or newer.

INSTANT DOUBLES - A long waited feature!
- Drag the artwork of a deck onto another deck to immediately load the same track at the same position with the same playback state.
- Including the same looping state! Yes, the current loop is also cloned.

- Track Browser Opens Full Screen Only setting: fixed bug. If enabled, track browser will only appear in full screen.
- All custom playlists can be deleted now, not just empty ones.
- Even faster track loading.
- MIDI track browser back feature goes to the library selector on the highest level. For example you can change the library from Deezer to USB storage with MIDI.
- MIDI Browser knob:
-- SHIFT + Click: back in the browser (same functionality as before).
-- SHIFT + Hold for 1 second: closes the track browser.

Camelot Pro Update

Camelot Pro, the MainStage for iOS from Audio Modeling, was updated with full-screen support for hosted AUv3s. The update also includes support for a bunch of new hardware, and beta MIDI mappings for even more!

What's new in Camelot Pro v1.0.6:

- iOS AUv3 plugins: added full-screen support

- External Devices

- Added supported External Devices:
- IK Multimedia UNO Drum
- Novation Bass Station II
- Novation MiniNova
- Novation UltraNova
- Roland FP-30
- Roland RD 700 NX
- Roland JV-1010
- VOX Continental
- Yamaha Reface DX

- Added part names and volumes retrieval for these multi-part devices:
- Studiologic Numa Compact 2X
- Roland INTEGRA-7, FA, JUNO-DS, JD-Xi
- Yamaha MX, CP4, CP40

- Improved support for Studiologic Numa Compact 2

- Added Beta maps for the following devices. These maps are based on information recovered from official documentation, but they haven't been tested on real devices yet. You can see "Beta" text in the device card. Feel free to report any positive or negative feedback.
- Korg Grandstage
- Korg MicroKorg
- Korg MicroKorg XL
- Roland AX-Edge
- Roland Fantom
- Sequential Prophet Rev2
- Yamaha CP1
- Yamaha Motif-Rack XS
- Yamaha MOX
- Yamaha P-115
- Yamaha P-515
- Yamaha S
- Yamaha S ES
- Yamaha S XS

- External Devices hardware parameters update during item creation and when clicking on item GUI (only for devices that support request of hardware parameters)
- Implemented Local Control through MIDI CC for Devices supporting it as Device's Hardware Parameter
- External Devices MPE mode improved

- Alert pop up re-skin
- Added visual Icon for scenes that contain an attachment
- Setlist view, edit mode: attachment icon link to edit attachment
- Added Options field in Global Settings view

- FIX: plugin loses preset when changing Audio settings
- FIX: impossible to select some Output MIDI ports when a multi-port MIDI device is connected (e.g. iConnectivity devices)
- FIX: impossible to select virtual MIDI ports created with a kMIDIPropertyUniqueID which isn’t an integer (e.g. Ravenscroft275)
- FIX: backup "Export To ..." created huge backups under some circumstances
- FIX: removed the limit of characters for the text field when saving a backup
- FIX: backups sorting issue
- FIX: attachments, edit mode graphic issue when there is no attachment in the scene
- FIX: improved memory management for attachment previews
- FIX: wrong red badge for MIDI Program items and user maps
- FIX: wrong dimensions of Advanced MIDI and MIDI Thru icons
- FIX: graphic issue when selecting songs in Setlist Manager
- Improved overall stability
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