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The Sound Test Room continues to face mounting financial pressures related to his declining health.

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Let's Play with Factory

Factory is the latest in a series of amazing apps by Sugar Bytes. This is incredibly complex, and a bit tricky to use. This video became kind of a train wreck by the end, but I had a lot of fun so I hope you'll enjoy it too!

Video Description:

Sugar Bytes brings us another massive app with the port of Factory to iOS! This is the full deal here! Nothing has been stripped from this powerhouse synth.

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Henny Tha Bizness: Trying Out iPadOS Beta 1

Henny Tha Bizness sacrificed his only begotten iPad for your sins.

Video Description:

Here’s my take on #iPadOS Beta 1 and how it’s going to change so much for us creative professionals! 🙌🏼🤯🤓🤬 #Youtubers #ContentCreators #MusicProducers #Musicians etc... NEW VIDEO UP ☝🏼.. LINK IN BIO .. #givingback #gearreview #songwriter #filmmaker #composer #ios #lumafusion #securethevibe 💼


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Mike Vasas - Walk

Reader Mike Vasas released a huge Instrumental Hip Hop album infused with Funk and Lounge grooves. Even if you turn your nose up at Hip Hop, you may enjoy Mike's unique take on the genre.

Pants of Death: Playing with Virtual ANS and Sugarbytes Factory

Reader Pants of Death created this beautiful ethereal track with the new Virtual ANS 3 and Factory!

Video Description:

I know, I don’t usually post my stuff here, it usually goes over to my music site, but i had a three month block cleared this week by the release of Virtual ANS 3 and I wanted to showcase the otherworldly sounds that come out of that thing. Also on this track is Ruismaker (Bram BOS) and patterning 2.

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