Discord4 Update

Audio Damage, Inc. updated Discord4 with an advanced feature from the Eventide H910 that inspired it. You can now use MIDI note input to play in a pitch shift!

What's new in Discord4 v4.0.10:

>> MIDI Input added. You can now use the MIDI shift feature just like the Desktop version; assuming your host allows MIDI to insert effects (many do not) you can assign a note MIDI input to Discord and "play" the pitch shift, just like the keyboard accessory for the H910.

>> Full rebuild with all current SDKs and APIs. We had to refactor some things to bring Discord up to date and running smoothly.

BrandonRico - BeatMaker 3 & Playground Live Performance

YouTuber BrandonRico Simpson is making good use of his breaks at work. First he created a beat in BM3, then he jammed over it with Playground.

Video Description:

▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/BrandonRico

An idle iPad is a Producers Playground

👀🎹 So I heard iPadOS lets us screen record in stereo now. So I introduced Beatmaker 3 to the Playground App. I came up with some pretty cool ideas. Let me know what you think. 🎹💯🔥

iFretless Sax Update

iFretless Sax, from Blue Mangoo, was updated with AUv3 support! The update also comes with new presets and improvements to the EQ and reverb effect.

What's new in iFretless Sax v4.0:

- AU3 support
- Completely rewritten code, faster and more stable
- Better gesture response on devices with no home button
- New presets
- EQ adjustment
- Improved reverb effect

Linkin Park - What I've Done (iPad Cover)

YouTuber DAMN DRUMS covered What I've Done using GarageBand and Drums XD.

Video Description:

What I've Done Original Song by : Linkin Park
Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sgyc...

Aplikasi :

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/damndrums/

EG Pulse Update & Contest

Elliott Garage's EG Pulse was updated with Chromatic pads, which let you play in a melody. The update also adds Kit sharing, and a bunch of other improvements.

Contest: Elliott Garage sent over 2 promo codes for me to give away! Comment here for a chance to win. Winners will be selected at random on Thursday.

Contest closed! Congratulations to Laarz, and Daveypoo!

What's new in EG Pulse v1.07:

- Chromatic Pads - Play melodic line like on a keyboard
- Kit sharing (left swipe on a kit to access additional menu)
- Improved sample edit view and pads edit view
- Option to slice sample in equal parts
- Slices will inherit retriever and hold from parent
- Copy will copy pattern length too
- Option in settings to avoid device goes to sleep
- Song max length set to 200 patterns
- Song start playing from selected pattern (unselect all to start from beginning)
- Added import of AIFF audio files

- pad highlight on wrong step
- iPhoneX family AU3 visualization
- AU3 audio performance improved

For feedback or request please write at info@elliottgarage.com

There are a bunch of new videos on the Elliott Garage YouTube channel. The latest is on Polyrhythms.

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