FM 304 by DesignByPaul

DesignByPaul released FM 304. This massive FM synth app includes 3 different FM engines. Each of those offers 4 operators with their own sequencers and effects. The iTunes description does not indicate if this supports AUv3 or Inter-App Audio or anything... I've sent Paul an email for clarification.

FM 304 iTunes Description:

FM 304 is a set of Three 4 operator FM synths, each with integrated sequencers and onboard effects. FM 304 exposes all synth parameters with a one knob per function paradigm, allowing for quick, fun and intuitive real-time manipulation and creation of tunes and sounds.

Tech specs
— 3x four op FM synth
— 3x LFO
— 3x 16 step sequencer
— Effects: delay, reverb, chorus
— 100 save slots
— 8 algorithms
— Note frequency quantize

KORG iKaossilator Update

KORG iKaossilator, from KORG INC., was updated with a new feature for people who want to play on the X/Y pad with more precision! You can now overlay a note grid! This is huge.

A lot of people would do this to their hardware Kaossilators for the same reason. They'd actually draw in a grid on the X/Y pad with a pen, to know precisely which notes they were playing.

The update also removes WIST, so if you're a hold-out for the abandoned sync protocol you'll want to avoid this and all future versions.

What's new in KORG iKaossilator v3.1.4:

- Add an option to show a note grid, so that you can play the instrument more precisely. I'm sorry to keep you waiting until now!
- Removed WIST. Thank you for supporting our technology until now.

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a live stream exploring the update.

TheAudioDabbler: Atom | Piano Roll - MIDI Step Input Quick Tip

YouTuber TheAudioDabbler shows off a unique feature in Atom | Piano Roll, allowing for MIDI step input.

Video Description:

ATOM | Piano Roll AUv3 is a fantastic new AUv3 midi app that has one of my more requested and favorite features in it. Midi step input. In this quick tip video I show you how it works and how easy it is to get things going.

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

Paypal Link

AudioKit Digital D1 Synth Update

AudioKit Digital D1 Synth, from AudioKit Pro, was updated with over 60 new presets. This includes a new bank by Spidericemidas, and 20 new presets added to the Sounds of Izrael bank.

What's new in AudioKit Digital D1 Synth v1.0.6:

Thanks everyone! Wow. Over 60+ New Presets in this update!
• NEW BANK: Ozric Tentacles inspired Arp/Sequencer bank by Spidericemidas
• 20 New Presets added to the Sounds of Izrael bank.
These new presets make use of the new EXP-01 expansion card. Install it to get the most out of D1!

PLUS, a big upgrade in sound quality:
• Fixed issue with some presets sounding out of only the left channel.
• AutoPan functionality improved
• Arp Gate LFO Destination recalls properly when switching presets

+ We are working every single day of the week on AUv3. We're in it for the marathon. We'll always be updating and adding cool stuff to Digital D1. Additionally, D1 creator Matthew Fecher is working on a D1 Tutorial video series that should hopefully be done in a week or two.

The app will just get better & better - stay tuned!
Email bugs, music, & friendly notes to:
We're working hard to improve the app for you!

Red Sky Lullaby - Voltages

Reader Red Sky Lullaby uses his own IAP in Volt, with Patterning 2 and Auria Pro, for this App Jam!

Video Description:
App Jam featuring sounds from Red Sky Lullaby In App Purchase in Volt MPE Synth by Numerical Audio played on Roli Lightpad Block M
Also Patterning 2 by Olympia Noise Co on the drums and Auria Pro by WaveMachine Labs for recording

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