Shaper Update & Sale

Shaper, from K-Devices, was updated for the first time in nearly 2 years! This effects app now features an oscilloscope in the AUv3 view, so you can watch Shaper shape your sound.

This update comes with a deep discount! For the first time ever, Shaper is on sale for just $1.

What's new in Shaper v1.2.0:

- Added oscilloscope in Audio Unit GUI
- Added presets menu in Audio Unit GUI
- Fixed sFold selection from AU parameter
- minor bugs fix

MidiFighter Twister - A Review for the iPad

Pedeplei reviews the popular MidiFighter Twister, specifically in the context of working with iOS apps.

Video Description:

MidiFighter Twister overview 00:00
Quantiloop and AUM walktrhough 03:28-06:28
AUM's "Show Plugin" tutorial 06:29

This is my review of the MidiFighter Twisterr and how it gets along with the iPad. There is also a walkthrough about how I use this controller with Quantiloop inside AUM and a quick mini tutorial about using the "show plugin" function in AUM.

If you feel like supporting what I do consider subscribing and following me on

You can also purchase my sin(Resolución) EP in bandcamp which was completely made in my ipad.

Thanks for Watching.

Fragmented Sounds - Borderlands & Audio Damage FX

YouTuber Fragmented Sounds did an ambient jam with Borderlands and some of Audio Damage's apps in Audiobus. For the Borderlands samples he recorded piano sounds from a Nord, and a kalimba.

Cray23 - Chaos strain

Cray TwoThree brings back that classic Post-DnB sound we heard Pre-DubStep.

Video Description:

Done in NanoStudio 2 for iOS with some AUv3 - Stark,Equalizer,Troublemaker. Most sounds were sampled from behringer neutron into slate and obsidian.

iFX Rack by MIDIculous LLC

MIDIculous LLC, developers of the popular Neo-Soul Keys and Pure Synth Platinum, have released iFX Rack! This is a virtual rack of effects for Inter-App Audio and AUv3! They come from Overloud's VKFX suite, and arrive with a whole bunch of presets to get you started.

The base app is $5 and and offers several IAPs, including a $10 All Rack Effects Bundle. All of which is much cheaper than the $100 desktop software.

iFX Rack App Store Description:

iFX Rack is an analog modeled virtual effects rack for your iOS Device. In partnership with Overloud™, we have licensed the, ever so popular VKFX™ effects suite, which is included in the initial purchase. The VKFX suite is a meticulously modeled vintage analog effect processor, which aims to recreate classic vintage hardware using actual analog circuit modeling. It has been the most beloved effects suite ever created for the desktop and our iFX Rack is providing the same exact effects to you along with a recreation of the original factory presets

Here is what is included:

1. Preamp with Two band EQ
2. Stereo Auto-Pan
3. Analog Chorus
4. Tube Amplifier with Three Band EQ
5. Spring Reverb
6. Envelope and Dynamic Filter Wah
7. Opto-Compressor
8. Phase Shifter
9. Overdrive
10. Multi-Tap Tape Delay with Multiple Modes


• AUv3
• 93 Factory Presets from VKFX Library Ported Over
• MIDI Learnable Automation
• Modulation FX Syncable
• Dynamically Drag-able FX Chain Slot Assignment
• Highly CPU Efficient coding
• Flexible Preset Management with Favorite Options


▪ Master Limiter with Soft Clipping and Tube Saturation
▪ 11-Band EQ
▪ SUB Harm - Sub frequency modulator/enhancer
▪ AMP Combo and Speaker Simulation
▪ Degrade - Sample Quality Bit Reduction
▪ Detune - Pitch Shifter Thickener
▪ Rotar - Rotary Speaker/Leslie simulation with physical modeled parameters
▪ DimenD - Dimension D Chorus emulation
▪ DISTORTIT - Nasty Distortion unit
▪ Stereo Widener Chorus - Turns any mono sound into a stereo with slight warm chorusing
▪ ST Widener Enhancer - Enhance stereo signals with Safe Bass frequency option to keep mono and two spread modes
▪ FantasyVerb - A convolution reverb containing iconic spaces and analog reverbs such as:

i. LEX200
ii. LEX480X
iii. RLND RE201
iv. RLND DEP3 Echo
v. EMT 244
vi. NBA Lush
vii. ASR-10/DP4
viii. Exotic Places
ix. Special FX

There's no official video for this one, but The Sound Test Room showed it off in a live stream.

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