haQ attaQ - stigen över fältet

YouTuber Jakob Haq produced a beautiful track reflecting on walks in a forest with his significant other.

Video Description:

Subtle winds over warm electric pianos and distant bells. At least that's what I tried to make this track sound like. The sixth track for my Mellow Ep is more than a track, It's also a story.

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Roland GO:MIXER PRO Announced

Roland have unveiled a new GO:MIXER PRO, an upgraded model of their popular portable GO:MIXER. This battery powered device comes with a whole lot of impressive I/O for its small form-factor, but it does not arrive at a small price. The original GO:MIXER is $100 on Amazon, while the MSRP on the PRO is $170. That seems fair, given the added I/O. This little device has 9 input channels, including XLR with Phantom Power!

It does not have MIDI though, nor an official release date. But there is this pretty snazzy looking intro video!

Video Description:

Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO lets you produce highly engaging online videos with superior audio quality. You can connect and mix up to nine audio inputs including pro-quality microphones, guitar/bass and line-level gear. You can also make your music videos stand out with Roland’s unique apps including 4XCAMERA or the brand-new Virtual Stage Camera.

Find more:
GO:MIXER PRO: https://www.roland.com/global/product...

MidiBridge Owners: Last Chance to Upgrade to MidiFire

Audeonic let me know that Apple will soon remove MidiBridge from the App Store. This is the last chance MidiBridge owners have to cross-grade to MidiFire at a 60% discount using the BridgeFire X-Grade bundle.

I asked Nic about the reason for Apple's removal of the classic app. This is once again a 32-bit issue, but this doesn't just affect 64-bit devices.

MidiBridge includes support for pre-CoreMIDI technology, used in the some of the original iOS music gear like the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer I and Akai SynthStation 25. The libraries for these devices haven't been updated in years, and are still stuck on 32-bit. Apple continues to eliminate apps from the App Store that have not been updated to 64-bit, but without these 32-bit libraries MidiBridge won't work.

This is bad news for folk who buy one of these devices off eBay; only to discover Apple have removed the only way to get them to play with other apps.

Dexterity Now by Clear Blue Media

Clear Blue Media released Dexterity Now, a rhythm game that actually teaches you correct guitar fingering. Just hold your iPhone like a guitar neck, and try to hit the boxes as fast as you can.

Dexterity Now iTunes Description:

Dexterity Now is designed to aid in building response-time skills for playing piano and guitar. Tap the numbered box on the screen as quickly as possible and a new box will appear; tap all of the boxes as soon as you see them and replay levels to improve your overall response-time.

iBassist Jamming

LumBeat posted a demo of their new iBassist jamming with a couple of their drum apps, and sequencing Synth One. I like the way this one builds up!

Video Description:

iBassist turns your iPad into a versatile bass player to jam or compose anywhere and create grooves for installed drum apps, so the jam enters a new level. Additionally, it sends progression chords by MIDI, so you can have any synth/piano on the background and a proper band jamming instantly.

Bass lines are based in degrees, so you can apply any chord progression to any bass line. A valuable tool to apply different bass grooves to your songs. And the jam tool brings musical variations and new ideas on the way.

The Chord Progression editor is quick, easy to use and allows to create or edit your progressions choosing Key Notes - harmony by steps, midi detection or randomizing.

iBassist includes 10 Round Robin sampled natural bass sounds. Different styles and colors, from Modern Finger Bass, to warm Double Bass.

Live Pads lets to play live sessions on the way with 8 assignable pads for Line-Progression-Jam, and change between them by MIDI.

Song Mode. Choosing "Make Drums" in song mode will create the whole song structure drums.

Export Midi function to create MIDI Files with the Bass Line /- Progression - Jam combination or whole song structures.

Built-In Effects: Compressor, Delay, Chorus, Reverb.
Parametric EQ

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