Blue Mangoo Oscilloscope & Spectrogram - Overview

Developer Blue Mangoo Software did an overview for Oscilloscope & Spectrogram. At this stage of the development, this app is looking pretty damn amazing! It was just submitted to the App Store for approval.

Video Description:

*This plugin is scheduled to release this week*

The Sound Test Room: Top Five Favorite iOS Shimmer Reverbs

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room shares his list of favorite Shimmer Reverb apps on iOS.

Video Description:

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Koala FX Overview Double-Feature

Marcus from elbowMedia and Patrick from The GarageBand Guide both did Koala FX videos over the weekend.

Video Description:

What-it-do BeatMakers?! We all know and love Koala Sampler right?! Well, Marek Bereza has brought us the effects engine from KS has an AUV3! Let's take an official look at this effects app! This should be fun!

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Video Description:

My favourite App this week is Koala FX from Elf Audio

Available on both iPad and iPhone, Koala FX features 16 one touch effects ported over from Elf Audio’s hugely popular Koala Sampler, albiet in a more refined and souped up form.


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Brand New Jazz Fusion Soundpack for Ampify Launchpad

YouTuber Phil Hanson did an excellent jam with the new Jazz Fusion pack in Launchpad. I hate Jazz, but I was still digging this performance!

Video Description:

Been a while since I recorded a set in the iPad ampify launchpad app. This is using their brand new Jazz fusion soundpack.

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GAS Therapy #14: Pink Floyd - On The Run (Groovebox Cover)

Michael from playpm is officially the 23,453,802,857th YouTuber to cover Pink Floyd's On The Run.

Video Description:

Guess I’ve kept digging Koala Sampler for a long long time, almost seems like I’m sponsored by the developer, which is not. Actually this is how things work in a healthy way, if you make good product, you got free advertising from customer.

But just like how I titled this series, if I kept introducing lots of fancy gears or apps like a review channel, it won’t be a GAS therapy, it will be a GAS triggerer, which is not what I want. I was on GAS for years, from hardware to software, and don’t really make any music. All the time and efforts I put, is just watching gear reviews and demos from one to another, imagining how it would feel to make music with, then after my purchase, it only got played once or twice, mostly would end collecting dust. I feel shame about this. I feel I was manipulated by manufactures. And from my perspective, I don’t like it.

Now what I would do, is to deconstruct the mystery behind a gear, to let me and let you know that if you really want to make music, you don’t need to break your bank, all the tools you need might be already in your hand.

So I will keep it as minimal as I can. Please don’t blame me for blabbing the same app on and on, GAS Therapy is not only for you, it’s for me too.

Stay safe, love you all,

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