Korg Gadget & Novation Impulse 49 (Industrial/Electro)

YouTuber Todd Smith did some expressive and impressive live IDM in Gadget on his Novation Impulse 49.

Video Description:

This track is 100% Korg Gadget controlled via Novation Impulse 49. All audio is multi tracked on the same Apple iPad Pro within Auria Pro using Audio Bus to connect the apps.

This is pretty much how all my tracks start. Just me with a iPad Pro, Korg Gadget and the Novation Impulse 49. Then when something starts to sound good I begin replacing some parts of the software sounds with hardware I feel that fits those parts, that's kinda how my stuff evolves.

I already see this track evolving into a hardware hybrid jam. I can see the Microkorg and Waldorf Blofeld replacing pad sounds and adding in the Behringer synthesizer rack for various mono synth parts. You should see a evolved version of this in the future and might find its way on to my new album, Humanity Lost.

Gestrument Pro Update

Gestrument Pro was updated with new presets and a trial period for people to check it out. If you decide that you like it, there's a one-time purchase price of $19, or you can pay $1.50 monthly.

What's new in Gestrument Pro v1.2:

• Sound adjustments needed after the iPadOS 13 update
• Trial period introduced – new users can now try the app for free
• Several new musical presets to play around with
• Various tweaks and fixes

Developer Jesper Nordin was joined by Martin Fröst to form the least authentic Klezmer wedding band ever.

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Bit Maestro

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy takes a look at the new Bit Meastro, which he's calling his favorite iOS bitcrusher!

Video Description:

Bit Maestro - my favorite digital distorsion plugin for iOS music production.
There is a lot of new iOS audio plugin coming out. The AUv3 format has unleashed tons of options for music composers and producers to choose from. I often get asked : "what is the best EQ, Compressor, Reverb or distorsion". You might not like my answer but the best is the one that does what you want. So, the real question is : "what do you want the plugin to do?" Then you can find the best for it.
With that in mind I'm will do many short videos about my favorites. They might not be the BEST plugins. You might find a better one. But as long as the plugin gets me to the result I want quickly, it's the best for the job.
Let's stat this with today's video about my favorite digital sample distorsion bit crusher on the iOS: The Bit Maestro from David Blake.

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iOSTRAKON: [definitely godflesh inspired]

Reader _ iOSTRAKON gives us a taste of Godflesh on this excellent Industrial ambient in AUM!

Video Description:

Watch your eardrums

The Sound Test Room: Spinn by Klevgrand - Live

The Sound Test Room did a livestream exploring the new Spinn Multiband Modulator from Klevgränd!

Video Description:

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