thesoundtestroom: FS FreezeVerb AUv3 Demo

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom put the new FutureSonic FreezeVerb to use on iSEM in this demo!

Video Description:

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Tutorial: String Machine in 7 Steps on any Synthesizer

Marcus Padrini from did a tutorial on how you can creat the classic Vangelis-ish "String Machine" sound on just about any synth. For purposes of demonstration he's using a Korg Minilogue, Roland FA07, and iOS app Magellan!

Although he is speaking in Portuguese, Marcus has included built-in English YouTube captions.

Video Description:

Seven steps to create a basic, but cool, synth patch that resembles the sounds of string machines and other synthesizers used by musicians such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, etc.

Synths used in the example: Korg Minilogue, Roland FA07 and Magellan for iPad.

Making Music With Android: Oscilab Synth App

Hellcaster** wants to show off Android apps. He starts off with this demo jam in the Android version of Oscilab. I didn't even know there was an Android version! I'm glad to see someone is paying attention to Android music apps.

Video Description:

Its always been the #ipad for #music production !! But #android is making good progress - Here i check out #synth #apps on 10 inch Android #tablets - wanna see more???Or know of a app i should make a video on???Then your leave comments below - You can also visit my channel here on YouTube !

FS FreezeVerb by Bang Means Do It Software Ltd.

Bang Means Do It Software Ltd. released FutureSonic FreezeVerb. Like their FS Reverser Delay, FS FreezeVerb is intended for use as either a standalone app or inside of an AUv3 host. The app is also Universal!

FS FreezeVerb iTunes Description:

FS FreezeVerb is a lush sounding stereo reverb, perfect for both subtle ambience and cavernous reverberation. With its clear and simple design, FS FreezeVerb makes it easy for users to dial in their ideal reverb settings - complete with a visualisation of the virtual room. The Dampen function lets users vary the damping within their virtual room - lower settings mean less damping, making the room’s walls more reflective.

The app's defining feature, however, is its Freeze Mode. When turned on, the reverb signal at that particular moment is ‘frozen’ and continues indefinitely - perfect for creating ambient soundscapes and unique textures.

FS FreezeVerb can be used as standalone application or can be used as an Audio Unit.

- Stereo Width control
- Room Size slider with room size visualisation
- Freeze Mode
- Dampen control to alter the reverb's tonal characteristic
- Wet/dry mix control
- Clean and simple design
- Runs on both iPad and iPhone
- Selection of factory presets (when used as an Audio Unit)

Frozen Lonesome - Metaphorical Music For Household Chores

Reader Frozen Lonesome just released an album that was primarily produced using new apps released in 2017. The album is probably best characterized as Avant Weirde; featuring a lot of interesting sound design and non-typical time signatures. I think Cape Spear is a good emphasis track for the album, with some great tones melodically drifting in and out of a digital hellscape.

Contest: I have 5 copies of the album to give away! Register and comment here for a chance to win. Codes will go out on Wednesday!

Here is a creepy video he did for Brood!

Contest closed! Congratulations to Be The Noise, Ragnamarus, and Laarz!

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