MIDI Designer Pro 2 Update

MIDI Designer Pro 2, from Confusion Studios LLC, was updated with feedback for MIDI controllers. This allows you to quickly change the display on gear like the Launchpad Mk 2, MIDI Fighter Twister, and an upcoming MIDI Beast. The update also includes new time-based delayes for users of the built-in $5 StreamByter MIDI effect from Audeonic.

What's new in MIDI Designer Pro 2 v2.97.0:

MIDI Designer Pro 2 version 2.97 is all about our Pedalboards functionality. With Pedalboards, MDP2 becomes a tactile heads-up display for your hardware MIDI controller. MDP2 currently supports the MIDI Fighter Twister, the Novation Launchpad MK2, and our very own, upcoming pedalboard, the MIDI Beast.

Features all users will find useful, even without an external MIDI controller:
• Add time-based delays to your output StreamByter rules! StreamByter by Audeonic -- incorporated into MDP2 as an IAP -- is the missing link, allowing you to parse incoming MIDI (e.g., to break up sysex) and modify outgoing MIDI (e.g., for conditional transposition)
• Smart Positioning for Make Similar: create a control and place it. MDP2 will know where to place the next one automatically.
• Automatic Ticks for Button Group Supercontrols: supercontrols now automatically update display min, max and # of ticks based on button subs.
• New Drag to Swap Action: Position/Size
• New Drag to Swap Action: Position/Size & Supercontrols

Features for Pedalboards:
• Pedalboard feedback for the MIDI Beast, the Novation Launchpad MK2, and the MIDI Fighter Twister.
• Automatic supercontrols on Pedalboards: controls placed on Pedalboards are automatically supercontrols.
• Pedalboards now slide up and down (resolving a major hindrance for assigning pedalboard supers to subs on normal pages)
• Pedalboard page properties now in a separate panel (which will host much greater functionality in the future)
• New Subcontrol option: Momentary & Return to Last Page

Defect fixes:
• Fixed Exclude from Reset to Default (thanks qdrtshlz)
• Fixed big incoming sysex processing for Streambyter (thanks Stuart!)
• Lifted the 256-byte broken-up sysex limit to 4096 bytes (thanks again, Stuart!)
• Fixed Panel CC offset to not adjust panels with Make Similar
• Fixed Default Value Picker math (thanks again, qdrtshlz!)
• Added "hide keyboard" button to exit Stream Byter on iPhone (thanks Josef)

We know, we know: we’ve got a lot of explaining to do about this update! Watch our Instagram, FB and Twitter for detailed descriptions of how all of these new functionalities work. Our new Community Manager, Mitch Lantz, is working hard to keep everybody in the loop (while designing his own killer layouts, too).

QUESTIONS: Any questions about MDP2? Hit us up at support [at] mididesigner.com
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Dan and the MIDI Designer Team

See mididesigner.com/changelog for more information.

Dan Rosenstark shows off the new Launchpad functionality on the official MIDI Designer YouTube channel.

thesoundtestroom: Synth One & BS16i with Zoom MS-70CDR

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom creates some excellent ambient tones with SynthOne and bs-16i running into a Zoom MS-70CDR multi-effect pedal.

Video Description:

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nakamura abstrax - Random Riff (iPad Edition)

YouTuber nakamura abstrax is riffing on a killer looking guitar and jamming on GeoShred!

Video Description:

iPad experiment, hope you enjoy it

Ibanez RG15271
Yamaha RBXJM2
Line6 Pod X3 Live
iPad - GeoShred App

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nakamura_ab...
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/nakamura_abstrax

WoodnGate Update

Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio updated WoodnGate with the ability to now send MIDI out. Now your gates can control other apps as well! This can be used with either MIDI notes or CC.

What's new in WoodnGate v1.2:

- When the Gate is Opened or Closed now a Midi command (Note On, CC, ...) can be sent (to other plugins, devices, computers). This allows for example an analog drum track on which WoodnGate is inserted to play notes/sounds on another synth plugin for each drum beat triggering the Gate.
- All major Gate controls can now be set by received Midi CC commands.

Let's Play with SpaceCraft

SpaceCraft is one of those apps that just looks like it would be fun to touch. The synthwave interface is bright and inviting, but not terribly obvious. In this Let's Play I tweak all the panels and explain what they do!

Video Description:

This week I wrap up my look at the recent iOS granular synth apps with a video for SpaceCraft. SpaceCraft is capable of some very pretty textures, but it can also get nasty. I try to show off both sides in this Let's Play! SpaceCraft is available on iTunes: https://goo.gl/3JvXr5

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