Melody Live by Colin Hallett

Last month Colin Hallett released Melody Live; a node-based composition app that reminds me of Jasuto. Over the weekend Melody Live was updated with Audiobus support.

Melody Live iTunes Description:

Using a straightforward interface, Melody Live allows you to quickly create and visualise your compositions.

With control over the rate and chance of a note, you can create loops that gradually change and morph.

Melody Live can sync to any DAW or audio host via Audiobus, Inter-App Audio or midi.

No ads or in-app purchases.

With thanks to AudioKit.


Complete control of a node's sound
Control the rate and chance each node will play
Connect nodes to form chords
Reverb and filter FX pad
Compatible with Inter-App Audio and Audiobus
Sync tempo via midi

Note -

Open your app with finder before connecting to Audiobus or with Inter-App Audio :)

deltAdata - Liquid Gold

There are some things in life which seem like inevitabilities, and others that are merely looming certainties. Becoming your parents is an example of the former, while falling into the rabbit hole of modular synthesis is the latter for YouTuber deltAdata. He's trying to stave off this fate by sinking all of his money into gear for home brewing. He further tries to convince himself that he doesn't even need a modular rig, because he's already got great apps that can be used modularly.

Video Description:

Hello ! i made a paraphonic patch of thor to avoid falling into the void of modular gear aquisition, and i put some footages of my last brewing english pale ale on top of it !

recorded with line 6 vx sonic port, iphone 6 with audioshare and some Crystaline reverb.

Thanks for watching ! ✌

Camelot Pro Update

Camelot Pro, the Mainstage for your iPad from Audio Modeling, was updated with a re-write of the MIDI implementation. This brings a lot of tweaks to MIDI, along with some fixes.

What's new in Camelot Pro v1.0.5:

- Refactor of MIDI connections management based on port IDs
- More reliable recognition of connected / disconnected devices
- Possibility to add multiple MIDI ports with the same name.
- Renamed virtual MIDI "Camelot OS MIDI" to "Camelot MIDI Output" (macOS, iOS)
- Remote control can receive events from ANY MIDI Channel
- It's possible to unassign control mapping in MIDI Remote Controllers

- Added compatibility for iOS 10.3 with some restrictions (attachments import, backup files import/export, .syx files import are not allowed. Do not purchase Camelot if you need such features on your 10.3 iPad)

- Per-part MUTE
- Layer/Item SOLO has priority over Layer/Item MUTE

- Alphabetical order for Song Archive
- Sort of External Device brands
- Added supported External Devices:
- Yamaha P-125
- Roland SE-02

- FIX: Restored separate output channel selection for metronome / click on Tempo Sync
- FIX: support for mono-channel plugins
- FIX: Wrong Song selection after Search
- FIX: Wrong part volume for multi-part devices supporting name retrieval
- FIX: Advanced Channel Routing bypassed in MPE Mode
- FIX: Windows installer do not remove entries of previous installations in Windows registry
- FIX: layer/item keyboard range issue with transpose/octave shift
- Improved general reliability (fixed some rare crashes)

Koala: Creating Samples & Processing Sounds Externally

YouTuber Pete Sasqwax shows us how he's been developing his samples for Koala, using external gear. If you're interested in Koala Sampler, you should definitely check out his other 4 videos on the app.

Video Description:

Video 5 is the KOALA video that doesn't feature KOALA at all. How is that possible? There's only one way to find out...

Obviously, you don't have to use KOALA to utilise any of these techniques in your music - and it's only a 20 minute or so video so it's far from exhaustive. The purpose is simply to give some examples so that you can take the idea and let it take you to places I've probably not even considered going to.

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Boom Bap West Coast Style Live Beat Making

Myracks from Altruwest recorded himself making Boom Bap with two instances of Gadget on two iPads.

Video Description:

This is a Live Boom Bap Beat Making video of West Coast Hip Hop producer J. Myracks performing with two iPads running Korg Gadget software, Critter and Guitari Organelle and the Korg Kaoss Pad for effects.

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