GarageBand for iOS 11: Bass of Spades TUTORIAL

Dan Baker shows us how he produced his Motorhead cover, Bass of Spades, in GarageBand.

Video Description:

Here's a "making of" my version of "Ace of Spades", featuring my shovel bass. You can see the original music video here:

You can see how unorthodox methods can sometimes yield results!

Enjoy and Subscribe!

Ruismaker's Rozeta Sequencer on Modular

YouTuber Master Margherita hooked up Rozeta to his modular synth for some interesting rhythms. This reminds me of Big Pig, known for their work on the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure soundtrack.

Video Description:

Sound research and audio experiments with my modular synthesizer rig …

Pen2Bow Update

Pen2Bow, from Dimos Gaidatzis, was updated with some of the suggestions made here in the comments.

What's new in Pen2Bow v1.0.2:

- Added a settings page. It includes sensitivity and range adjustment for the 4 MIDI controllers.

- Added a touch piano keyboard. Virtual instruments can now be played without the need for an external MIDI keyboard.

- Added a refresh button for the MIDI device list. Pen2Bow no longer needs to be restarted in order to detect new MIDI devices.

Here's an official demo for the new update and its features.

Perplex On - Vernal Outdoor Ambient Jam

Perplex On took his iPad outdoors to get naturally ambient, but ended up sounding cyberpunk!

Video Description:

I'm welcoming spring with a super minimalistic outdoor jam featuring an iPad, a Seaboard Block and blossoms. Is anybody also feeling the "Blade-Runner-Vibe"? ;)
This track is a free download:

In the game are the following apps: Roli Noise, Beepstreet Zeeon, Artuira iSEM, HumbleTune Tardigrain, Ruismaker Rozeta LFO, K-Devices Shaper and Audiodamage EOS2, all controlled with a Seaboard Block with some aftertouch modulation galore. All hosted and recorded in AUM. Enjoy!

Edited with LumaFusion on an iPad.


iAbyssal Duet Jam

Developer Atomolab did a duet on their iAbyssal app!

Video Description:

Hello World, here a Jam made using the iAbyssal Photo theremin app only, in two ipads, recorded in some place of Lima- Peru
Download the iAbyssal app from the App store

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