Korvpressor 2.0 Update

Klevgränd's compressor app Korvpressor got its first update in 2 years and its a big one! Fortunately it is also a free upgrade for all Korvpressor 1.0 owners. For everyone else, the app is on sale for $5.

What's new in Korvpressor v2.0.0:

Attack Time switch
Release Time switch
Ratio switch
Dry / Wet mix
Maximizer on / off
Make up gain (when maximizer is off)
Brickwall Limiter on / off
Factory Presets
Updated UI

Doug Woods explored the update in a new demo. Embedded here is a new official promo from Klevgrand

chris randall - wait

Audio Damage developer Chris Randall is up to some weird ambient looping. The EP wait features 3 tracks available on BandCamp, and you can watch them being made on YouTube. My favorite of the bunch is wait 03; which includes the novel use of a rusted soup can as a tape loop tensioner. The ferric oxide from the can adds flavor to the magnetic tape! It also presents a health hazard. Do not breath aerosolized ferric oxide.

Video Description:

The live recording of wait 03 from my new single, "wait." The finished mixed and mastered track is available on my bandcamp page: https://chrisrandall.bandcamp.com/alb...

iOS Music Making: First Steps

YouTuber Red Means Recording has come to the Dark Side and he's bringing some friends! Here he shows his 292,000 subscribers some of the iOS apps that have inspired him, as he gets into making music with an iPad.

Video Description:

I'm getting into making music with my iPad. It's pretty cool. Here's how I've been using it so far.

Mylar Melodies on iOS music: https://youtu.be/PEC_JL5pf10
Jakob Haq: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFP...
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apeMatrix Parte Sei: Sugar Bytes Mayhem & New Features!

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel dives into the new update for apeMatrix in the 6th video of this series! He absolutely stuffs apeMatrix with a mad collection of Sugar Bytes apps!

Video Description:

Today we're back with apeMatrix & Sugar Bytes! apeSoft just rolled out a big update with a number of new features including new AUv3s for Gain/Pan and Send MIDI, a latency compensation page, and new MIDI ports to start. Sugar Bytes just released my favorite of their synths, Factory! I put them all together and see what madness we can get up to....

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014london70 - The Lost Tracks v2

014london70 produced some impressively trippy TripHop with his collection of Volcas and iPad apps!

Video Description:

This one from a while back, again with a lost video recording of the jam. I can’t remember too much about it, other than the Volca Keys, Sample, Bass and FM with the Novation Circuit. Chord pad is from Sunrizer synth and the arp is from iSem synth app.
Visuals by STAELLA iOS app.

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