Making SAD Lo-Fi beat in GarageBand on iPad Pro

YouTuber Sarah2ill is kind of a big deal. With over 20,000 subscribers she's on track to challenge Andrew Huang. In her latest video Sarah tells her audience that they don't need expensive desktop DAWs to produce beats. She goes through the process of creating one of her popular beats in GarageBand. And that beat is nice!

Video Description:


Today I'm breaking down how I made a SAD lofi beat called “Peach Clouds” from my latest EP titled “Nomad Life”

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--------------Sarah, The !llstrumentalist--------------
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Sound of Izrael - The iOS world of SOi P.2

Sam Izrael did a trippy video for a trippy track, all on iOS!

Video Description:

Music and Video by SOI...all made with iPad 2018

Microkorg, Teenage Engineering OP-1 & Korg Gadget : 12/3/18

Blockchain Music takes us on a very strange, but beautiful, journey. The piano at the beginning reminds me of the Nirvana Teen Spirit cover by Tori Amos, before diving into an Alan Watts lecture and a Hip Hop beat.

Video Description:

Welcome to me next live studio featuring the Microkorg, Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Korg Gadget.

I try another mix at my piano, sub bass, electronic/acoustic drum mix that's been fun to play with since picking up Korg Gadget. I try to make a transition between light/dark sounding sequencing of piano and bass. I enjoy the results but this might end up being ripped apart into 2 songs, time will tell.

Sub bass, Piano and Drums are all from Korg Gadget, live pad is supplied by the Korg Microkorg and sample triggered via Teenage Enginnering OP-1

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Electronisounds: iPad as a Second Monitor

Dean from Electronisounds is back with a different kind of music making on iPad. Here he demonstrates how he's using an iPad as a second monitor for his computer. With it he's able to work in Ableton's session and arrangement views simultaneously.

Video Description:

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dreamSTATE by Neural Apparitions

Neural Apparitions released dreamSTATE back in 2015. This is generative drone app has now been updated to 3.0 with Inter-App Audio and Audiobus added. This one might be worth throwing on to any older iOS devices you have lying around, with support down to iOS 8!

dreamSTATE iTunes Description:

The new Version 3 of dreamSTATE's multimedia iAlbum of ever-changing ambient music and urban ambient art can now be used by both Listeners and iMusicians:

(1) For Listeners - A new infinite music arrangement is created for a unique sonic experience every time Ephemeral City is played.

Lose yourself in the endless drift of the ephemeral ambience, while walking through your own city, while reading, working, creating, thinking, relaxing or sleeping. This iAlbum can also play in the background while you read your e-mail or e-books or browse the net.

While Ephemeral City weaves a fresh musical arrangement for you every time, you can adjust the density of the mix from a rarefied atmosphere to a full-on flow or from the dark to the light. Set the Timer to define the length of the album. Adjust the speed of the visual transitions to reveal new fusion imagery.

(2) For iMusicians - Open Ephemeral City as an Inter-App Audio (IAA) Generator/Instrument in your favourite "host" applications (like Audiobus, Aum or apeMatrix) and process the infinitely evolving Ephemeral soundstream through your Effects apps to transform the audio into creative variations, for your own pleasure or for professional purposes.

Improvise or compose with the endless soundflow. Treat Ephemeral City as the ultimate textural drone oscillator. If you record your creations, dreamSTATE permit you to release your transformations under the most open creative commons attribution 4.0 license.

(Art) Place your iPhone or iPad in your speaker dock to display the evolving visual art of Scott M2's surreal cityscapes. Employ the mute button for a pure art experience or turn off your screen for a pure musical experience.

Trailblazing Canadian soundscape artists dreamSTATE (Scott M2 and Jamie Todd) created their first evolving ambient installation in 1996. Now, with the help of ReFla5h the Apptician, they've created an infinite multimedia ambient installation for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad (with iOS 8.0 or higher).

Welcome to a new paradigm for albums - experience Ephemeral City now.


- A Tour Guide page walks you through the controls - or just let the iAlbum play.

- The Control Panel gives you the option of adjusting the music mix and the speed of the visuals.

- An optional Timer can turn off the music after 15 minutes or up to 8 hours.

- Your Mix, Visuals and Timer settings are remembered between visits.

- A speaker icon mutes or restores the sound without adjusting volume buttons.

- The ambient art continues to evolve when the sound is muted.

- You can turn off the screen for long battery life during extended deep listening sessions.

- An Info section contains bios for the creators and links to more dreamSTATE music.

- Plays on any iPhone, iTouch or iPad with iOS 8.0 or higher.

- Works as an Inter-App Audio (IAA) Generator/Instrument within most audio "host" applications.

- Permission is granted by dreamSTATE for users to release their transformations and creations, even commercially, with appropriate attribution to dreamSTATE under a creative commons attribution 4.0 license.

- Headphones or quality speakers are recommended for the deepest immersive experience.

- "Help" contact address provided to report any problems so Refla5h can help address them.

Here developer Scott M2 shows off dreamSTATE working in Audiobus!

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