Meerkat Music - Auditor File Player AUv3 Looping

Reader Meerkat Music used the new Auditor audio editor's AUv3 file player as an elaborate looper in AUM!

Video Description:

Playing with the new Auditor App by Living Memory Software. The AU file player is quite clever! Also very efficient. Here it is being used to mix up a quick beat.

Block Dashboard Update

Block Dashboard, the third-party app that lets you manage your ROLI Blocks gear, was updated with support for presets. You can now manage your presets from the app!

What's new in Block Dashboard v1.1:

This new version brings presets on iOS to ROLI seaboard block and block users.
You can now save and recall as many presets as you want.

Release notes:

- Presets: loading, saving, deleting presets
- Minor bug fixes
- Fully compatible with iOS 13

Apps4iDevices: RhythmBud Tutorial

YouTuber Apps4iDevices did a tutorial, with captions, for the recently released RhythmBud.

Video Description:

Facebook Group
iOS Music Apps Infos

Alex Fain - 69 Minutes Live Techno

YouTuber Alex Fain did an epic 69 minute live techno jam on his iPad with an Akai Midimix and MPK Mini.

Video Description:

Real live improvisation using AUM app controlled via Akai Midimix and MPK mini
The Midimix controls volume of app and effect and controls the Troblemaker parameters, MPK mini control the pattern of Pattering.

Perplex On - Quick And Glitchy Launchpad + iPad Jam

YouTuber Perplex On did some gentle glitching on his iPad with a Launchpad Mini.

Video Description:

Just a quick improv using the iPad and a connected Launchpad Mini. The Launchpad is used to play ravenscroft275 piano app with the help of an app called GridInstrument. It’s served with beats coming from Playbeat routed through Effectrix. The piano is also sent to a fx track with yaleD with the right launchpad buttons mapped to the hold time and replay feature of the app. Enjoy!

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