Reader Steve Raizen just celebrated his birthday over the weekend and you can tell by this track that he's really mellowed out with age!

Video Description:

Infinite Loop was created in Korg Gadget. Stems were exported into AuriaPro, additional FX added. Finished in AudioMastering. Hear more Frozen Lonesome music, visit

Carrying a Massive OP-Z Library + Song Backups on the Go

YouTuber Mikromix Studio shows how he backs up his OP-Z with a cheap portable battery from Kingston that doubles as an SD card reader. The video also offers a glimpse of the backup process with the OP-Z iOS app.

Video Description:

The Z is still glued to my hand so now I carry a massive sound library around to keep it fresh. I also show my technique for on the go backups. Let me know what you think. What are some other solutions that work for you? Beat at 2:00

Thanks for all the support folks. I really appreciate all the likes, shares, and comments!!!!!

Dexed Synth Update

Dexed Synth, from George Rosar, was updated with iOS specific features like gestures. They've also updated the screenshots to show the new UI from the last update.

What's new in Dexed Synth v1.0.38:

This was not a 'light' release. I tunneled more into the native iOS side of things and now allow for native Gestures. You should be able to zoom up to 4x with a Pinch Gesture, and scroll only with a Pan Gesture. You cannot lock zooming, so be careful. Let me know if anything doesn't work. Allowing of zoom is a prerequisite for the 1337 Focus which will be in development next. The purpose of 1337 Focus is to make Midi CC connections quickly. Pay attention new stuff will be added.

Kala Jenkin - Nostalgia

YouTuber Kala Jenkin did a beautiful little piano performance with KORG Module!

Video Description:

A little bit of drama, translated in music and video.

While practicing piano, some combinations of notes triggered me to create something more. Only used an iPad Pro (and a CME Xkey 25 MIDI keyboard) with Cubasis, Korg Module and Wizibel to make this music video.

Cray23 - My Territory

YouTuber Cray TwoThree produced some gritty Electro Rock in NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

All done in NS2 with couple of AUv3 Fx plugs.

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