HardtekStudios - Softek Jams on Korg iMS-20

YouTuber HardtekStudios primarily jams on hardware, but he's been having fun lately on his iPad!

Video Description:

Time for a little something different! I have been set up to jam out on my iPad for a while, but have done so little with it on this channel. So occasionally I will add to this series of videos to break up all the hardware awesomeness. In this jam, I use audiobus to route the Korg iMS-20 into Garageband for a quick little jam. Expect more complex setups as I reorient myself to the iPad workflow.

MIDI Designer for Morphestra 2 from Sample Logic

MIDI Designer user Michel Lafontaine has shared a layout for Sample Logic's Kontakt plugin Morphestra 2. Here Michel shows off how the layout makes morphing intuitive.

Video Description:

This is yet another user layout and video by Michel.

Morphestra 2 is a Kontakt plugin and... the video explains the rest. Fun!

Thanks Michel for another great layout. See


for all of his layouts. The guy's pushing it forward on all fronts. Awesome.

KlaatuNinja - Deep Chill in Mazetools Soniface

YouTuber KlaatuNinja takes us on a chilled out journey through the rarely seen Mazetools Soniface app.

Video Description:

Deep Chill jam using Mazetools Soniface on the Pad

Audio Lab for Android

Developer Duncan Smith released Audio Lab on Android as a music visualizer that tries to offer some tools for detecting beat and pitch.

Audio Lab iTunes Description:

For music fans, add some colour and great visuals to the experience with Audio Lab. It offers volume, pitch and beat detection.

Watch the balls bounce off each other in Mosh Pit, explore alien worlds with World Explorer, be dazzled by the explosions in Flocking, bop to the beat with Beat goes on, Rainbow and Leafy ... or just chill to some colourful clouds.

You can get to options and controls by swiping in from the right side of the screen. Touch the main screen to make it disappear.

Controls include -
Previous / next song
Pause, which stops the microphone input
Export to csv, which saves the current frame of data to a file
Save Settings
Display shows the current visualizer

Each tool / visualizer may have it's own separate options.

There is a selection of tools as well as the playful visualizers. Tools include -
Input, shows the original sound wave.
FFT shows the resultant frequency wave.
dbFS shows volume across frequency's.
Notes displays recognised notes. Great for singers to show what notes they are hitting
Beat detection shows BPM. This is calculated over time. It could be used by drummers to try and hit a constant BPM ... and then improve their score.

Note that the app uses microphone input that can detect external music being played, but it's at it's best when music is played via the same device.

Preview: BIAS Amp 2 Teaser by Positive Grid

Developer Positive Grid posted a teaser for their upcoming BIAS Amp 2! So many new glowing tubes! In addition to a bunch of new cabinet emulations, BIAS Amp 2 is said to have an updated Amp Match process. I imagine this will be coming to iOS, but you can already pre-order the desktop versions; starting at $100.

Video Description:

Pre-Order Now: https://bcom.positivegrid.com/bias-amp

BIAS AMP 2 features a completely redesigned user interface, new tubes and transformers, a new speaker cabinet module with multi-mic capability and open back/closed back emulation, new custom Celestion speaker cabs, new RTA eq, and a new updated Amp Match process designed to get better results in less time. BIAS Amp 2 authentically recreates the tone and feel of real tube amplifiers, while allowing you to mix and match components to create your ideal amp. You can use Amp Match to clone the tone of real hardware or a guitar track, or connect to the ToneCloud® to gain access to thousands of custom amps from artists and recording studios, or upload your own custom tones to the cloud.

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