BIAS FX Update

BIAS FX, from Positive Grid Inc, was updated with Audiobus Remote support and a way to use loops from their X Drummer app.

What's new in BIAS FX v1.5.14:

Hi there,

The latest update introduces X Drummer Looper Tracks, letting you jam with drum loops of six different genres from X Drummer! Also new is the added support for Audiobus Remote Triggers!

Minor bug fixes have also been implemented to improve the overall stability of the app.

Rock On!
The Positive Grid Team

Positive Grid have also announced the imminent arrival of BIAS MINI Guitar and BIAS MINI Bass heads. These $800 hardware amps focus specifically on guitar or bass tones, at a slightly reduced price from the $1,300 BIAS Rack which does both guitar, and bass.

There are several demos on the official Positive Grid YouTube Channel. Here is one on creating a Dirty tone.

Electronisounds: Moondust - Live Jam + Tutorial

Dean from Electronisounds produced an excellent new track using Groove Rider and BeatMaker 3. The jam happens in the first 5 minutes of the video, and then Dean breaks it all down to explain how he put it together.

Video Description:

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Nu-Trix: Beginner's Guide to Making a Song Using Groovebox

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy wants to help newcomers to music apps with this quick start guide to Groovebox!

Video Description:

Groovebox from Novation and Ampify is a great way to start a song. It can play 8 instruments at once, picked from 3 free instruments; the Drumbox, the Retrobass, the Poly-8 and a free limited synth ( pay to unlock) the Minimon.
One of the coolest feature of GrooveBox is the fact that it create randomish patterns that can be modified to your taste.
Some of you asked for a short beginner's guide on how to start a song from zero.

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Korg ER1 in Audulus Demo

Lord Gogo has recreated in Audulus the synthesis engine of the classic Korg ER1 Electribe, and he's giving it away for free on the Audulus forum.

Video Description:

Recreation of the Korg ER1 synthesis engine in Audulus 3. In the demo it's driven by euclidean sequencers modules. The Korg ER1 engine can produce a wide range of sounds, from deep kick, snappy snares, to crazy modulation FX.

You can get the patch on the Audulus forum under "performance patches".

How To Make Avicii - Levels (Tribute)

Last Friday the world lost another talented musician way too early with the death of Avicii, at the age of 28. The cause of death has yet to be announced, but he has been experiencing serious health issues for the last several years. As a young man thrust into the spotlight, a lot of people were also thrusting free booze on him. He quickly developed what he called a "habit" and his diet was characterized by one journalist as, "Booze, nicotine, Red Bull, and airline food." In 2012 Avicii was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis caused by excessive alcohol use. By 2016 his health had continued to deteriorate, and he officially retired from touring.

YouTuber DJ La Rocca put together an impressively authentic tribute to Avicii's hit LEVELS in Auxy.

Video Description:

Rip avicii... a legend gone too soon.

In this video I teach you how to make his first hit, LEVELS.

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