Workflow in Koala Sampler + Testing Koala FX

YouTuber RodFaune did a well edited presentation of his Koala Sampler workflow, with some trippy Koala FX experimentation at the end!

Video Description:

I did this video because I want to show you my process making beats in Koala Sampler. There's no formula, but maybe this could be helpful for you. Comment if you have any question. Hope you like it.

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.- Guitar Yamaha Pacifica 112 Modified
.- Fender Deluxe Drive Pickups (Neck and Middle)
.- Seymour Duncan JB Pickup(Bridge)
.- Launchkey Mini MK3 Midi Controller
.- iPad Air 2019
.- Gopro Hero5
.- Sony a5100
.- Zoom H1N 2018


Can You Make Music on an iPhone SE 2020?

YouTuber WasabiNoise primarily works in Ableton Live, but this week he explored the production possibilities of the 2020 iPhone SE. While this is the cheapest iPhone model, it is still quite powerful! It packs the same chip, A13 Bionic, that appeared in the iPhone 11.

Video Description:

Can you make electronic music with an Apple iPhone SE (2nd gen)? Let’s unbox it and make some noise!! It's a $399 phone enough to make music? Let's find out!


00:00 Unboxing
00:23 Setting up AUM and Xequence 2
01:00 Sequencing in Xequence 2
02:28 Recording in Xequence 2
02:48 Adding drum loops
03:27 Sidechain compression
04:16 Sequencing with Fugue Machine
05:55 Disabling instruments in AUM
06:25 Bluetooth MIDI: ROLI LUMI
07:19 Is the iPhone SE enough for music production

Many producers use Garageband on iOS but I prefer Garageband alternatives like an app called AUM.
With AUM you will need a way to sequence MIDI, you can use an external device as I've shown you in other videos (Arturia Keystep Pro), or you can use another app that works as a sequencer.
In this video, I'm using Xequence 2. It's my first time using this sequencer but it's very intuitive and very easy to set up! I wish I tried it earlier because it's a very powerful companion of AUM. You can also use plugins that act as a sequencer, like Fugue Machine (as seen in the video), which is a lot of fun!

It's been super fun to use an iPhone instead of an iPad for music production. It has its cons tho, for one, the screen is really small and sometimes is hard to see what are you doing. I also found out that some PRO apps are only available for iPad, like FabFilter apps. But I have to say. I've been really impressed with the level of quality of the iPhone SE 2020. It can handle a lot of processing power and you can definitely make beats an iPhone only. It's best if you have an audio interface, especially if you are planning on recording guitars.

So far I've never done an entire song on iPad or iPhone. I always record the tracks on AUM separately and import them into Ableton Live on my computer, where I finish the song, mix it, and master it. This has been working really nicely for me, and it allows me to come up with ideas with my iPhone or iPad, and then polish them, and create the final song with Ableton.

To record the audio into the video I had to use an audio interface with my iPhone SE 2nd gen. I'm using an old Focusrite 2i4 (2nd gen) that still works really well!

Beatmaker Mondays | Featuring The Kit Complete

Developer INTUA featured The Kit Complete in this unique Beatmaker Mondays that incorporates scratching.

Video Description:

In this episode of Beatmaker Mondays, we are happy to present The Kit Complete.

The Kit Complete is a YouTuber, DJ, Artist and Beat Maker extraordinaire. He makes good stuff, writes bad bio’s and he’s a top bloke! Super humble too :)

To get more familiar with The Kit Complete’s work, visit the links below.


• Full-specs and details at
• Twitter:
• Facebook:
• Instagram:

Chromatic Hits Sample Set with Koala FX & Eventide QVox

Les Productions Zvon had some amusing results with his Chromatic Hits samples in Koala FX with QVox!

Video Description:

Chromatic Hits is a set of chromatic percussions made from resynthesized one-shot samples. Here I am throwing a loop in Koala FX and QVox to create strange sonic textures. I am going through a few of Koala FX effects.

Chromatic Hits has 101 basic sounds and is available in various formats ($9.99 or $15.99 USD) :

TB DualVCF Update

TB DualVCF, from ToneBoosters, was updated with revamped filter models!

What's new in TB DualVCF v1.5.1:

Vastly improved filters and completely revised on-linear analog filter design! 

With this release we have revamped the non-linear analog filter model significantly, providing more character than ever before. In addition, the two analog-modelled filters can now run in parallel and in sequence for more flexibility. In fact, two sources of non-linear filtering action are now provided:
1) Within-filter non-linear processing to simulate saturating analog filters, and
2) Post-filter non-linear post processing to give the filtered output even more grunge.
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