SoundForMore: Nembrini PSA1000 JR

YouTuber SoundForMore is seriously impressing the hell out of me with his output. He is doing some amazing work documenting the deep details of so many apps. His Drambo series is up to 34 parts! Today he has started a new series for Nembrini Audio's PSA1000!

Video Description:

Nembrini PSA1000 JR - Tutorial: Exploring the app Part 1, Navigation


GridPut Matrix Delay for Drambo

Ben Richards shows off a Matrix Delay he's created for Drambo, which you can download for free!

Video Description:

Korg Polysix - iPad App vs 1981 Original!

YouTuber Johan Segeborn compares the original KORG Polysix to iPolysix for iPad. It has been at least a couple of years since I've launched the app and this reminded me how great it sounds! So luscious!

Video Description:

Comparison between the Classic Analog Synth Korg Polysix and the iPAD App Korg iPolysix! The original is from 1981 and is featured on numerous classic 1980s records. After the comparison I go through all knobs of the original 1981 Polysix Synthesizer!

Must Have New and Updated iPad Apps of the Month: May 2020

YouTuber Christopher Lawley shows off some other creative uses and apps for your iPad.

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Phosphor 3 by Audio Damage, Inc.

Audio Damage, Inc. released Phosphor 3! This new app builds on the original additive synth with added MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), support for TUN tuning scales imports, even more modulation, a new preset manager, and a new UI for the AUv3 plugin that will reactively resize. Phosphor 3 also arrives on all desktop OSes for $60. On iOS we get it at an introductory price of $4, but three readers here will get it for free!

Contest: Comment on this post for a chance to win! Winners will be selected randomly on Thursday morning!

Contest closed! Congratulations to daveknapik, Zymmy, and vasre!

Phosphor 3

Phosphor 3 is the latest version of our Phosphor series of vintage digital synthesizers.

Phosphor is a clone of the alphaSyntauri, one of the first relatively inexpensive digital synthesizers, that ran on the Apple II. Phosphor is a faithful recreation of the alphaSyntauri's additive synthesis engine, and can accurately recreate the sound of this classic and groundbreaking synth.

The Phosphor 3 update brings MPE, tuning tables, extensive modulation, a new preset manager, and an all-new reactive UI to the plugin.

Featuring two additive oscillators (with the original 16 partial complement of the alphaSyntauri, or optionally with 32 or 64 partials), each with its own amp envelope, Phosphor's topology closely follows the alphaSyntauri, while adding many modern features such as full velocity control, a much more extensive modulation routing system, tempo synced LFOs, a pair of delays, and two monophonic modes. The noise and oscillators are able to work in the original alphaSyntauri "low-resolution" modes, or can be run in modern high-resolutions. Phosphor can accurately model the original sounds of the alphaSyntauri, yet still provide new paths for sonic exploration.


• Two complete oscillator/envelope sections modeled on the original topology of the alphaSyntauri.

• Each set of partials can run in "lo-fi" mode, emulating the gritty digital voicing of original, or in a modern mode for alias-free sines.

• The noise can be either "lo-fi" digital shift-register noise per the original, or modern white noise.

• Two complete delay sections with LP/HP filtering and cross-feedback.

• Two tempo-syncable LFOs with multiple modulation destinations.

• A large complement of presets included that show off the extensive sound generating capabilities of Phosphor, including some famous alphaSyntauri presets directly ported from the original.

• TUN file loading for alternate tuning and scales.

• MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capability for MPE controllers like the Roli Seaboard, Linnstrument, and Sensel Morph.
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