TheAudioDabbler: Blaster Laser Gun Sound Design Tutorial

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler brings us a fun sound design tutorial for BeatMaker 3; making a Blaster Laser! Pew-pew!

Video Description:

Fun designing a Blaster or Laser Gun sound using Beatmaker 3 on my iPad.

Meadowlark Sound link.

Red Stag Sound link

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)

Paypal Link

FL Studio Mobile Android Update

Image-Line updated the Android version of FL Studio Mobile with some new Expansion Packs for $2 each, along with a free SuperSaw synth instrument.

What's new in FL Studio Mobile v3.1.86:

* SuperSaw Synth (free).
* Improved Automation Clip editor
* 10 new 'Bass Drum ...' kick samples
* Guitars Expansion Pack ($1.99)
* Voices Expansion Pack ($1.99)
* DirectWave notes correctly muted when project is looping
* Bugfixes & stability improvements

Red Sky Lullaby - User Not Found

Reader Red Sky Lullaby did another beautiful music video with 3D Fractals and a whole bunch of apps!

Video Description:

Red Sky Lullaby EP available here:

Video compiled from 3D Fractal videos by Julius Horsthuis:

Remixlive Update

Remixlive, from MIXVIBES, was updated with a redesigned FX view. On iPad you can now split the screen between effects and the mixer, so you can tweak both simultaneously!

What's new in Remixlive v3.5:

This version brings you a redesigned FX view and smoother animations. iPad users also get an all-new split mode!
- Smoother animations between views.
- Redesign of the FX view.
- Split mode: control FX & Mixer from the main view (iPad only).
- Overall performance improvements.

thesoundtestroom: FL Studio Mobile - The GMS Synth

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom did a preset tour for the GMS Synth in FL Studio Mobile.

Video Description:

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