Ed Sheeran - Shape of You Carnatic Mix

I don't care for Ed Sheeran's original performance on Shape of You, but I love all of the covers and parodies. This performance by Mahesh Raghvan and friends on IndianRaga continues that trend with an Indian style.

Video Description:

ITS FINALLY HERE! After thousands of requests for a lyric video for IndianRaga's Carnatic Mix of Shape Of You, we are excited to release it! Just play this video anywhere, anytime and you can sing along to this fun and peppy number that has now crossed over 15 MM views on social media globally.

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You can follow the artists here:
Aditya Rao
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adivocals
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adityara0

Mahesh Raghvan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/followingmahesh
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/followingma...

Vinod Krishnan
Facebook: https://facebook.com/vinodsmusic

Sriram Emani (Exec Producer)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emanisriram

Review: Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe have released a mobile version of their preeminent video editor Premiere! This is big news for fans of Adobe products, but it comes at a premium price of $10 per month. YouTuber Christopher Lawley takes a look at the new app and compares it to LumaFusion.

Video Description:

Let’s take a look at Adobe Premiere Rush a new cross platform video editing app.

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Patrick Alexander's Melody Zone - Relax, Will Ya?

Reader Patrick Alexander has released another mad album. Relax, Will Ya? is stunning in its musicality, as well as its absurdity. The album will lull you with a lullaby before smacking you with some of the weirdest fucking noises I've ever heard. Somehow it manages to stay very musical through all of the change-ups and interludes into insanity. I particularly enjoyed the first two tracks. I can't overstate how oddly relaxing the melodies are.

KORG Module Update

KORG Module was updated with a new Ivory Mobile American D sound library, available as an IAP. Both versions of Module at 50% off today!

What's new in KORG Module v2.7.0:

・Expansion Sound Library "SYNTHOGY - Ivory Mobile American D" added*
・Added 2D mode to iPad.
・Now supports Super Retina Display such as iPhone XS.
・Bug fixes and improvements.

* Available from in-app purchases.

thesoundtestroom: iBassist - Full MIDI Chords Out Tutorial

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom did a tutorial on the new update for iBassist.

Video Description:

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