Gesceap - Tusseract01.nan

YouTuber Gesceap did another creative track in nanoloop for iOS!

Video Description:

Hats off to the tuss master, flip the bassline remix.


Timestamp: 20180711232822
Track: "Tusseract01.nan"
Hardware: iPad 2
Software: Nanoloop

2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer Update

2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer, from Rob Wilmot, was updated with one of the most requested features! You can now output MIDI notes from the sequencer. There's a demo of the app sequencing a Bass Station II.

What's new in 2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer v1.3:

Added Midi Note out.
Now Channels 1 and 2 send MIDI note data to respective channels.

echo opera - to sleep to dream

Reader echo opera used the new Quanta Granular synth with Gadget and BitWig on this beautiful track!

Video Description:

I am using the following instruments in the piece:
Quanta (Audio Damage)
Chiang Ma (Korg)
Abu Dhabi (Korg)
Polysynth-4 (Bitwig)

Bitwig offers a crazy amount of modulation and it’s essentailly what i did. I used the Quanta track to feed the other 3 synths and added a bunch of modulation, arpeggiation, randomization and fx to crunch and widen things a bit.

Sound Of Izrael - Chill House in AUM

YouTuber Sam Izrael starts off this morning with some nicely chilled House on his iPad!

Video Description:

A Chillhouse Live Jam inside AUM with
SynthOne pro
and Rozeta plugins Cell and Bassline
Recorded iside AUM.

Quanta Granular Synth by Audio Damage, Inc.

Today Audio Damage, Inc. brought Quanta Granular Synth to iOS! That was fast! We only just got word of this in May, it released on desktops earlier this month, and already we have it on iOS. The iOS version supports both Inter-App Audio and AUv3, and is fully compatible with the desktop version! The full feature list is impressive; with many audio formats supported, MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), and a modulation matrix!

Quanta arrives with presets from several notable sound designers, including Throbbing Gristle's Chris Carter!

There is a warning about Quanta being CPU heavy, and may require a very recent model of iPad. There is a workaround suggested in the iTunes description, if you encounter any CPU chug.

Quanta Granular Synth is on sale now until September 1st. The sale price is $80 on desktop, and $8 on iOS!

Quanta Granular Synth iTunes Description:

Quanta is a six-voice granular synthesizer for iOS11+ in both standalone (with Inter-App Audio) and AudioUnit V3 formats. Quanta for iPad is fully compatible with the full version of Quanta for macOS and Windows; visit for a PDF manual, audio samples, and video demonstrations.

Quanta will work on any iPad that can run iOS 11, but keep in mind that it is a feature-heavy desktop quality synthesizer, and would prefer a 2017/2018 iPad, or an iPad Pro. If you're experiencing CPU issues on lower-end machines with the standalone, try changing the main display to FEG or FLFO, which don't require redrawing and which will be significantly lower in CPU usage.

>> Multi-Format Sample Loader
Quanta can load AIFF, WAV, Broadcast WAV, FLAC, MP3, and Ogg in any sample rate, bit depth, and channel configuration.

>> Grain Engine
Up to 100 simultaneous grains per voice, of up to 1 second long, with control over grain rate, pitch, direction, shape, length, panning, source position, and level.

>> Sidecar Oscillator
Continuously variable wave shape, with pulse width modulation, and independent control over pitch (separate from grain engine.) Can be injected directly into grain engine.

>> Noise Source
Noise source features a "color" control that affects tonal characteristics of the noise. Can be injected directly into grain engine.

>> Dual Multi-Mode Filters
Filters can be used in serial or parallel modes, and include lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch in 2-pole and 4-pole configurations.

>> Flexible Envelope Generator (FEG) x 4
The four FEGs are arbitrary function generators, with up to 99 steps, curve and step level control, arbitrary loop points, and host tempo sync.

>> Flexible Low-Frequency Oscillator (FLFO) x 2
The pair of FLFOs utilize four controls (phase, shape, skew, and warp) to access a virtually limitless palette of waveforms, and feature host tempo sync and retrigger.

>> Sample And Hold
The S&H mod source can sample noise (random) or any of the other mod sources, at either a user-defined rate or a musical division.

>> Modulation Matrix
Every mod and MIDI source can be easily and simply assigned to any destination using the quick-access bi-polar modulation matrix. Touch a destination on the UI and the matrix automatically scrolls to the correct row.

>> Tuning Tables And Global Tuning Offset
Re-tune Quanta to new intonations and temperaments using the open-source and easy-to-use TUN file format. A global tuning offset (default to A=440) allows you to easily retune the entire synth to match a different A frequency without using a tuning table.

>> MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
Quanta understands both "legacy" MIDI and MPE. Use your Linnstrument, Roli controller, Haken Continuum, or Madrona Labs Soundplane (among others) to directly access per-note pressure, pitch bend, and modulation.

>> Per-Instance Settings
Quanta utilizes a per-instance customization method: set MPE mode, aftertouch smoothing, pitch bend range override, tuning table, and global tuning offset for each instance in your AUv3 host.

>> Factory Presets
Quanta comes with a substantial collection of factory content, including Designer Presets from Marcus Fisher, Joseph Fraioli, Chris Carter, and Richard Devine.

>> Cross-Platform Preset Format
Quanta utilizes an XML-based preset manager, and stores the sample within the preset for easy asset management. Work between multiple systems without troubles, make a preset on your desktop machine and paste it to the iOS version with Handoff or vice-versa, easily share your creations with your friends, or make a preset bundle to sell, no asset management required.

>> Fully Resizable Retina GUI
Quanta's vector-based GUI is resolution-agnostic, and displays the same on every system and resolution. Easily resize the UI (per instance) to match your visual needs, from postage stamp to poster-sized.

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom shows off the iOS version in this Getting Started tutorial.

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