Bolo Da Producer: My New Drum Kit and BeatMaker 3

YouTuber Bolo Da Producer makes a beat with his newest drum kit, which is on sale now for $5.

Video Description:

Made an Insane Trap Beat on My iPad with My No Limitations Drum Kit and Beat Maker 3. Also Listen to full Beat at end of Video!!!

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Paskal Eclair - Sympathetic Service

YouTuber Paskal Eclair calls this track a work in progress, but I think it is sounding quite good. This Synthwave tune has a good vibe that becomes increasingly cheesy-80's as the song plays on. It is a subtle shift from Synthwave to New Wave, and I found myself enjoying the transition!

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

A composition in progress with Korg Gadget and carried out in duet with a musician friend who is also a fan of this superb music application. It's done on iPad. In the synthwave style I think and therefore I await your possible comments and suggestions. Our goal will then be to play it live, together with a Elektron Digitakt which will control the iPad. The main theme and the chords will be played live. Good listening.

NuRack AUv3 FX Processor Update

4Pockets added even more modules in today's NuRack AUv3 FX Processor update! There's a new feedback module, as well as a vocoder and sawtooth synth. The update also tweaks some of the existing modules.

What's new in NuRack Auv3 FX Processor v1.15:

Added an Invert option to the 'Velocity Control' module.
Added a feedback module which allows you to create feedback loops.
Added an option to disable smooth knob/fader automation to reduce CPU load.
Added a Vocoder module.
Added a Sawtooth Synth module.
Added the ability to auto hide components that did not exist in the saved rack file.
Added 'Mute' and 'Power' button modules to the 'Other' category. Add these to the end of an effect chain for global power and mutes.
Added an ON/OFF button to the Noise generator.

Psyba - Anomaly

YouTuber Psy Baba did some excellent Cinematic Psy as his entry into the KV331 SynthMaster Contest 2020.

Video Description:

Psyba - Anomaly [KV331 Audio SynthMaster Track Contest 2020]

Track submission for the KV331 Audio SynthMaster Track Contest 2020

Track written on iPad Pro 2020 using the SynthMaster One iOS synth, hosted in Nanostudio 2.

*All sounds created with SynthMaster One*, running 15 instances of SynthMaster One in the Nanostudio 2 app. No external samples or synths used.

Track also available in Soundcloud:

The Mobile Music Minstrel: Stratosphere Cloud Reverb

YouTuber Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel demoed the new reverb from Blue Mangoo that is inspired by the Strymon BigSky! The app was originally released as Atmosphere, but is now Stratosphere Cloud Reverb.

Video Description:

Infinite reverbs abound with Blue Mangoo's Stratosphere Cloud Reverb!

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