Reason Compact Update

Reason Compact, from Propellerhead Software, was updated with two new instruments. Rytmik is a drum machine, while Monotone is a bass synth.

What's new in Reason Compact v2.0:

In Reason Compact 2.0 we’ve added two new amazing-sounding instruments. Rytmik is a simple yet powerful drum machine that comes with lots of inspirational free drum kits. Monotone is a synth made for deep basslines.

This update arrives with an official promo from Propellerhead that is just a lot of YouTubers vlogging about how they allegedly use Reason Compact. We don't see much of the app's use to verify this claim.

Ken Karsh - Groovem Demo

YouTuber Ken Karsh put together some fantastic sounding loops inside of Quantiloop for this guitar jamming!
I think this might be his best performance yet.

Video Description:

This is some fun I had importing loops I made in Groovebox into Quantiloop Pro. I also added some additional pads on Tracks 3 and 4. In addition, I programmed a percussion groove in Lumbeat’s AfroCuban drum app. Processing for guitar was BIAS FX. My “Smooth Jazz” vibe!!

Strings Loop with Enso

YouTuber Nathan D Farrell did some beautiful orchestral looping in Enso with iSymphonic

Video Description:

Using Enso to loop some orchestral plugins on iPad.
Apps used: AUM, Enso looper, eos2 reverb, GotoEQ, isymphonic, AudioShare.

Dianne Brand - Conspiracy Lab

YouTuber Dianne Brand is cooking up a conspiracy with Gadget in the lab! This starts off super weird, but I promise she transitions quickly into some epic synth action!

Video Description:

Dianne Brand - Conspiracy Lab
Korg Gadget 2 iPad Pro Screen Recording

Murat Calasin - Analog Flowers

Murat Calasin found some strange flowers growing in his Volca Keys with the aid of a bunch of apps.

Video Description:

Korg Volca Keys


AUfx space Reverb
Gyrovibe Chorus
Lofionic Duplicat Tape Delay<

Rec Zoom Q2n


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