Otamatone Studio by CUBE Co., Ltd.

CUBE Co., Ltd. released Otamatone Studio, an official app that greatly expands the possible sounds of this unique, if gimmicky, instrument. The app is free to try, but requires a $4 IAP unlock... which seems kind of shitty for an app that is only really useful to people who already paid for their hardware. Otamatone Studio can be used with the Techno and neo Otamatone models. In the U.S. it seems you need this Japanese version.

Otamatone Studio App Store Description:

Here comes Otamatone Studio, the official app for the note-shaped instrument Otamatone. Change your sound!

-About the app
Connect your Otamatone Techno or Otamatone neo to your iPhone or iPad, start Otamatone Studio and play your Otamatone with the sound of various instruments or jam along to built-in rhythms.

We got rid of all the complexities of most available synthesizer simulations and created an app that even beginners will master. It’s really simple!

Access all functions via a cute graphical interface that feels like your Otamatone called over a few friends for a basement jam.

-Supported models
・Otamatone neo
・Otamatone Techno

You will download a free version of the app. The complete set of features can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

-Main features

●Different sounds
Play your Otamatone with the sound of various instruments. Gather your friends and form a band!

・Instruments(Free Version)
Otamatone / Electric Guitar / Alto Sax

・Instruments (Full Version)
Otamatone / Electric Guitar / Alto Sax
Violin / Flute / Synthesizer
Trumpet / Drums / Cat

Display method
Tap the instrument icon on the right side of the main screen.

●Different scales
With scales your performance will always sound spot on. Play like a pro without all the practicing!

・Scales(Free Version)
Otamatone / 12 Tone / Minor Blues

・Scales (Full Version)
Otamatone / 12 Tone / Minor Blues
Minor / Major / Major Blues
Whole Tone / Pentatonic / Japan

Display method
Tap the face of the Otamatone on the main screen.

You can alter your Otamatone’s sound with 3 kinds of effects. Push your performance to new heights!

Ever wanted to sound like performing in a concert hall or a bathroom? Look no further! (Reverb is the only effect in the free version.)

Adds an echo to your sound.

The trademark of any rock song. Sound like an electric guitar.

Display method
Tap the tail of the Otamatone on the main screen.

●Built-in rhythms
You can choose between different rhythms to play along to. Be your own personal band!

・Rhythms (Free Version)
Rock01 / Techno01 / Japan

・Rhythms (Full Version)
Rock01 / Techno01 / Japan
Rock02 / Samba / Salsa
March / India / Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday is a band arrangement. Surprise someone special to you by playing along to this tune on his/her birthday and you will certainly leave an impression!

Display method
Tap the rhythm icon on the main screen.

●Virtual keyboard
No Otamatone at hand? Display the virtual keyboard and play with Otamatone Studio nevertheless.

Even better
The Otamatone on the main screen will move its mouth during your performance. It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Display method
Tap the stem of the Otamatone on the main screen. Hold your smartphone sideways to improve playability.


●Further instructions
Further instructions can be found on the Otamatone website. Check it out!

Produced by CUBE Co., Ltd.
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I couldn't find any demos for this app, but I did find Wiwi Kuan fucking shredding on one of these!

FD-1 Filter Delay Update

FD-1 Filter Delay, from Kai Aras, got its first update! In addition to a whole bunch of fixes, the update also brings an entirely redesigned routing menu.

What's new in FD-1 Filter Delay v1.0.1:

- Redesigned the routing menu for easier access (remember you can tap and hold a control to get a routing menu)
- Changed the master output level to filter level to allow for additional control of the final effect mix
- Fixed AudioBus/IAA support
- Fixed Audio Glitches in NanoStudio 2
- Fixed an issue where playing back recored parameter automation would not update the UI
- Fixed an issue where the sequencer would not resume properly after pausing host transport
- Fixed an issue where lfo square waveform could generate glitches in some cases
- Fixed an issue where modulating very short delay times could genrate glitches in some cases

How to Hack Submix Groups into any AUv3 Host DAW

Developer Blue Mangoo Software shows off how their new Visual Mixer can be used to add submix groups to any iOS DAW that supports AUv3. This example demonstrates the process in Cubasis.

Video Description:

Visual Mixer is an audio unit plugin for iOS that allows you to control the pan and volume of all tracks in a mix in one place without scrolling. Until now it was only a more convenient user interface but it didn't do anything that iOS DAW apps don't already do (mute, solo, pan, volume), but with the addition of group controls, it allows you a functionality very similar to submix busses. It does this even in host apps that don't actually have submixes.

Synclavier Go! Update

Synclavier Go!, from Synclavier Digital Corporation Ltd, was updated with MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)!

What's new in Synclavier Go! v1.21:

Go! now supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) for control surfaces such as the Roli Seaboard, LinnStrument, Continuum, and so on. And you can search timbres via hashtags.

Synclavier Digital brought keyboardist Leith-Fleming Smith a Roli Seaboard RISE 49 to jam on the new update.

The Sound Test Room: Brusfri - How to Use It Correctly

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a helpful tutorial on how to correctly use Brusfri, the noise reduction app by Klevgränd.

Video Description:

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You will also have access to exclusive Patreon only content and videos.


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