Edward Alexander - In Trouble

Edward Alexander is feeling troubled, but he's making some truly amazing synthwave tunes!

Video Description:

A new experimental jam in DSA (Drambo Stand Alone), with the new Synthmaster 2 synth, using stock, slightly modified presets, and the #1 preset in the new and amazing FAC Drumkit. Also features a few standard Drambo modules and sound generators. Also features for the first time in a Drambo hosted piece, my favorite GeoShred instrument; the GeoSWAM tenor sax, sequenced by the amazing Atom 2!

Sound Of Izrael - Live iOS PsySet 128 BPM

YouTuber Sam Izrael gave me a fantastic soundtrack to code to last night!

Video Description:

live PsySet 128 Bpm using only 2 iPads
iPad air 3 and iPad 8 gen... playing B2B...

controllers used are:
novation launchkey mk3 akai apc25
akai midimix and akai lpd8...

no hardwares used...

apps by Beepstreet/Jim audio/icegear/Bleass/eventide/fabfilter/sugar bytes/bram bos/fac/Atom/Cykle/Toneboosters and more...🙃

Jam with LK Driving Uno, Crave, and Keys

Reader cjklimp is letting LK drive his Volca Keys, Behringer Crave, and Uno Synth; while he makes great use of his keyboard! There is some fantastic freestyle playing in this one!

Video Description:

Using LK in Aum to sequence the Volca Keys, Behringer Crave and Uno synth.

piano = Ravenscroft

Novation Mininova

Roland Juno-di clav sound with wahwah pedal and guitar effects.

FAC Drumkit Official Release & First Update

Fred Anton Corvest's FAC Drumkitwas officially released yesterday. This coincided with the first update.

What's new in FAC Drumkit v1.1:

•Drum PADs: the 16 voices can be triggered by drum pads (MIDI OUT and Velocity Sensitive)
•Optional deactivation of the voices from the main out (Multi Output)
•Long touch on volume slider in mixer allows changing the volume of all voices in one take
•Minor bug fixes

The Sound Test Room: SynthMaster 2 - Pre-Release Demo

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room brings us a preview, and pricing details, for SynthMaster 2!

The new flagship app from KV331 will be arriving at the end of the month, at an introductory price of $15! A discount bundle will be available for owners of the original SynthMaster, with a discount based on the amount of your original SynthMaster One purchase.

Video Description:

SynthMaster 2 is set for release at the end of June

Here is the Pricing Info
There will be an intro period for SynthMaster 2 iOS when it is released, that period will last until our Summer Sale ends on September 1:

SynthMaster 2 iOS: $14.99 intro price, $24.99 afterwards
SynthMaster 2 iOS Desktop Presets Upgrade IAP: $4.99 intro price, $9.99 afterwards

There will be also an app bundle which includes SynthMaster One + SynthMaster 2. Its intro price will be $24.99 ($34.99 afterwards)

Check out all of the SynthMaster Range for both Desktop & iOS here

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