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Pascal Douillard, the renegade that left Fingerlab to bring us DM2, has released DrumLab. This new drum app combines synthesis with samples. This is my own preferred combination, since you can get the best of both worlds packed into a single drum hit.


DRUMLAB brings a new approach to the Drum Machine by allowing you to play with both Samples & Synthesis drum sounds. With a powerful and easy to use graphic editor to create and manipulate sound, it is packed with 76 ready-made samples and synthesis Drum Kits. You can mix and match any sound from any drum kits to any track of your song. Play a song and load any drum kits (from factory kits or from any other songs) to listen to a completely new song every time. What’s in the box :

◊ 7 Sound Engines including a graphical Sampler
◊ 61 Drum Kits including 24 Classic kits
◊ 20 Stereo Effects including 3 Reverbs
◊ Fully Automatable engines, mixer and effects

Sound Engines include :

◊ KICK Engine
◊ SAMPLE Engine
◊ CLAPS Engine
◊ AM/FM Engine
◊ TYMBAL Engine
◊ DRONE Engine

DRUMLAB is fully automatable and comes with 76 ready made drum kits:

◊ 24 Vintage Audio Drum Kits
◊ 38 Modern Audio Drum Kits
◊ 14 Syntheses Drum Kits

As well as 20 hi-quality stereo effects:

◊ Delay
◊ Ping Pong
◊ Tap Delay
◊ Grain Delay
◊ Overdrive
◊ ResoDrive
◊ BitCrusher
◊ Filter
◊ SwipeFilter
◊ Vowel
◊ Ring Mod
◊ Shifter
◊ Reverse Pitch
◊ Phaser
◊ Chorus
◊ Classic Reverb
◊ Tone Reverb
◊ Box Reverb
◊ Compressor
◊ Big Compressor

DRUMLAB offers 6 main sections:

1 - THE STEP SEQUENCER takes advantage of the iPad multi-touch screen for fast and creative patterns drawing. The Sequences handles 16 or 32 steps patterns and is polymeric. Each track can have its own length. Just gently tap and drag the blue handle at the right end of each track. Triplets, Duets, Quadriplets steps can also be added for more complex rhythms.

2 - THE DRUMS PAGE is a powerful graphic Audio Engine editor. Parameters are displayed as graph for visual feedback an d easy of use. Play, experiment and discover new sounds. Don’t forget to tap the little magnifying glass on the bar title of each graph, it will expand the graph to a bigger size for extra precision.

3 - THE PADS PAGE simply lets you play and record any beat that tickles your fingers, with automatic quantize so that you don’t miss a beat. With a Beat Repeat effect for extra fun.

4 - THE MIXER PAGE for quick and subtle sound mixing of your drum kits. Large and spacey so that you can get the big picture. Pan and Solo included.

5 - THE FX SECTION offer a powerful Quad Pads Effect processors. You can stack up to 4 effects at the same time and pick amongst a list of 20 available stereo effects. All effects can be either auxiliary or master effects. All effects are automatable.

6 - THE SONG PAGE allows you to quickly build a song with the patterns you have created. Just drag and drop the patterns onto the timeline. Each pattern in a song can be repeated for compact Song composition.

DRUMLAB is Ableton Link compatible.


• Pure Data powered Audio Engine
• 7 Audio Engines
• 61 ready-made electronic drum kits
• 20 hi-quality stereo effects
• Engines, Mixer and Effects parameters are fully automatable
• Step Sequencer with multi-touch matrix
• Triplets, Duets, Quadriplets steps
• 16 or 32 Steps per patterns
• Polymetric Sequencer
• Graphic Audio Synthesis editor
• Copy and Paste sounds
• Save your own drum kits
• Export your own drum kits
• Import drum kits
• Export your song
• Import songs
• 9 Pads to play and record patterns
• With Beat Repeat effect
• Full screen Mixer with volume, pan and solo mode for each track
• 4 FX Pads for your Master Effects chain : Compressor | Overdrive >>> Phaser | Chorus >>> Delay >>> Reverb
• Mode song with easy building and pattern repeat
• Audio background mode
• Audiobus support
• Full Midi implementation
• Inter-App Audio support
• Ableton Link compatible
• Import DM2 songs (to extent, DRUMLAB has a new filter that may responds differently)


Visit us : audionomy.fr
Contact us : contact@audionomy.fr

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (chisel316 ft. Dominique)

New music duo chisel316 and daughter Dominique cover the Cyndi Lauper classic Time After Time.

Video Description:

We're back with another 80s cover song. This time it's the beautiful Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. We hope you enjoy it.

This song was made with Roland Boutique JU-06/JP-08, Yamaha Reface CS, Behringer Pro-1 and lots of iPad apps. Guitar backing track from karaoke-version.com.

SnakeBud - AUv3 MIDI Sequencer Update

SnakeBud - AUv3 MIDI Sequencer, from Cem Olcay got a flurry of updates over the weekend!

What's new in SnakeBud - AUv3 MIDI Sequencer v1.3:

This version adds more randomiser options for randomising the gate, velocity and probability values.

What's new in SnakeBud - AUv3 MIDI Sequencer v1.2

This version adds 32 more snake patterns which makes 56 snake patterns in total.

What's new in SnakeBud - AUv3 MIDI Sequencer v1.1

This version adds more randomiser options for randomising the gate, velocity and probability values.

Playing with Art Bell Radio Show & Fly Tape 2 on the iPad

Reader Thomas Büchel did some mad science with samples from random Coast To Coast radio shows, a fine collection of Moog gear, and an iPad running two instances of the Fly Tape 2 AUv3!

Video Description:

Here I'm using the iPad where I'm, besides mixing my Moogs, playing with a random Coast To Coast Art Bell radio show.

Two instances of Fly Tape 2, one for the radio show, one for the DFAM, mapped to the Novation Launch Control.

other apps used:
Audio Damage Enso for looping the HiHats from the Mother, FAC Alteza, Audio Damage Replicant 2, Amazingnoises Reverb, Klevgrand Haaze and AUM

FAC Drumkit by Fred Anton Corvest

Fred Anton Corvest has made FAC Drumkit available for pre-order on iOS. The wildly elaborate new drum synth is on sale for $14 ahead of its release on Friday. The way this app lets you fine tune the envelopes is quite impressive. The total freedom over the shape and character of each part is almost daunting. I think I'm scared.

FAC Drumkit

** Special Intro Price **

• iOS AuV3 - Multi Output (If Supported By HOST) - Universal (iPad/iPhone)

• 16 Voices Drum Synthesizer and Stereo Sample Player
• 2 oscillators (16 Waveforms) per voice with filters and phase modulation
• 1 sample player per voice with sample position, filters, phase and stereo control
• Advanced Pitch and Amp envelopes with multi control points and delay
• Envelopes templates, modifiers and copy/paste
• Mixer view
• Preview button to monitor the ongoing designed sound
• Includes classic drum machines presets for inspiration

Everyone agrees that the drums are a very important key element of almost every genre out there, they are the fondation of a song. We are all fan of acoustic drums and drum machines, they each have different characters and strengths. FAC Drumkit combines both world, samples and synthesis, in order to provide new exciting and unique sounds. As a rule of thumb, the synthesizer section brings the body of the sound, and the sampler the unique character. Both parts are layered together and contain essential parameters to ensure they won't clash and will sit well together.

On top of the samples and synthesizer section, FAC Drumkit brings unique Amp and Pitch envelopes with precise control points to modify the curve in a gentle or extreme way. The envelopes play a very important part in the signal path because, thanks to their flexibility, they allow designing very special transition. Indeed, the envelope of a Clap is probably the best one to illustrate the benefit of such envelopes created by points. The burst kind of sound is very hard to replicate with classic ADSR, it's not the case in FAC Drumkit. Needless to say, thanks to the control points the pitch transitions are also more interesting and precise. The value of each control point can also be altered manually, to set the root note of a kick for example.

FAC Drumkit is for everyone, as sound designer you will be able to synthesize your own drums in a fun and creative way. On the other hand, if you are looking for instant results, use the provided presets or load your favourite sample pack in the sample section of the 16 voices.

Doug Woods did a live stream to show off the upcoming app. Embedded here is a video from Fred himself.

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