Atom | Piano Roll 2 Update

Atom | Piano Roll 2 continues to receive a lot of post-launch support from Victor Porof.

What's new in Atom | Piano Roll 2 v2.0.4:

- A user manual is now available. Find it in an instance's app menu.
- Tapping will now preview notes on the piano roll vertical keyboard.
- Powerful new swing controls: apply negative swing, nudge the timings or control the durations.
- Drag and drop not just MIDI, but also scripts, styles or configurations onto your clips, and they will immediately apply to your session. Want to try out a different skin? Or bring your controller to life? Just drag and drop. Easily import and use code that others wrote!
- Scripts now support message logging. A new directory called "Logs" is created in your Atom folder containing log files. Devices, input and output ports are automatically logged for convenience. Use `console.log(...)` to log a custom message from your script.
- Controller scripts specifying an input and output port can now use either the short name or the longer label for port identification.
- Added new ways of visualizing velocity: with colors, opacity, bar positioning or thickness, or the numerical value itself.
- Added new ways of visualizing pitch: octave colors, highlighting in and out of scale notes and others.
- Added a plethora of additional example styles to get you inspired.
- Fixed an issue where certain controllers (like the Lauchkey Mini) would emit high-pitched sounds when manually routed.
- MIDI clock is now passed-through with Novation controllers when routed through clips.
- CC messages are now passed-through when routed through clips.
- Mutation panel controls are now reset to default after baking non-destructive processing operations.
- The velocity offset slider is now more accurate.

Instantly Distant: iPad Live Jam 038

YouTuber Instantly Distant uses a whole bunch of Sugar Bytes apps on this jam.

Video Description:

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Koala Sampler as a Looper in AUM

YouTuber LUGO shows us how he uses Koala Sampler as a looper inside of AUM.

Video Description:

In this video I’ll show you how to use Koala Sampler as a Looper inside of AUM.
The key is to add notes to Koala Sampler’s sequencer before recording onto a pad, so when the phrase loops around again, your recorded pad will be triggered by the sequencer - boom! Live Looping in AUM!
Yes. You can use external midi triggers to enable pad recording, such as a midi foot controller.

NuRack Auv3 FX Processor Update

NuRack, the DIY effects processor from 4Pockets, was updated with new options for the MIDI monitor.

What's new in NuRack Auv3 FX Processor v1.37:

Fixed an issue with Pitch Bend module limits
Added new options to MIDI monitor.
Other minor fixes.

Fixed a couple of minor issues with the MIDI CC Generator and Pitch Bend modules
Other minor changes and fixes.

Trippy Landscapes with Hyperspektiv

YouTuber JuaNN Camilo shows off the trippy possibilities of Hyperspektiv with some epic music.

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