NightRadio - Warm Place (Full Album)

Developer Alexander Zolotov brings us a rare treat! Warm Place is an album composed entirely on a old Palm Tungsten! He's using his own app PsyTexx MOD Tracker for PalmOS.

Video Description:

Created from scratch on Palm Tungsten T pocket computer with PsyTexx music tracker:
(c) NightRadio /

Tutorial: Xynthesizr with SynthMaster 1 - GR-16 - Riffer & More

Doug from The Sound Test Room uses Xynthesizer as a sequencer in this tutorial.

Video Description:

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SoundForMore: Groove Rider GR-16 - Tutorials

Leo from SoundForMore has started a tutorial series for the popular GR-16.

Video Description:

JimAudio Groove Rider GR-16 - Tutorial Part 1: Getting Started

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OBS Ninja - Your Device as a webcam - Free! No App Needed!

JohnPaul Music UK has a tip for video producers that use free Open Broadcaster Software, OBS. The free website OBS.Ninja lets you use anything with a camera and an Internet connection as an OBS video source.

Video Description:

In this video we dive into the simple and brilliant webpage, OBS.Ninja - which turns ANY device (iOS, Android, Mac or PC) with an internet connection and a camera into either a webcam or to help someone else come into your OBS anywhere in the world!

Checkout on any web browser!
Big thanks to Steve Seguin for creating this solution.

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AC/DC - Thunderstruck... but it's Cyberpunk/Synth/Electro/Wow

The Melodicka Bros did a very original cover of the AC/DC classic, Thunderstruck.

Video Description:

A mysterious synthy thunder took us to another dimension. Enjoy this Cyberpunk/Synthwave/Electronic-Rock inspired cover of Thundestruck by @acdcVEVO coming right from the year 2077.
(By the way this is the real thunder not the Imagine Dragons thing).

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Dave: Vocals, Guitar.
Joe: Bass, Synths, Production.

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