Preset Tour: SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer

Developer Igor Vasiliev put together a nice Preset Tour of his soundscape synthesizer SynthScaper!

Video Description:

Synthesizer specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes in wide range from noises to melodic instruments and everything in between.
More about SynthScaper:

Doug Woods & Colin Powell - The Madness of Benjamin Folde

Doug Woods and Colin Powell have released a new album! The Madness of Benjamin Folde is intended as a prequel to their first album, The Haunting of Sally Caster. There is a lot to like on this cinematic feeling album!

StepPolyArp Update

StepPolyArp, from Laurent Colson, was updated with MIDI Thru, to resend any MIDI messages the app receives but does not process. Like the recent ChordPolyPad update, you can now address presets via MIDI Program Change messages by simply renaming them to include "#nnn" at the beginning of the preset name.

What's new in StepPolyArp v3.0.2:

• Midi messages received from Midi In Port are now resent to Midi Out Port if they are not processed
• The presets can be recalled by a Program Change by inserting the program number as "#nnn" at the beginning of the preset name

Developer Laurent Colson also released an excellent video for Ceremony, on his new Emptiness album.

Video Description:

From the album "Emptiness".

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Matt Keil - Drive-Thru

YouTuber Matt Keil is on an 80's kick! He posted a tutorial for creating a VHS effect in LumaFusion, and here's an 80's-inspired track to go with it!

Video Description:

An 80s inspired track made in Cubasis for the iPad! Hear some great retro synth sounds from IK Multimedia’s Syntronik, Steinberg’s Classic Machines and Roli Noise.

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iPadLoops: Bram Bos Kosmonaut and One Dangerous Knob

DJ Puzzle from iPadLoops brings us an import Public Service Announcement on the dangerous of a dangerous knob, as well as a tour of the presets in Kosmonaut. FS Refraktions and Maxima are also featured.

Video Description:

Greetings everyone. Here is a quick walk through of the presets in Kosmonaut a multi tap multi effects audio unit app for iOS. I start out hitting the random button and instantly already have a new preset of my own to save. The Tape Loop section though.... oh man. That's where I like to go! FS Refraktions and Maxima make an appearance in this video as well a my little girl Maya. I hope you enjoy the video. It's my first full video of the year

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